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The holidays are just around the corner, and for some, the holidays are already in full swing. I can now go out with a lot of fun outings during the holidays. Nice and comfortable on the road with kids. To a museum, to an amusement park, to a show. Everything looks great and most of the time it’s great. But I won’t beat around the bush, kids (and parents) often make drama during these fun outings. Why do you wonder? To this day I still don’t know why, but it does.

Here are 14 types of dramas while outing and traveling with kids.

1. I have to piss the drama now.
If you are near the toilet, there is no need. But when they are not near the toilet, children always have to pee. You’re almost at the front of the line at the cash register: “Mom, I have to pee now.” Are you sitting in the car after too much fuss: “Mom I have to pee.” Are you about to miss your flight: ‘Mom I have to pee. Oh, and I have to defecate too!’.

2. It really is a drama.
About fifteen minutes after departure, the children are forced to wonder if we are about to arrive. They just need to know. After hearing the question 300 times, you can’t help but ask yourself, “Are we close to getting there?”

3. Drama I’m Hungry.
Children think mom is a candy machine or a wall of croquettes during a day out. The moment they get hungry, they think they can get something out of it. But the moment you offer them something to eat, so be it. Well, then the kids get hungry. Hungry children are a bit like demonic exorcisms. Not very beautiful.

4. I don’t want my clothes on the drama.
In the morning, your child had to get dressed by himself. But once things on the road don’t go well, it’s too hot and everything has to be turned off. When you leave the discussion and think, “Okay, but you’re dragging it yourself,” the real drama begins.

5. The drama I want next to my mom.
Three children and two hands. What a drama!

6. We make family dramas.
Try to make all your children smile and look at the camera in the picture. When I finally succeeded, my mother angrily looked the other way. It can’t be done.

7. Batteries in the drama.
This is a road drama. When you still have an hour to go before you reach your destination and the iPad battery only lasts another fifteen minutes. This is a parenting drama. Don’t make the mistake of starting the song “We’re Almost Done” at that moment. I repeat, no!

8. The candy got more drama.
Go back and adjust all the stitching at home meticulously. This prevents more or less great drama about the dessert.

I just spent a divine power on the entrance to enter. Once inside, this was not quite what the kids expected. Looking at historical dinosaur bones was not their intention, they expected to see real dinosaurs. You will also miss the historical dinosaur bones completely, all you will see is a child having a nervous breakdown.

10. I won’t eat that drama.
Suddenly they can appreciate my mother’s cooking when they see the delicacies of another country. Thus, the question of whether you can take over the kitchen for a while is not surprising in the eyes of the children. But when you come up with the answer “Mother doesn’t cook during the holidays,” the drama begins.

11. Drama I can’t sleep here.
Since I can even take a nap in the toilet, I don’t understand why children make such a fuss about sleeping in a different bed. Bed of course! No, you don’t have to sleep on a straw or a sidewalk. bed! You get a bed. Don’t make such drama out of it and go to sleep.

12. We’re through a car games drama.
Autobingo is full. Square eyes really do bring nursery rhymes out of your nose. And we haven’t gotten there yet. Let the drama begin.

13. The weather forecast is tragic bad.
Well, this drama may not be too big for kids. But for the mother, on the other hand, yes. Depression occurs when you see a cloud of rain appear on the weather app in the coming days.

14. Buy a souvenir play.
Kids always want to buy a souvenir. Or that I just buy my disease, that is also possible. After all, it takes longer to buy souvenirs than the day itself. And you guessed it, when a little time pressure is applied, the drama begins.

And despite all the drama, there’s nothing more fun than spending the holidays with the loved ones in your life.

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