Here is the latest development of the case

It’s been six long weeks for Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Both parties presented their closing arguments last week and the verdict is in Deep Vs. Heard is now in the hands of the jury. This could become apparent sometime this week (or even today). Pending the final verdict, here you will find the latest developments from the lawsuit.

Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard: It’s something that can’t be missed over the past few weeks. Depp sued Heard over a submission written by the actress Washington Post† I wrote here about an abusive relationship without mentioning Deb’s name. Depp says this has ruined his reputation and career and is demanding €50m in damages. Heard also sued her ex-husband, demanding $100 million.

Let’s catch up with Depp vs. he heard

I spoke before subway You are already aware of the first half of the trial. We’ll do the same now, but with the second half. For example, Amber Heard gives her testimony and brings an unexpected witness forward. There were, of course, closing arguments.

Testimony from Amber Heard

After Johnny Depp, it was Amber Heard’s turn to tell her story. I have listed several incidents of domestic violence, including rape. She opened her plea with a sentence: “This is the most painful and difficult thing I have ever been through.” Compared to the calm Depp, Heard was very emotional and less calm.

She describes the first year of the relationship as “absolute magic”. She initially said the violence came later. A few days later, she changed her words and stated that violence was also present in the first year, only with a pause in between. “I will never forget it. You changed my life,” she said. “I got history wrong.”

Amber Heard on the witness seat during Johnny Depp’s trial Photo: EPA / ELIZABETH FRANZ / POOL

The greatest evidence of Heard’s team is a video of her previously locking in kitchen cupboards and then drinking a big glass of wine. In addition, Depp’s addiction will turn him into a “monster”. Depp has previously indicated that his relationship with drugs and alcohol is difficult and does not deny this. He says he just wouldn’t make him a “woman’s racket”.

One thing people at home have noticed is Heard’s behavior: After weeks of appearing expressionless in the courtroom, she has acted very conspicuously during recent hearings. She cried without tears, made busy movements, and made eye contact with the jury. psychologist on Channel 7 She explained that Amber “is showing signs that she is lying.” He also thought that her degree seemed highly trained. Johnny Depp’s team also initially said that she would be giving the “performance of her life”.

The case has also gained a Dutch touch in recent weeks: a portion of an interview with Heard from the show has been used RTL late night (Then introduced by Tuan Howes.) It turns out that she wasn’t completely honest about what she did with the money she got from the compensation.

Kate Moss called as a witness

When Heard explained about a time she hit her then-husband, something special happened. She explained that she did this because she thought Johnny was going to attack her sister. “I didn’t hesitate. I didn’t wait. I immediately thought of Kate Moss and the stairs and rushed toward him,” Heard said. She talks about an unconfirmed rumor that Johnny pushed his then-girlfriend, model Kate Moss, down the stairs. When I mentioned it, Depp’s lawyer team was unleashed to present Moss in court as a witness.

Done, live via video link with the shortest testimonial to date. It was already rumours: “Johnny never really pushed me down the ladder,” she says. She herself had slipped down the stairs wet from the rain. Then Johnny took her to her room and gave her the necessary medical attention. “He didn’t push me, kick me, or throw me off a ladder,” said the woman, who had been dating for nearly four years.

Another notable witness was Morgan Tremaine of Showbiz TMZ† Claims that the site received a kitchen cabinet video through their email tip list. They were able to verify it and publish it within 15 minutes. They can only do that if it comes directly from the same source: Amber Heard. Special moments also came from psychiatrist David Spiegel and the head of the capital, Walter Hamadeh.

Final arguments for Johnny Depp

And then there were closing arguments for both parties. Depp’s lawyer Camille Vasquez started, and she is now A hit on social media† She noted to the jury that it had been exactly six years since Heard Depp was first charged with domestic violence. “Exactly six years later, we ask that you give Mr. Depp his life back by telling the world that Mr. Depp is not the abuser that Mrs. Heard says he is,” Vasquez said. To hold Mrs. Heard accountable for her lies.

The lawyer points out that Heard’s story contains too many implausible holes. “It was an act of extreme cruelty not only to Mr. Depp, but also to real survivors of domestic violence. For Ms. Heard to think of herself as a public figure representing domestic violence. She was false, defamatory and did irreparable damage.”

“This case is about whether you think Mrs. Heard or Mr. Depp, or Kristi Dombrowski, or Sean Peet, or Malcolm Connolly, or Travis McGovern, or Starling Jenkins, or Keenan White, or Dr. Keeper, nurses Debbie Lloyd and Aaron Valade, Tara Roberts, Ben King, Kate James, Kate Moss, Dr. Colbert, Morgan Knight, Morgan Tremaine, Officer Melissa Sainz, Officer Tyler Haden, Officer William Gatlin, and Beverly Leonard.”

After Vasquez, Benjamin Chiu, Depp’s other attorney, also made a statement. He reiterated the arguments already made from the lawsuit as to why Heard could not be a victim. “There is a vast difference between having an addiction problem and being a physical abuser.” At the end of his statement, when he talked about Depp’s two children, Lily-Rose and Jack, he felt emotional. Show them the truth is worth fighting for.

Camille Vasquez during the closing arguments Photo: EPA/Steve Hilber/Pond

Final Arguments Amber Heard

Then it was Heard’s turn. Attorney Benjamin Rothenborn started with her side of the case. He reminded the judges that Heard only had to be abused once by Depp to win the case. We’re not just talking about physical abuse. We are talking about emotional, psychological, financial and sexual abuse,” Rothenborn said.

He also played a video of the kitchen in which Deb closes cupboards. “If he mixes drugs and drinks, he turns into this guy,” he added. He also cited a series of text messages in which Depp says ugly things about Heard. Rottenborn: “These words are a window into the heart and mind of America’s favorite pirate.”

Heard’s other attorney, Eileen Bridhoft, asked the jury to consider all of the evidence in the case. They have to believe that Depp was the culprit and obstructed her way into a promising acting field. “The ruling against Amber sends a message that whatever you do as a victim of abuse, you must always do more. Whatever you document, you always document more,” says Bredehoft.

Final verdict will be announced soon

After closing arguments, it’s time for the jury to deliberate. Something they continue to do today. A jury will work with over 100 hours of testimony and countless pieces of evidence to reach a verdict. It is not clear how long it will take for the final verdict.

Elon Musk tweeted after closing arguments. It is the first time he has said anything about the lawsuit with his ex-wife. Musk was supposed to testify first, but that didn’t happen in the end. He responds to a tweet from Lex Friedman and says he hopes they both get over the issue. “Both are gorgeous at their best.”

Many people make their final judgment clearly on social media. Or they are done with it completely. Here is a small summary:

Johnny vs. Amber isn’t meant to be entertaining, but it’s still a ‘feast’

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