Threat over hurdles during Verburg Boccal cheese

Publication date: 05-30-2022
Updated on: 05-30-2022 21:10

Threat over hurdles during Verburg Boccal cheese

Threat over hurdles during the Verburg Cup for Cheese.

You read that right: The Threat Above Barriers. On the one hand, these dark clouds were moving more and more over the accommodations, and on the other hand, those clouds were jumpers that were stimulated to the core to make a good leap. Good jumps are good for early season jumpers, they confirm that you are on the right track and can build on your current jump. While menacing clouds had dropped some patches during the evening, there was an advantage to the rain’s short break: the winds were completely gone after the break. Ideal for jumpers to divert a threat in a stick into long distances.

Let’s start the tour around the slopes with the elderly. Home jumpers Paul van Meijeren (Zegveld) let loose. In his first competition of the season he jumped 18.13 million, enough for the final. Jumping so early in the season gives each of the top tier jumpers a chance to smell the captain’s uniform. A deviation in a positive sense can lead you to the top of the leaderboard. Ryan Bass (Jude) was allowed to jump in the yellow captain’s uniform at Siegfeld. It was a relatively quiet constructive race for him which led to third place. After the match, he had to hand his captain’s uniform to Jaco de Groot (Camrick), who set 20.97 meters in the preliminary round. No one was able to get past this, only Jaco himself who improved to 21.07M in the final. Competing on the podium was Erwin Timmerarends (Bodegraven), who took second place with a 20.49M.

There was so much to do in Jumping C with the ladies! For example, Brenda Barr (Benschop) and Fabien Overbeck (Benschop) both took their thousandth (!!) jump, a major achievement in the sport, which was followed by loud applause. It was a nice evening for Fabien anyway, she finished second with 14.81 metres. Kissed by fellow club member Jorine Baas (Oudewater). Joriene built her competition really well and jumped to third on her third jump. 14.69M made her very satisfied. And the evening winner was Demi Grothhead (Yarsfield). She actually slammed on her first jump by jumping to 15.90m. Unattainable distance for competition. Demi showed that he got through the winter well and is in great shape.

The kids seem to be taking a lot of risks. Several wet jumps have been recorded. This also made it exciting for viewers, as they were the first laps to switch to the lead. Guus Hoogland (Montfoort) was one of three juniors to cross the 18-meter mark. With a distance of 18.09 meters he managed to get bronze. Today’s title went to Hidde van Dam (Montfoort). With 19.10 meters he told the competition that it must be taken into account again this season. If Hidde continues to develop this season, he can claim several major prizes. Prize-winner Rainer Overbeck spent just under an evening. 18.61M took him to second place.

There were 5 jumpers among the boys. The big winner of the evening was Hamin Bogard (Polsbrück). With a nice jump, followed by a sprint with a strong grip, a quick climb and a powerful jump, he improved his best to 17.32 million. Jonathan Timmerarends (Montfoort) tried everything he could to jump this distance, but was stuck in second place with 16.92M. He was, however, one of the few jumpers who could go home without a wet jump. Willard Shep (Punchop) was hoping to get more of his match in terms of distance, but he certainly shouldn’t be unhappy with the third place finish. 14.31M was enough for that.

Finally, the girls’ category. Home jumper Lieki Stolwijk (Bodegraven) has put out a big competition here. The competition between girls is high. In the first, second and third grade the girls jump well, this will give a slight tension with the upcoming promotion and relegation. Every jumper wants to get this place first class. Then back to the game! Leakey became the winner of the Verburg Cup for Cheese. I jumped 2x over 13 metres. 13.03 million was her winning distance. Thalina van der Wind (Snelrewaard) couldn’t match this, but she showed it was in perfect condition. In a strong race she finished second with a distance of 12.95 metres, thus maintaining the lead in the standings. The third place went to Nikita Van Dyck (Camrick). This talented jump showed her to be close to the competition with a distance of 12.85 metres. The girls’ category is incredibly exciting this season!

For example, the Verburg Cup Bokal match ended in less danger than expected. Fortunately the weather was fine all day, except for the small shower, it was a great place to jump in and spectators. The season for the top leagues will continue on May 31 on Vlist, with a previously canceled match taking place Tuesday night at 7:00 p.m. On Saturday 4 June, jumpers will descend on Jaarsveld, where they can be admired from 18:30.

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