Reunion 50 years of women’s soccer at FC Trias


It’s time for a big party

WINTERSWIJK – On Saturday 11 June, FC Trias is organizing a festive evening in its sports complex at the Batavseweg to mark the fiftieth anniversary of women’s football. From 4pm, members and ex-members can relive the memories and have a nice chat. “Many old cows will be taken out of the hole,” Henk Courten says. “At 6:00 pm there will be a barbecue and then the party evening will start at 8:00 pm with DJs Burman and Burman. That will be fun.”

Henk Courten is one of the initiators of the celebrations. Early in 2019, he set up a committee to add luster to the feat. After all, in 2020, fifty years have passed since the founding of women’s football in Cotten & Ratom. Unfortunately, due to Covid19, the reunions did not take place in both 2020 and 2021.
But this year it should succeed. Korten expects, “It’s going to be a very nice meeting.” “I still have a whole pile of scrapbooks with old photos in them. We kind of want wall of fame I will do it. That would be a laugh.”

In 2002 the FA Ratom, Sports Club Cotten and the Fortuna Athletic Association merged to form FC Trias. Women have been active in football in these clubs for some time. In 1970 they competed for the first time with a women’s team in Ratom and Cotten. Fortuna started playing women’s soccer years later.
In 1970 Willy de Ross, then president of the sports club Kotten, managed to attract a group of young football enthusiasts to a Kottens neighborhood party. Under the sloganIf you can play handball you can play soccerStroke a chord. Girls had already kicked a ball into a meadow with coats as goalposts and brothers and neighbors as opponents, but becoming a girl as a member of a real football club was something special in those days.
Henny te Brummelstroete was the first coach. There was a lot of training under him. The first performance immediately led to an award. Several tournaments followed and in 1978 Cotten reached the Premier League.

FA Ratom
In 1969, a match was organized in the Lappenijzer Café in Henxel between the wives of Ratom players and the women’s handball WWV from Winterswijk. It seemed that the taste of that was more, because a year later the birth of the first women’s team was a reality. The coach was Wim Ten Dam and won the first championship in 1973. The first women’s team played in the main division in 1985, and the second team in the first division. In short, the level was good, many championships were won.
Players were selected regularly for regional selections. Some went too far. Mien te Selle, for example, played for the Orange women and Monique Reijrink made her debut as a goalkeeper with the Orange Under-16s in 1990.

mixed teams
Girls’ football was introduced to FC Trias after the merger. Henk Courten was the driving force in early girls’ football. “We played seven in that time,” Kourten recalls. “We started with one seven. After three months already two and a half years passed after that we had a hundred active girls.”
“It was a very wonderful time,” continues the 64-year-old Wintersuecker. “A lot was organized, including tournaments in Belgium and Germany and a visit to De Graafschap, where the team was allowed to act like ball girls.”
Nowadays, both women’s and women’s football occupy a prominent place in FC Trias. More than twenty percent of the active member base is now made up of women. This makes the club one of the football clubs with the highest percentage of women. Nowadays, all girls in youth play in mixed teams with boys. There they get more resistance and develop better. The best example of this is Lieske Carleer. The greatest talents have played in recent years for the Orange U19 team. She may reach the big Orange after completing her studies in the United States.

bank holiday
In 2020, the first women’s teams from Winterswijk were founded fifty years ago. Now, 52 years later, it’s time to take a look at it with the members and former members. A warm get-together is followed by a barbecue and an after party. Are you involved too, or did you participate and want to be there on June 11th? For more information visit or the special Facebook page about 50 years of FC Trias women’s football.

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