These are the 21 victims of the shooting at an American elementary school

Teachers Irma Garcia and Eva Meirelles

Two teachers were killed in the shooting. Irma Garcia and Eva Meirelles studied fourth grade together for five years.

Irma Garcia has stood in front of the class for 23 years. Her cousin said she was shot and killed in class while protecting her students. Her husband died yesterday of a heart attack, “he died of grief”, according to his relatives. The couple left behind four children. The youngest is 13 years old, the oldest is 23 years old.

Her teacher, Eva Meirelles, has taught the class for seventeen years. her daughter He writes on social media That her mother jumped in front of her students to protect them. Meirelles leaves behind a husband and daughter.

3 – Alexandria Anyah Rubio (10)

Her mother wrote on Facebook that, just hours after Alexandria was awarded the honor roll, she was killed in the shooting. She spoke to her daughter after she got her degree. “We told her we loved her and that we were going to pick her up after school. We didn’t know it was going to be goodbye.”

4 – Alicia Ramirez (10)

Her 10th birthday balloons are still hanging in the Ramirez family’s living room. “Her family wants the world to know that Alethia was a beautiful, talented and happy girl,” she said. Democratic Governor Candidate Know who visited the family. “They don’t want this to happen to any other child.”

5 – Amiri Joe Garza (10)

Amiri Jo was shot while calling 911 in an attempt to help her classmates, her grandmother told The Daily Beast. According to the grandmother, the shooter told the children that they were going to die, after which Amiri picked up her phone to call the police. “Instead of taking the phone, he shot her.” Amiri sat next to her best friend, who was covered in blood. Al-Amriya received a certificate earlier in the day for her work on the honor roll.

6 – Annabel Guadalupe Rodriguez (10)

Annabelle’s family says she was killed in the shooting. “My little sister did not survive,” Annabelle’s sister wrote on Facebook. “Why?” she asks. “These kids don’t deserve this. They were all looking forward to their summer vacation.”

7 – Eliana Cruz Torres (10)

Elihana’s grandfather told ABC News that his granddaughter was killed in the shooting. Her aunt said Elihanna was playing softball, and would play on shooting day. “She was very excited about it.”

8 – Eliana Garcia (10)

10-year-old Iliahna was also killed in the shooting, her family said. Her grandparents told the Los Angeles Times they still couldn’t believe it. The 10-year-old was a fan of the movie Encanto and dreamed of becoming a teacher when she grew up.

9 – Jacqueline Casares (10)

Jacqueline Cazares’ father said, “You have robbed my daughter of a cowardly life, young, so innocent, full of life and love.” “This painful.” He told The Associated Press that Jacqueline was injured in her classroom.

10 – Gelah Nicole Silgero (11)

Veronica Loivanos’ daughter, Gelah, did not want to go to school Tuesday. And her mother told the local Ksat channel that it was not okay. Still go. Galya did not return home.

11 – Jesse Carmelo Liofanos (10)

Jayce was Gillah’s nephew. “They were always smiling and just enjoying life,” their relatives told ABC News. “I just can’t believe this happened to our little angels.”

12. Jose Flores, Jr. (10)

Jose’s uncle shares his heartbreak on Facebook. His family misses him dearly, he writes with several pictures of his 10-year-old nephew. “I can’t believe you’re gone.” Jose’s father describes him as a wonderful child and brother. He loved softball and video games.

13. Leila Salazar (10)

Laila’s father writes with a picture holding two tapes: “Our grief, our grief.” She won the run. Leila’s father told the Associated Press news agency that Leila was so fast that she won six matches during Sports Day.

14. Mighty Juliana Rodriguez

“The death of my beautiful daughter has touched me deeply,” Mighty’s mother wrote on Facebook. “I love you.” Mighty loved the green and was very competitive in the gym class. She loved animals and wanted to be a marine biologist when she grew up.

15. McKenna Lee Elrod (10)

10-year-old McKenna was also killed in the shooting, her aunt told ABC News. “Words can’t contain the pain my family is feeling right now. She was beautiful, funny and smart.” McKenna loves softball, gymnastics, dancing, singing, and fidget games.

16 – Miranda Matisse (11)

11-year-old Miranda was killed in the shooting, her niece said on Facebook. She captioned Miranda’s photo, “Dear niece, we love you so much.”

17 – Neve Bravo (10)

10-year-old Neve Bravo is also missing. A woman holds her picture during the vigil of mass shooting victims. wrote “I can’t believe it” Neve’s niece on social media. “You don’t deserve this.”

18 – Rogelio Torres (10)

“Our whole family waited ten hours before we got the news of Rogelio’s death,” said one aunt. “We are sad and broken. Roger was a smart, hardworking and helpful boy. We will miss him and he will never be forgotten.”

19. Tess Mata (10)

“Sister, I miss you,” sister Tess wrote on Facebook. “I have no words, only sadness.” Her sister told the Washington Post that 10-year-old Tess was saving a trip to Disney World with her family. “We wanted to go next year.”

20 – Aziya Garcia (9)

Her schoolmate Aziya Garcia loved video games and soccer. His grandfather tells the New York Times about how incredibly sad the family is. “He was a very special boy. I am deeply saddened. I don’t sleep, I don’t eat. When the authorities brought the bad news, all we could do was cry.”

21 – Xavier Lopez (10)

Xavier Lopez was also killed. He wasn’t in school, but after a year-end party he stayed where he was with his mom watching a movie and eating popcorn with another family with his fourth graders.

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