Sunday 5 June Sports event for Joke Behaegel, the mother who died less than a year after giving birth to her twins

On Sunday 5 June, an event (sports) will be held at De Nieuwe Deur in Beveren in memory of Joke Behaegel, who passed away in February 2021 after a short battle with cancer. “We especially want to bring people together, this is not a mourning ceremony,” Sister Mikey and Jock’s husband Vincent Decotier confirmed.

“You know some people didn’t know that a joke died, all because of this damned wreath. It was impossible to say goodbye to her in a normal way and it was really difficult because she came so early,” says Sister Maike Behegel.

Beehigl’s joke passed away on February 23, 2021. She was barely 38 years old. In April 2020, Jock and her husband, Vincent Dekote, became parents to two older twins: Jules and Charles. After the orgasm, bad news followed five months later. After being diagnosed with cancer – aggressive lung cancer – she wanted the joke to resist, but metastases to the brain were fatal. “I then made a video in which I asked several of our friends to come over again,” Vincent says. “But a day later she ended up in the hospital again, and a few days later she was already dead.”

And of course the death of her family and a wide circle of friends deeply affected her. “You know that after more than a year we haven’t seen many friends and acquaintances, hence the idea for this event,” says Maike.

Growing Twins

Meanwhile, the twins are growing noticeably, and, of course, Father Vincent is always busy. “I am fortunate to have a lot of support from my family. But of course it is not always easy.” Besides a lack of humor, twins naturally require extra care. “I can’t complain, they usually sleep well. But if one is awake, make sure they don’t wake up.”

Working in the shift system was not possible with the twins, thanks to my employer I got a convenient job – the widow Vincent

Vincent has also received a lot of support from his employer Unilin Panels in Oostrozebeke. “I have been working there for 18 years. I was the one who did all the different shifts when someone was on vacation or sick. Within a week I switched a few times from one shift to the next. But that is not possible with two kids. My employer actually created a job Lee as I now take care of general repairs across the company. My working hours have also been adjusted. Of course I am very grateful for that, imagine if I also had to look for another job during this difficult period.”

Beehigl’s joke passed away at the age of 38.

Many of Vincent’s colleagues, who are from Lindelide, will also participate in the event. “The employer pays the registration fee, which is a nice gesture. Every year a cycling challenge is organized among colleagues. He always goes to charity and this time the check has already been handed over for €2,500. The amount will be a little higher, but we can add it to our proceeds for charity.”

We especially want to get people together, but with the joke on our mind – Mike’s sister

Mentally, Vincent can also rely on his teammates. “We work at the former Spano site with over 400 employees. I have been working there for a long time and many guests with long curls don’t hang out there, so I’m well known. Especially in the beginning, a lot of colleagues approached me. Goodwill of course , but after explaining six or seven times, sometimes I couldn’t stand myself anymore. But they understand that too.”

Walking or cycling

Pentecost Sunday 5 June hopefully very busy at De Nieuwe Deur. You can walk (5, 15, 35 or 60 km) or bike (12, 40, 110, 190 or 270 km). You can still register. “But those who don’t walk or bike are welcome, of course. Above all, we want to get people together. Of course it’s always a joke on our minds, but we don’t want to make it a mourning party. So it won’t be full of pictures of her. But everyone who participates will get A thank you card with a picture of Joke on it and there is a QR code with which you can listen to your favorite Joke music.

There is of course plenty to drink, but you can also satisfy your hunger. Deborah Borry from Bee Delight lets you savor her healthy food and Jonathan Van Coillie from Patat will serve up potatoes with the most delicious sauce. There are bouncy castles for the little ones, and those who want to relax their stiff muscles after a long effort can use the Kevin Vansteenkiste sports massage table from Hello You.

Friends and family hope to leave a warm feeling at the meeting, and the money raised will go to the Innovative Cancer Research Fund (FIKO). The chairman and Professor Johann Swinen, who has a son who has suffered from cancer, is also involved. “He has scored the 60 km and will run it,” it sounds full of admiration.

Vincent and Mike can invite an organizing committee also made up of Lisbet Verwijk, Stephen Lambert, Dries Debusser, Martin Vanhaverbeek and a number of human supply volunteers, among others.

Participants can start continuously from 6 am, doors close in the evening (late). It is advisable to purchase tickets in advance via There is a bike hut and a toilet. The bar is open all day, food trucks from 11am. Payment can be made anywhere with Payconiq, bank card or cash.

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