De Wild Golf: Summer Vacation with 3 Kids at 28 Ft

I ask Shourd where we’re going on vacation this summer. At this time, we are still suffering from COVID-19. The answer was clear from Sjoerd, “Nice sailing through Holland. Across the Zeeland Delta, perhaps to Cadzand.” Dreaming of hot summer evenings, anchored in
An island in Grevelingen (sort of Ibiza feel in the Netherlands).

We are Schord and Angelique, in possession of a spirit of 28, a 48-year-old lady from Belgium. We have 3 boys aged 16, 13 and 8. Summer 2021, weather forecast will be reasonable, we decided to sail through the Zeeland delta with the family. First week with our family, second week another family joins with charter boat.

With fine weather, we sail from Veerse Meer over Oosterschelde to Marina de Roompot. The atmosphere is beautiful and the harbor is beautiful. We rent bikes there and decided to bike over Oosterscheldekering to Neeltje Jans where we spend a nice day at the beach. That same evening, the two oldest kids boarded the ship, we all have a barbecue at
The beach is in the port.

The weather will decrease slightly in the coming days, but after 3 days the weather will improve “according to forecasts”.

The goal is to sail from Roompothaven to the port of Burghsluis, but this is not recommended due to tides and wind forecasts. So we decided to leave for Colijnsplaat, a short 1.5 hour boat ride. Our eldest son sailed the boat to the port, taking into account the current. We were allotted a place by the harbor manager, then it started raining. It really rains all day, so it never stops raining. After hours of waiting we decided to walk to the village in raincoats and umbrellas. We drink a cup of coffee in the café in the corner of typical Zeeland
front street. We quickly return to the boat,

Where do you put all those wet coats and shoes on a sailboat…

15 degrees in the summer, we walk in shorts. Fortunately he is getting better “according to the prophecy…”

The week that followed we went to Grevelingen with another family, sailing through
Oosterschelde, with a wind force 4 to Keeten and going to Bruinisse in a crowded lock.
We can still call, throw in the front mooring line of the boat next to us, friendly folks.
Then things go wrong. The front mooring line is pulled so tightly that both arcs meet
And we are pulled straight into the lock. Pedestrians walk from other boats
Nervously up and down and afraid we’d hit them and do damage.
Beautiful scene happening in the lock. I heard a light bow tear (oops), Shurried up to
The hook is pulled so hard that it breaks and the other captain approaches
Falls into the water. We shy away from stuttering. Finally the front tap is unscrewed and we come to an upright position. We have a nice conversation with each other, that ends well.

With 5 people in a small space, where everyone also has different needs,
Adults like to go to bed as late as possible (and we’re ready at the end of the day
at rest). We decided to set the house rules (boat tiles). At 11 pm everyone is washed,
They brushed their teeth and no one has to leave the boat anymore. Everyone goes to their “private” area,
sleeping place. Where he can read, quietly watch on the phone and tablet, but without noise.
This principle seems to be working for our family. We can sleep and who wants to stay awake if necessary without keeping “the rest” awake.

The weather remains moderate with clear spells of showers and a temperature of about 15 degrees. We make the most of it, our sailing qualities improve. We’re walking around from Bruinisse
To Scharendijke, from Scharendijke to Marina Port Zelande, where it rains
Hide in the beach tent and enjoy the beach and
outdoor activities.

The kids enjoyed the amazing slide in Grevelingen.

The next day the port of Odorp is planned but the engine is not running.
The battery appears to be empty. We start the boat by the battery on the boat and leave, deciding to sail to Ouddorp. The harbor is within walking distance of Ouddorp, we have fairly nice weather, and the sun is shining.

We bought a children’s book in the harbor of the Charindijki Society
“The abomination of Grevelingen” which the boys read at once due to the lack of Wi-Fi and a ban on charging phones. That’s why we decided on another book in Ouddorp
And buy a chessboard. Wonders are not out of the world yet, our children work
Reading and playing chess.

We are sailing over Ouddorp back to Bruinisse and the weather seems reasonable, we decided
BBQ with two families and spend the night on the island of Mosselbank in Grevelingen.
With a small rubber boat we cross to the Marina Bruins supermarket,
For storing meat, French bread and drinks. When sailing again, the engines stop and we decide to turn back
For rowing, it’s not fast, the wind is against it, it seems we don’t go forward and start over
to rain. Another boat offered to provide traction, saving us maybe 2 hours of paddling.
During the barbecue, the boys are swimming, we eat meat in the sand and have a good time. We didn’t get beautiful stable summer weather, and the weather forecast didn’t come true.
Boys have stopped reading at home, and the temptation for tablets and cell phones is just too great.

Next summer we will do the same again, and hopefully summer evenings will be held at the anchor
at Grevelingen, or perhaps to Cadzand.

Schord and Angelique.



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