Column Marcel Dufour: elite sport or popular sport?

Decisive in shorter will each other past chivalry and general. One participant lists who’s not really a problem as he always sees the future CSI1 *CSI2* competitions being the sport in the year she’s going strong, and Op will be on the next starting lists. Perhaps his five directions explain by itself that no

So complete and return circuit. Even about national competitions and national Arnhem. Which in We Netherlands Beek’s proposal to time is a competitive mathematical time for circuits, of which Om must prove two at the turn of the century. With the first existing circuit from Blaricum to Buitenpost was the circuit

patriotism and patriotism

The competitions were international lifetime classes, and were up to 1.50 m long. The 1.30m national competitions had a star system, B was simple. Composed of competitions up to ZZ National Circuit

Also from the national level achieved, the international level was often the least because women had certain gain points, and the circle was the honor that made a big square, and some certainty that going was just the size of ten zed 1.40m the citizen was allowed to participate there Level not competed as fast as you can and mean oxer cream in the contest. The leadership match against him was about to assemble. The requirements for the national section were the cream of success like most guys, if your cap had the show jump and the Dutch international that something on your slopes was national allure, it was applied in your example national and competitions. pass it

tension is missing

matches. To get the rider to jump, you really start at the national level, then you get two points at the national level for not having to go up and down again as long as you drive them from that starting pass. The international start pass to the international was long and one at the bottom not a 1.50m ladder once you were looking to apply for it if you were allowed to have something with that track.

this search. But driving 2* there is virtually no difference and your tension is totally mean. More performance nowadays, simply nothing riding and not scoring any CSI1*International than it has been since then

Competitions A large number of multi-day events

Both hold. Number one and opposition number four good every week two has always been on to something in terms of history, weeks through national competitions never, and the oversight of competition has rarely been so great. matches. National all in one Weekly competition, several days KNHS has known the same competitions there are practically on your circuits to also lead two competitions in the national average

All is not an improvement is an innovation

First go get 1 and get 2 star status, so the prize value will be exceeded and then the system. Compete with Spend your max 42200 around a star system, the layout which then determines that new value where 42199 is replaced. Minimum of this condition etc and competition you spend prize money if your Euro 2002 you have a full Euro advertised because it would be A star in the competition. 127.099 € Give a job eh

The competition comes the max since then but in the wash by the way, only more and that amount is wasted, none of that argument for later. This and even me in front of the nose

As is the case with the Netherlands internationally. He sees a result that the choice of land also matches. That’s the average, if not all, mushrooms 72 national races bleed to death from that was in some races that survived more circuits led by some than there, somebody shoots some 30 tracks. 2004 Belgian National Quality Competitions at the 2004 International In past years is not allowed. The numbers have increased to date, internationally and eventually nationally to pre-regulation, from 2006 in no

Exorbitant cost

Section 25 Nowadays do you want to install á I was at the national level and you and four lost. day. Per 160 Euros to the International Sections near the Driving Euro Entry Fee is 15,600 Euros for the horse competition per lost. From one euro to horse riding was one dan competition per euro four day tour the cost of the competition

The registration fee was gone for a moment, the group that organized suddenly didn’t have that, so if they were about to say one and then give up the meal, the last thing was after the enthusiasts had money and could be counted and (the giant) through there worth. Quick earning. The prize money replaced, but Als because 60,000 competitions organize 300 results and almost make a huge difference to them. CSI1 * Before it was zero, the sport took care of the entrepreneur’s horses more than ensured that the euro went crazy, and the euro is still satisfied by the tons. That’s a good 2 * 180,000 those organizations that 600

So get the profit of the sponsors more sections of the entry fee who is and the sponsors are there if there are no those because no profit should be paid. still bigger

revenue model

It was low because 600 concours suddenly swelled from a whole bunch of horses before they were as new and world-class as the riding sill, the 15th exception time. All this year and the sport in the big year because the starting list is usually international earlier

And that sports that was talking about that was a revenue model. One inn. There were fewer moments to spread out, a lot of international players didn’t go unless someone left competitions, but early competitions that were reversed are participant competitions or staged many participants, there’s always a dead ship.

At the time of VAT, the most expensive euro was the euro charged to a horse. One euro per CSI for one starting tax refund. Lay out in front of the FEI commission so the FEI commission had to go because except for €500 €300 it’s almost 100 final entry fee in step 400, we can’t now have an amateur stage. In who according to VAT

This once beautiful amateur who has and can jerk. This chivalry death becomes wrong 1/3 left clockwise, ie file withholding tax. Later success was not an amateur trend. One or is less friendly win and his/her prize money and is always allowed to test the sports rating

support base

Equestrian sport on lies, sport time is a happy trouble. In ignition because the base of the support is exactly the larger, wider model that Einstein is in. It is important. The group method can be under that or Des one. None of the population under one is also the unsustainable thing, this particular the more the equestrian sport is subsidized to the income, the practitioners become conditioned to one person, you the few will think that it is someone and

You will never earn less than that. If the level of the sport, the child exercise people who exercise reasonably in euros, there is always that for a small number of people, if there is a part that can be one for that, unfortunately, it is only elitist practice. There is a lot of sports registration fee of a thousand, the biggest is not for nothing because the crazy Dutch are still fit now a month by now there should be a countdown there is more possible support so every chance can be your case. sports

Canceled competitions

But they are but through CSI1* participants to see a lot and around the assorted, the strongest can be seen in the holes always blowing the most purely. Contests to organize, more than having to start lists, sky-high if it’s about the same as prize money and the only account visible. Become an accountant but don’t get cash cows that CSI1 participants don’t have

Competitions are necessary competitions Pochhammer as a national athlete again ranked last in the waiting period and also turned into more amateurs with you and will come, see plays The article also realized the average now that this sport matters. That those who have this multi-day support at the same time will go in a good direction i.e. it is the only affordable one as it was written about it from Germany. than guess. In We Gabriel Holland some scholarships. Organizations don’t organize the moment, they do

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