Vorburgs Dagblad | Beautiful equestrian sport on the road in Fleetland Recreation Area

On the weekend of June 25 and 26, the beautiful Vlietland recreation area will once again be the battleground for the SGW (joint competitions) for horses, ponies and driving groups. In total, more than 300 passengers, riders and drivers travel to SGW Vlietland.

This competition is being organized for the 19th time by Stichting Eventing Zuid-Holland. The foundation is a partnership between the riding associations De Blesruiters of Stompwijk and Koningin Emma of Wassenaar. With around 200 volunteers, they made sure everything went smoothly.

Due to developments in leisure home construction in Vlietland, the curtain seemed to have fallen on Eventing Zuid Holland before the Corona period so that he could stage SGW Vlietland again after 18 successful years.

After consulting closely with Vlietland BV director Bart Carpentier, and the boards of project developer Dutch Lake Residence and builder Kondor Wessels, some delays on the construction project have resulted in Eventing Zuid Holland returning for the last time with SGW to the construction project. vlietland. Of course, this opportunity was seized with both hands, and the organization put all efforts and put in a good incentive to provide the riders and drivers with great competition for the public.

The riders and drivers will be vying for places of honor this weekend and the South Holland Regional Championship is also on the programme. Course creators Kees de Jong, Martin Spruijt (knights) and Ab Spaan (drivers) put all their expertise into obstacles and roads with construction teams.

The quaint cross-country road winds its way through forested areas on a 3 km course on Saturdays and Sundays. In addition to the many natural obstacles (tree stumps, wall erection, etc.), the course also includes a picnic table, drawbridge and of course the amazing water obstacle.

An amazing training marathon will be held on Sunday in the lounge areas near the swimming lake. Both KNHS members and recreational drivers can participate in this. The combined course includes about 15 to 18 gates, including 3 marathon-style hurdles and a challenging water hurdle. This course should be completed as quickly as possible (and without errors). In this, agility and technical obstacles alternate in a thrilling spectacle.

On Saturday we are organizing a cross-training under the professional supervision of Kees de Jong for Pixiu riders – children from young to 14 years old. Here, the riders, who are probably at the beginning of a glorious future in this sport, jump over various obstacles and also go through the water trough. This will take place after the official SGW on Saturday (from about 4pm). It is a huge success for the audience – as has already been demonstrated in previous years – to see how children are pushed to face obstacles.

the program
On Saturday, classes of M horses, L-ponies, and M-ponies will compete and the first group will begin around 11 a.m. at the cross, followed by around 4 p.m. Bixie’s.

On Sundays, around 10:00 AM, horses B, B, and L come in. Plus, there’s plenty of room on Sundays for BB’s recreational horse and ponies classes. It is always good to know how novice riders and drivers participate in this comprehensive equestrian sport.
A mini marathon rehearsal is on the program on Sunday afternoons. At about 5 pm, the last entrant crosses the finish line and we finally close the 19th year book of SGW Vlietland.

You are of course very welcome, just like any other day in this entertainment district. Entry and parking are free all weekend. Follow the directions of the traffic controllers so that the horse and the humans remain friends. Easy game up of straw village. This place offers a view of the jumping rink, cross country course and jockey areas. In the pool, the course designers have built the water hazards and the mini marathon site is located, so that everything can be seen within a stone’s throw away. Hay Village is of course filled with many shops and shows by enthusiastic sponsors who support the competition.

More information and a route description can be found at: www.eventingzuidholland.nl

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