BA winner Merrill talks about Thomas: ‘We don’t have an official relationship’

It must have been a relief when the reunion came online. What was the first thing you and Thomas did?
At first I said we’d be out on the balcony all day, but unfortunately life goes on. I had to study that day and Thomas had to work. In the evening we went out to dinner and he surprised me with his hotel stay. So for the first time out in the open in Amsterdam it felt like a first date again.

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I’ve now been able to look at everything, including Thomas’ dates with others. Didn’t that make you a little jealous?
No, because the person you’re dating in Holland can also date others, but you can’t see it. And in the end, after all those dates, he chose me. I just love that he built relationships, took it seriously and had fun with others, because that was a well-thought-out choice.

How are you and the other girls now?
“There is a club that I see almost every week with which I have already become friends. These are Indigo, Isabella, Anna Noel, Asha and Karen. I also talk to other girls, like Ingie, regularly. And the bachelor’s WhatsApp group is still there for sure!”

And between you and Maureen? You guys were able to talk about everything in Mexico, right?
“Yeah, the morning after the final. That same night, the production told us we didn’t want to see each other. I immediately went to a hotel with Thomas, while Maureen was having a drink with the crew. I really wanted to say hi to her and the crew because I had hooked up them too, but I couldn’t. I almost cried before getting in the car, and of course I was very happy to be going to a hotel with Thomas.

Since then, you and Thomas have had to keep everything secret. Did that stress your relationship?
This didn’t necessarily give you any pressure, but you are constantly. You have to pay attention to everything. But it also ensures that your connection should be very good. We had to discuss everything with each other, because you can’t talk about it with anyone else.

Who knew you were still together?
My good friend Brett and my dad and roommates also found out at some point because I was so far away. On top of that, we kept our mouths shut, also against the De Bachelor girls. They found out who was in the final via WhatsApp group by all numbers. They knew, of course, that there would be a rose party every two days, and then they followed up on when the messages reached everyone, that is, when the phones were restarted. Pretty smart, but Maureen and I still try hard not to say anything.

And you never lost your mind?
– No, not once. weird huh? At one point friends sent something about that I could have been arrested because I would have Thomas’ name with a heart in my phone and we would have an affair, but that wasn’t true at all. Thomas was like James in my phone. Then I said, first, I wouldn’t be that stupid, and second, we’re not in a relationship at all. I wasn’t lying either, because we don’t have a relationship.

‘number. We’re dating exclusively, of course, but we’ve only been together for a long time. First in Mexico, then secretly in Holland. This cannot be compared to real life, which is why we decided to build it slowly. He has not met my family yet, so I want to do it well and with pleasure and not in a hurry. My friends insist on having a meeting, so he has to prepare for it.

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Thomas also told this in &C’s “Oh oh libido”, that he finds it hard to go a hundred percent for someone right away. So do you have this too?
‘very. Anyway, I don’t let people in easily, probably because I lost my mother at a young age. You are more eager to enter into relationships. Before that, I had not been in a serious relationship for nearly seven years. Now when I go with someone I want to be sure. You can never be completely sure, but the most important thing is to continue to choose each other consciously. We are on the right track.’

The interview with Chantal Janzen and Thomas van der Vlugt can be found in the June issue of A&C’s “Oh oh libido,” which is now available in stores. You can also order this number here.

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