Finally here Van Rosems with Cees Van Rossem

Tonight is the last episode of Here is Van Rosems to see. The episode, which was taped this spring, will actually only be shown next year, but due to Sis van Rossem’s sudden death, the episode has been moved to the front as a tribute to the art historian. Here is Van Rosems In Zierikzee you can watch NPO2 on Saturday evening at 8.40 pm. Below you can read TV tips from for Saturday, May 28. tells you every day the best that the next evening of TV can offer.

action movie: Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol



The International Monetary Fund, with which secret agent Ethan Hunt works, is suspected of involvement in a terrorist attack on the Russian Kremlin. The organization is suspended as a result, but Hunt refuses to accept it and does everything in his power to clear the name of the IMF. In their search for the real culprit, Hunt and his team uncover a world-shattering plot. Their task is now much more difficult, if not impossible.

new: Dominoes Challenge


8:01 pm

Tonight goes a new game show Dominoes Challenge Starts from RTL 4. Continue from LEGO Masters Robin Nikolai again gives a show about small stones. The best domino makers in the Netherlands compete against each other in a nerve-wracking competition. The teams are made up of duos, they try to create the most amazing, creative, exciting and creative buildings with famous stones. The construction teams are given no less than two million dominoes, with which they make dazzling – but shaken – creations. They try to keep their structures upright during the construction phase with a steady hand, precision and restraint. But in the super moment, the intention, of course, is for all the stones to fall. World-renowned American domino artist Lily Hevish – nicknamed “The Dominoes Queen” – serves as an arbitrator in this exciting game show. Which one knows how to make the most impression with their picturesque buildings?

beginning: Sophie Cross

m h 3

8:21 pm

French crime/thriller series Sophie Cross It can be watched on NPO 3 for three Saturdays with a feature film-length episode. In the series we follow brilliant lawyer Sophie Cross, who suddenly ends up in a nightmare. Sophie Cross and her five-year-old son, Arthur Leclerc, are having a wonderful sunny summer day in their lakeside home. When Sophie loses attention for a moment, her son suddenly disappears without a trace. Out of sheer desperation, Sophie decided to give up her career as a lawyer. Her profession has shifted to the police, where her husband Thomas also works. In her first case, after the collision, a body was found in the back of a well-known dealer’s car. Sophie tries to earn her place in the team and dives into the case.

key lock: Here is Van Rosems

m h 2

8:40 pm

Tonight is the last episode of Here is Van Rosems It can be seen on NPO 2. It remains to be seen if the program will return, because Sis recently passed away at the age of 77. In this last episode, Van Rossems visits Zierikzee. In April 2022, Martin, Sis, and Vincent visited Zirkzee. Due to Sis’s death, this turns out to be the last time Van Rossems went out together. Zierikzee may not be big, but Zeeland has an impressive number of monumental places and buildings. And a rich history in which water plays a major role. Van Rossems shed light on this history while exploring Zierikzee in their own way. Among other things, they visit the City Hall Museum, get a closer look at the famous Dikke Toren, and of course they cannot ignore the Zeeland Bridge. In nearby Ouwerkerk they visit the Museum of the Deluge.

He lives: Liverpool – Real Madrid (UEFA Champions League Final)


8:53 PM

The biggest club match in the world on tonight’s program: Liverpool – Real Madrid, in the Champions League final at the Stade de France in Paris. The game can be watched live at 9pm on RTL 7 and Ziggo Sport. Liverpool are having a very strong Champions League season. The English won all their group matches and then dealt with Inter Milan, Benfica and Villarreal in the knockout stage. There was one loss (1-0, against Inter) and one draw (3-3 against Benfica). The Real Madrid series is a little more difficult. Admittedly, the record champion lost only one game in the group stage, but he faced strong opponents: Paris Saint-Germain, Chelsea and Manchester City. The duels against City were particularly spectacular (4-3 and 1-3). Despite the defeats, Real Madrid always managed to reach the next round – and eventually the final.

Movie drama: Billy Elliot


9:20 pm

Drama by Stephen Daldry.

behind: I’m leaving – away for a while

MB 1

10:29 PM

Tonight begins a new series of I’m leaving: away for a whileIt is the program in which married couples go out I’m leaving Visit each other to fully relax – and maybe even get new ideas. With in the first episode: Adgee, Richard, Margot and Mark. Ten years ago, Margo and Mark left for Slovakia, where they wanted to start a nude camp. They did not have time to think about whether this was still their dream – until their visit to Adje and Richard in Spain. They enjoy the warmth and hospitality of eccentric gentlemen and the new environment makes them think. On the contrary, Aadje and Richard are waiting for a completely different experience. They are real luxury cats, but now they have to deal with a simple camp stay. This is especially difficult in the fall. Despite the differences between the couples, they find each other in their love for animals, old things and lack of loved ones.

Classic albums: Swedish – Coming

m h 3

11:02 PM

In the Netherlands, the Britpop Suede are outnumbered by contemporaries such as Oasis and Blur, but in Great Britain they are almost as prestige as those other bands. In a new episode of classic albums It will be their record coming to examine. Suede’s breakthrough came in 1993 with her eponymous debut album, which spawned the singles “The Drowners”, “Metal Mickey”, “Animal Nitrate” and “So Young”. Also the second album dog man star (1994), it was a huge success. Next, it appeared that guitarist Bernard Butler was signing off on the group’s execution order by leaving the band. Two years later, Suede exited the studio with renewed energy and the album coming, which has spawned no fewer than five Top 10 singles (including “Trash”, “Beautiful Ones” and “Saturday Night”). Archive footage and interviews show how Suede reinvented herself and how the album came to be. A story full of doubt, self-confidence, instinct and eventual rebirth.

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