Thalia Rock, Lotte van den Herrick and Anouk Evitz win the KNHS-Roelofsen horse truck dressage competition, Schijndel

The fifth competition match for the KNHS-Roelofsen Truck Dressage Competition was held in Schijndel on Sunday. KNHS talent team member Talia Rock was the best in the grand prix with Verde de la Fazenda (by Floret S). At U25, the victory went to Lotte van den Herik with Giovanni VDH (by Ampère). Anouk Evites and Iris (by Lord Leatherdale) won the St. George’s Prize.

In the Grand Prix, Thalia Rockx posted a win score of 71.96%. Behind them is Devenda Dijkstra and Hero (by Johnson) who also scored above the 70% with 70.15%. Fleur van Kempen came third with her stallion Geronimo (Bordeaux) at 69.82%. “Thalia had a very consistent and clean test. Even for the higher grades it could have been a little more expressive, but it was presented very nicely and with a lot of harmony,” says Patrick Bernds, who judged the division with Linda Kaninga and Dirk de Haas. “Devinda also drove very carefully. We enjoyed that too. It was a very clear and correct test. Floor also drove a very elegant test and was very consistent. Sometimes Jeronimo was allowed to walk a little more, but it was presented in a very friendly manner and that goes.” Also on Thalia and Divinda.”

under 25

At U25, Lotte van den Herik and Giovanni VDH (by Ampère) achieved the highest score of 69.79% and Thalia Rockx was also fully involved in this age group. With Gerda Nova de la Fazenda (by Romanov) she scored a second with 68.33% and that was enough to stay ahead of Chel van Bedav. The young rider rode the Bond board (by OO Seven) to third with 68.21%. Lotte rode very cautiously and her horse has a lot of talent in terms of hacking and passing. They dropped a few points in the canter. In this Giovanni could stay a bit on top and keep the jump a bit more. Thalia did a pretty consistent test, but for higher points, She could radiate a little more expression. Chill also rode a neat test, but his horse was sometimes too high at the top and didn’t continue to walk all the way over his back.”

brix st george

With a score of 71.91%, Anouk Ivits and Iris (by Lord Leatherdale) were ahead of the competition in the Prix St. Margot Arkema and Gavaristo (by Tango) came in second with 68.14% and Laurie Vervoort completed the top three. Its descendant Everdale just rode A Miracle to 67.99%. “This was a very impressive group,” said jury member Piet Groen, who judged the division alongside Linda Kanninga and Dirk de Haas. “Iris van Anok is very powerful at the canter. I got 8s and 8.5s for that. And all the changes were spot on. Really really good and the rotors were well balanced. Gavaristo van Margot is a very strong horse. Just a diesel. It just went and was very consistent.” In cadence, he’s also kept nicely closed with a nice head and neck posture. Lori’s horse sure has wiggles in his movements. A very good horse and well balanced too.” Gruen has also paid tribute to the hip-hop (by jazz) of Romy Bemelmans. They took fourth place with 67.01%. “That was actually the nicest horse today. We can give an 8,5 and a 9 for the trot challenges and the hip-hop was pretty cool in the lean. It lacked some self-transportation in the trot and you can see that in the switches and transitions. They took points on the trot part and had this for this.” The horse has the most beautiful silhouette, which makes the jury really happy. In general, the driving was very good, but for a large number of groups the support could be more calm. But it looks promising. “

Results of the KNHS-Roelofsen horse truck dressage competition, Schijndel
Grand prize:
1 Thalia Rockx (Roosendaal), Verdi de La Fazenda (by Florett As) 71.96%
2 Devenda Dykstra (Noland), Champion (Johnson) 70.15%
3 Fleur van Kempen (Nijmegen), Jeronimo (Bordeaux) 69.82%

1 lot van den Herrick (disc), Giovanni VDH (by amp) 69.79%
2 Talia Rock (Rosendal), Gerda Nova de la Fazenda (by Romanoff) 68.33%
3 Chel van Bedav (Etten-Leur), Bond board (by O.O. Seven) 68.21%

Brix St. George:
1 Anouk Ivits (Leende), Iris (by Lord Leatherdale) 71.91%
2 Margot Arkema (Marum), Javaristo (by Tango) 68.14%
3 Laurie Vervoort (Heroes), Just A Miracle (from Everdale) 67.99%

The main objective of the KNHS-Roelofsen Truck Dressing Competition is to stimulate the development of the Dutch dressage sport for seniors (large and small rounds) and U25. The series consists of a series of competition matches and ends with a final.

Source: press release

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