The six Formula 1 races still on the calendar until the 2022 summer break

Formula 1 is now starting to gain traction. She now has seven races behind, which means she’s over a quarter of the entire season. Drivers, mechanics, technicians and team leaders always get a month off in the middle of the year, but until then the races continue. This six Grand Prix awaits us before the grid pauses.

1. Azerbaijan Grand Prix

The first race that still awaits us in the coming period is the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan, on June 12th. Just like in 2021, F1 moves from one street circuit to another street circuit. After all, Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc and the rest of the guys had just left Monaco, only to report to Baku about ten days later.

There is a race ahead that always creates tension. With walls on both sides, in almost every version there is a driver who misses the finish line due to a fault, while the massive construction of Turn 1 somewhat accommodates overtaking, despite the fact that the Baku city circuit is a real street circuit. With its 90-degree bends, it’s not the track of choice for many drivers, but for fans, it’s usually a pleasure.

Kick-off moment for the 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix. Max Verstappen’s blast in succession causes a red flag to appear. In the second half, Lewis Hamilton hit straight ahead and lost the first place, which went to Sergio Perez.

2. Canadian Grand Prix

Two weeks later, from June 17 to 19, the circus travels to Montreal, where the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve will be visited. Although the Canadian track is often thought of as a street circuit, drivers have much more breathing space than those in fearful Monaco and Baku. In this race, pay special attention to the last corner, which leads to wall of heroes Wall forced many heroes to join the DNF.

Because of COVID, F1 has not visited Canada in recent years, so it would be special for the country to welcome Class 1 again. The circuit in the French-speaking part of Canada has some power-intensive parts, but also technical parts, making it a nice, balanced challenge for the drivers. With Nicholas Latifi and Lance Stroll on the net, we can also expect a good turnout.

3. The Grand Prix of Great Britain

Silverstone Circuit, one of the absolute classics of the current calendar. Many drivers cite the high-tech British long circuit when they have to make a list of their favorite courses, and rightly so. The track is packed with legendary angles like the Club set and Maggotts-Becketts-Chapel, not to mention the Copse Corner.

This was the corner where Lewis Hamilton beat his Dutch title rival last year. This eventually led to an irreparable rift in the relationship between the riders, and to the hottest title fight in recent years. Great Britain is a true motorsport country and the British Grand Prix can certainly be considered one of the highlights left in the first half of the season.

The six Formula 1 races still on the calendar until the 2022 summer break
Max Verstappen will be looking for revenge at Silverstone in 2022: the circuit where he had to notice DNF after his collision with Hamilton. The Briton eventually won his home race.

4. Austrian Grand Prix

After racing at home with Hamilton, George Russell and Lando Norris, it is up to Red Bull Racing to hold the race at home. Not literally, because the racing stable factory is located in Milton Keynes, near Silverstone. However, figuratively speaking, the Austrian Grand Prix is ​​already a home race for Verstappen and Sergio Pérez, who will be competing on an Austrian racing stable, and will also be held at the Red Bull Ring during the second part of the double headshot With Silverstone and Red Bull Ring.

Dutch Formula 1 fans visit the event annually, and 2022 doesn’t seem to be an exception. Besides the fact that the atmosphere next to the asphalt is always excellent, it often seems to go well for Red Bull on the asphalt. Verstappen won there twice in a row in 2021, winning the event no less than three times. This immediately makes it, with Mexico, the most successful Limburger circuit. Oh yeah, this year the Austrian circuit also hosts a sprint race, so you can definitely look forward to this weekend.

5. French Grand Prix

Do you remember the 2021 French Grand Prix? Indeed, the normally unexciting race on the uninspired Paul Ricard circuit has been turned into a true strategic feat. Hamilton looked to have taken the win for a long time, but by stopping late Verstappen was able to overtake his title rival by two laps remaining. What a race.

Let’s hope this year another race like Paul Rijkaard doesn’t have much to offer, with all due respect. The various long sections are regularly interrupted by some technical bends, with challenges in the latter sector in particular. However, we must be honest: on paper, this is not the race that Formula 1 fans should be looking forward to in the remainder of the first half of the season.

The six Formula 1 races still on the calendar until the 2022 summer break
Paul Ricard isn’t the most interesting track on the calendar, but it’s easily recognizable by its blue and red rings, which act like sandpaper when the driver shoots off the runway.

6. Hungarian Grand Prix

What this does not apply to is the Hungarian Grand Prix, which is double headshot It is formed with its French predecessor. Hungary, like Monaco, has a reputation for making overtaking very difficult, but there is hope for the fans this year. Overall, it appears the rule changes are having the desired effect, which means that drivers in Hungaroring in Sectors 2 and 3 will likely be able to follow each other better than they have been in years past.

If they enter right after the last 180-degree lap, there is a greater chance that overtaking will occur in turn 1. So the 2022 Hungarian Grand Prix may be more exciting than in recent years, although the 2021 edition, with Valtteri Bottas’ bowling at the start of the race, was of course Also an unforgettable copy. A credible race to finish the first half of the F1 calendar, anyway.

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