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Katinka Manders loves to be among her horses. “Just a reflection,” communicating with the herd, trusting her feelings. It helps her find peace within herself and make important decisions.

She has been helping inside her company for ten years nuri.nu Other people based on regular horse training to find their place in their own “herd”. Peacefully without struggle. The blockage that affects people in their lives is often on the subconscious layer, with horses bringing out these unconscious blockages to light.

In regular horse training, the focus is on family bonds. This is your “herd”. These tires are there whether you like it or not. Some patterns are passed down from generation to generation. Consciously or unconsciously, there are often “problems” that can affect you on a soul level.

right questions

This does not mean that Katinka consciously delves into the past. “It’s not necessary either. Horses are very sensitive and feel good how someone is here and now, with everything associated with it. Based on that I can ask the right questions. It sounds very simple, like sticking an earbud into a cup without glue. It’s not that simple anymore. You have to dare to connect with your innermost self, on a soul level.”

Katinka realizes this may sound a bit vague to some people, and explains: “We are so used to following our minds, using our minds. I try to convince people to trust the feeling. Your soul is the substance, your body is the vehicle. You can build and create with your mind, but from the inspiration you come back to Heart rate. You arrange your regimen out of love for yourself and others.”

verb balancing

Balancing feeling and mind is a balancing piece of art that you have to pay attention to from time to time. Katinka: “The funny thing is that we easily spend money on things, but often we do not invest enough in ourselves. In fact, every two months you have to step into the yard with the horses for evaluation. Take a moment and look inside. Here too we should look Keep a close eye on the horses.Horses constantly monitor the balance between loyalty to the herd and taking good care of themselves.Being true to your true self is often neglected.

The good news is that you can learn it! Katinka has been a trainer for decades and would not want to do without horses. “The added value of using horses for training is enormous. They have no interests and have the ability to see what is happening here and now. We cannot feel pure like horses. My horses actually grow into their role as a coach and help my clients find their place.”

More self insight

Regular horse training from Nuri.nu increases your view of yourself. This makes you more aware of your actions and learn to take better care of yourself. This in turn ensures that you can make wiser choices. “We must acknowledge horses more for their splendor. They show it all in their behaviour, while driving but also when they are not feeling better. Horses have so much to tell us, they are here to help us and take us to a new level of consciousness. So I would like to invite everyone to dare to look in a mirror. the horse “.

Additional training

In order to use all the potential of horses, more horse trainers have to come in. “The world needs well-trained, organized horse trainers,” Katinka says. In 2022, an additional training course will begin for horse trainers who have already been trained and serve as horse trainers, but are not skilled in working with horses systematically. This additional training gives opportunity to people who have already taken their place in this, but who want to work with horses more than with family and spirit systems. On this point – working on the spirit level – Nuri.nu distinguishes itself from other training systems with horses.

Horse trainer training

Katinka was increasingly asked to share her knowledge and skills with other coaches and therapists. Existing professionals who would like to add something extra to their own expertise in order to become a horse trainer. “The foundation of the horse trainer profession is in my training as a horse trainer with the addition of ‘learning on the job’. Intervention days are an important component. I now have space in a woodland area to facilitate this training as a regular horse trainer.”

After training as a statutory horse trainer, you will gain the basic knowledge of statutory laws. Katinka: “Horses can only live on the basis of regular laws and, above all, make the imbalance in the different ‘systems’ visible. It is a theory about the influence of ancestors. On the influence of loyalty to family systems. About the dynamics of guilt and innocence, but also about how the flow of Energy management is within the system (read: family, company, etc.) or does not flow effectively.

Statutes always appear in the relationship between man and horse. This is a fortune that horses give us of themselves. We just have to see it. I see it as my job to train good trainers and give horses an appreciation for what they can do for us humans. Horses have a lot to say! “

Who is Katinka Manders?

Katinka Manders has been a recognized horse trainer for years, especially for people who choose for personal growth. within the business community, but also for passengers, individuals, victims of abuse, and children. “I have included my experience as Supervisor of Family, Organizational, Veterinary and Veterinary Groups at my company Nuri.nu.

My studies at Hoge Hotelschool Maastricht and my positions as a facility manager within Interpolis, Branch Manager of a Unique Employment Agency, are my link to the world of business. However, my mother of four and my own herd of horses has brought me wisdom deeper than any job in the company. By consciously looking at their behavior and considering that as a mirror of my own, I have grown exponentially during my time as a housewife mother of four beautiful children.

In addition, studies such as veterinary physiotherapy, training in spiritual therapy and training as a family facilitator and organizational horoscopes have made it to where it is today. Katinka: “In particular, the various horse training courses in Brazil have strengthened me in this wisdom. From a solid exterior, I have fundamentally strengthened my interior during this phase. I have made myself less dependent on circumstances.

I became fully aware of my essence, my essence. Who am I really, what should I give as a unique person. I am able to relate my empathic abilities to the observations of horses. The visions that arise are tested against the horses’ reactions, they never lie. I do this by combining methodical work, horse language, and the ability to get a feel for what is happening in the ‘workspace’. All of this is boosted by positive energy.”

“Lichtje.nu, on the way to self-love”

Katinka combined all her experiences with horses and wisdom from systemic work in the recently released book Lichtje.nu “Every Living Being Has a Soul: An Unseen and Unconditional Love Energy, Authentic and Connected to All Other Souls in the Universe. We have to recognize and heal this part of our humanity again.” I call this part your light, your unique light needed to illuminate your path and show the way to you,” says Katinka.

Under all the dust of generations in which we have forgotten this connection, your light is always there. Confession is the most important step, this is self-love. Then we can go back to school, the school of the art of living, step by step to light our light. It has become my right to watch and learn from the wisdom of horses You only need to take your place in the herd, your unique place, with your unique talent. Then you have comfort, abundance, and peace within you.”

What is systematic work?

Systemic action is a treatment modality that focuses on family systems. The origin of the systematic work lies in Bert Hellinger’s systemic family therapy. The family system is a community of destiny spanning several generations. Every human being is a link in the chain of his family system. The deep bond with our family system is one of soul connection. This band requires respect and appreciation.

The solidarity of the family system is the strongest between parents, children, brothers and sisters, and between partners. The family system is constantly looking for balance and is connected to a global earthly system. This requires each member to have their own place already and fill it from their own. No one should be forgotten, left out or unrecognized. Otherwise, family members of the next generation unconsciously feel the responsibility to restore it. He would then be “embedded” in his system and unknowingly live the other’s life, and thus cannot really be himself.

Systematic work aims to reveal hidden obstructions, open entanglements, restore order, so that love may flow again. Recognizing one’s place on a deep level and the position that others occupy in it provides space for acceptance, calm, meaning and connection. It only flows into someone’s life when you are in the right place in your family system. Horses are always interested in ‘location’. The order must be correct. It is Katinka’s great mission to end up as people in the right place.

Have you become interested in the book and ready to work on your self-awareness? Or would you like more information about training to become a regular horse trainer? Send an email to: info@nuri.nu or call Katinka at: +31 6 46245251.

Text: Dorien van Dijk • Photography: Silvia Struijk

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