Formula 1 / Monaco GP 2022): Tops and Flops

an introduction

All hands are on deck at Ferrari, because after three out of three of Max Verstappen’s, Red Bull took over the Scuderia. The signs were good, with Charles Leclerc in front unscathed before being sidelined for Formula 1-75. Only Monegask does not have a very good relationship with the race of his homeland: not once did he finish there …

the summary of the match

Ferrari has the best car on the legendary street circuit, which translates to dominant test sessions and the first two places on the starting grid. The situation is decisive during the Monaco Grand Prix. Only rain is falling from the sky and the race is first postponed and then stopped to start finally behind the safety car. It doesn’t change positions, two Ferraris ahead of two Red Bulls in what appears to be a lightning-fast procession.

But the track is drying up and the track is getting faster and faster. Scuderia Ferrari is strategically less powerful than Red Bull and moments later Sergio Perez is ahead of Carlos Sainz, while Verstappen is third, ahead of Charles Leclerc. And that’s how they’ll ride across the finish line, on each other’s handkerchiefs. Verstappen continues to advance in the world championship standings, but the bald Leclerc is still on his way.

Spain GP (Barcelona) results

  1. Sergio Perez (Red Bull)
  2. Carlos Sainz (Ferrari)
  3. Max Verstappen (Red Bull)
  4. Charles Leclerc (Ferrari)
  5. George Russell (Mercedes)
  6. Lando Norris (McLaren)

World Championship standings

  1. Max Verstab – 125 points
  2. Charles Leclerc – 116
  3. Sergio Perez – 110
  4. George Russell – 84
  5. Carlos Sainz – 83
  6. Lewis Hamilton – 50


Sergio Perez He gets fined. In Barcelona, ​​the Mexican had to comply with team orders, which allowed Max Verstappen to win the Grand Prix of Spain. This time, Checo was faster in qualifying and in the race, which led to a deserved victory. special thanks for Red Bull Strategic Optionswhich allowed Perez to outperform both Ferraris.

Could you Don’t catch up in Monaco. However I did Pierre Gasly The. Not once but several times. It didn’t do much for the AlphaTauri driver, because after a poor qualifying session, the Frenchman had to be satisfied with 11th place. But in addition to commitment and inspiration, he also showed a great deal of courage.

Rain and crash barriers, it’s a dangerous combination† Just ask Mick Schumacher, who completely destroyed his rabbit after a seemingly harmless spin. but soft Tec-Pro . Barriers They did their job perfectly: the German got out of his shredder unscathed.


Ferrari was the fastest and was the first two places. But the strategy was wrong, which almost made them Sure win in the trash Throw. This frustrated Charles Leclerc, who could once again smell victory. Both in Spain and here in Monaco, Monegask had a Ferrari that had to widen the gap with Max Verstappen. But the opposite happened. Ultimately, Charles and Scuderia will do just that to break down acid

Should carefully Especially in a narrow street circuit like the one in Monte Carlo. But wobbly race management I got on my nerves a little. We understand the late start, but why was the red flag raised again after only a few laps behind the safety car? F1 has the best drivers in the world, and they can show that in very difficult conditions. And why wasn’t Charles Leclerc reprimanded during the qualifying session when he forgot to stop at the scale? And why was Max Verstappen allowed to cross the yellow line marking the exit hole with impunity? Formula 1 promised us Strict rules and clear implementation From him, with the same penalties for all.

It must be frustrating for Lewis Hamilton† You no longer have the best machine and always see your younger teammate finish in front of you. Especially on a track where overtaking is almost impossible. But Complaining to Alpine Riders He was not worthy of the multiple world champion.


The Monaco Grand Prix is ​​and remains an institution to cherish, but that doesn’t mean the legendary race can be given a more modern look. Because even though the rain ensured there was something to do on the track, not being able to overtake remains a pain point for scenery value. After Barcelona, ​​Ferrari again licks its wounds: what should have been a glorious day for the Crimson Troops turned into a painful lesson in competence. Max Verstappen would have preferred to win, of course. But it must have been nice to finish ahead of Charles Leclerc again.

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