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By the editors on May 31, 2022

BERLIN – Three new members of the Board of Directors were appointed on the evening of Monday 30 May during a meeting of the General Members of the Berkeland Sports Association near Brinsen in Harlow. The SFB Board of Directors consisting of Ankie Droppers, Stefan Ormel, Michel Stoverink and Herbert Wensink expands to 7 members. New Board Members Peter Brugmann, Gerard Oten and Ronald Trittle introduced themselves to those present and were elected by acclamation. With this expansion, the SFB Board of Directors is better able to enhance contacts with the sports federations, all major Berkelland cores are represented on the board and the expertise of the seven board members can be used in various areas.

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The election of the Board of Directors is regularly on the agenda at the fall meeting. The departure of Jan Zabij and the resignation of Michel Stoverink as Chairman of the Board forced the search for a replacement and the elections to be brought forward. Michel Stoverink will continue to serve on the Board as a general member of the Board of Directors. Minister Herbert Winsink, who temporarily chaired the meeting, will remain until the end of 2023 to ensure proper relocation. Peter Brugman will be the new SFB Chairman. Following the appointment, Herbert on behalf of the Board of Directors stated that he was very pleased to have Peter, Gerrard and Ronald joining and wished them all the best and success at SFB.

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Miller Benny Minsink is far from thinking about stopping

NEEDE – Mills across the country opened their doors this past weekend during National Mill Weekend. This is also the case in Neede, where Bennie Mensink and colleagues have highlighted the plant in Diepenheimseweg. This weekend, they drew attention to hiring new mills, as this is minimal at the moment. Minsink: “It’s a beautiful craft that should not be lost.” About two dozen visitors gathered in and around the factory on Saturday morning. Pancakes are baked, you can weave wicker baskets and take a factory tour. “In this department we make bread mixtures, pancakes and cakes. Our self-built machinery is powered by grinder blades. We are doing well here,” says Mincink satisfied.

Young and old can enjoy the windmill, which was recently added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. “Hopefully young people will sign up for Miller’s training, because it’s so much fun to let that go to waste,” Mincink says. In the meantime, Minsink hopes to remain active as a grinder for years to come. “I’m not thinking about stopping for long, I hope to continue until I’m old.”

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