Celebrity moms about the special bond with their babies

It’s always special being a mother. You are responsible for a mini version of yourself as you build a special relationship with your child. To celebrate motherhood, Cabo Lifestyle and Thank you We joined forces and invited four moms for a special shoot.

special or different association

To think additionally about motherhood, Cabau Lifestyle and Thank you Four mothers with their children in a private photo session, where the beautiful moments were not only captured, but also discussed. For example, mothers tell at length about their unique relationship with their children.

Ann Dominic (31) She is the mother of sweet joy fell on (2) She is waiting for her second daughter. “It feels so special to live a life,” she says. Anne Dominique has always dreamed of having two girls, but finds it hard to imagine that she will soon have another girl who she will love like Fallon. “How is this? How will she be? Is she a completely different baby or the same? I am very curious. This is very exciting and new to me.”

Anne Dominic herself has a very special relationship with her mother, who loves to continue with her daughters. “You two are best friends, have fun with each other and can say anything to each other. I also have that bond with my mother and I think Fallon relates to that too.” “The way I grew up and how we interact with each other, I want the same with Fallon, our next daughter and my friend.” The special relationship with her family is very important to Anne Dominic. “If I hadn’t had this and my family, I would have felt very lonely.”

Mom is fun

Theresa (37) He knows exactly what it means to be real girls’ Mom to be. The beautiful mother has three daughters: emily (9), Isabelle (6) and Louise (5). “They are very nice to each other, but sometimes there is also a big fight. It’s all part of it, it’s very comfortable with so many ladies in the house,” Theresa says of her three girls. She has a different relationship with each of her daughters. Isabelle gives clothing advice, so when I wear a certain combination, she sometimes says, ‘Oh, Mama, you’d better wear this! Then you take something out of my closet and say, “Look!” She’s often right. I love it so much. Amelie would love to have our dog Toby In the morning it also gives her a moment of rest and Louise is happy to help her with the cooking. She can cut very precisely and this is also a moment of rest.”

Although Thirza enjoys being a fun and sociable mother, she also finds it important to be strict and set her boundaries. She also tries to teach her daughters how to calm themselves. “There are so many things that can challenge you to lose your patience and composure. Sometimes I can’t keep my cool. Then I explain why this happens and how I can make sure it works, but sometimes I forget.” “I think it is important for my girls to know this: ‘Well, if it does not work out or I have no patience, I can do this or that to calm down. Sometimes when someone is really angry, I say: “Just take a pillow, yell at it, throw it in.” You don’t have to suppress it either and often just yelling helps. After that, we’re in trouble.

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Drinking wine and chatting

Where Anne Dominic and Teresa still have young children, Petra (54) Two women at home: in Mekkah (26) and Sabine (23). The mother tries to do as much as possible with her daughters. “We don’t always work out during the week, but we try. For example, drinking a glass of wine in the sun on Friday afternoon. The time we spend with each other is also something I am most proud of as a mother,” Petra says frankly.

Petra with her daughters, Fimka and Sabine | Photo: Al-Issa Photography

The two daughters, Fimka and Sabine, hold hands with a mother like Petra. “Sometimes you hear about those stories that kids don’t say much at home, but I actually say everything at home. I came home from a young age, even after the party I said what I did. If we go out together or do something, my parents know Immediately. We can’t keep secrets from each other.”

Girls want to become mothers in the future and already know the characteristics of their mother that they want to pass on. “I think I would give them a lot of love and do everything for them,” says Fimke. “My mum always tries to do her best, even if we get a little pissed off sometimes, my mum is really always nice. I still do everything. I hope later I can do that too, and see through it when my kids are tough later on. “. There it closes sister Sabine totally agrees. She adds, “Like my mum, I’ll come home a lot. I also really like it when my mum is there and we can have a cup of tea together and not end up in an empty house.”

mother of boys

Before Kelly Bookers (26) No daughters but two sons – twins! Jackson And the mosques She is now 2 years old and is Kelly’s biggest fan. The mother of boys She takes pride in walking the city with her children. “Then I feel really strong, like: These are my children! I always like to show off a little, so when I walk into town I think: Yes, look, those are two children†It is in moments like these that I really feel very powerful as a mother,” says Kelly.

“Before you become a mother, you kind of want to be seen, for example: Look what kind of outfit I’m wearing. Or: Look at these beautiful shoes I bought new or post selfies,” boy’s mother in addition to. “Now I like to post pictures of my kids and with my kids, because I’m so proud of them. So it’s a really different kind of bragging!”

Do you want to know more about the four mothers? Read the full stories on the Cabau Lifestyle website. or keep it Thank you Stay tuned for more inspiring stories from the four mothers and their beautiful babies.

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