Pebbles’ friend Colin Strickland, suspected in a bizarre murder case

Pebbles friend Colin Strickland is a suspect in a bizarre murder case

Friday, May 27, 2022 at 2:54 pm

The gravel world has been rocked by a murder case. On May 11, Anna Moriah Wilson was shot and killed in Austin, Texas. The 25-year-old American was a rising star in the off-road world. Last year she placed ninth in the Unbound Gravel, this year winning major competitions such as the Sea Otter and the Belgian Waffle Ride. It seems that jealousy of love is the reason behind her murder.

US media – including CNN – reported that based on police reports and written testimonies that the US Marshall is chasing fugitive Caitlin Armstrong (34). She was a couple from 2018 to October 2021 with 35-year-old Colin Strickland, one of the big names in the men’s clay arena. The American won Dirty Kanza in 2019, known today as the Unbound Gravel. This is the biggest and most important competition in this field; Strickland then received a contract offer from EF Education First. Last year, Ian Boswell won after a sprint with Laurens ten Dam.

Which leads to tragedy
Strickland himself is not currently a suspect in the case, but he is a party involved. Just before he and Armstrong broke up, Strickland had a romantic affair mo Wilson, as she was affectionately known in the clay court scene. Earlier this year, Strickland and Armstrong were said to have met. However, Pebbly Usher also kept in touch with Wilson in the same period, who he had on his phone in consultation with the murdered victim under a different name and who deleted her messages as a precaution.

Strickland and Wilson were in Austin during the second week of May to prepare for the Gravel Locos game, one of the major clay court games on May 13. According to police reports, the two went swimming on the afternoon of May 11, after which they ate dinner together in the evening. Then Strickland dropped the little pebbles star on a friend in Austin, who had a unique code to unlock the door. According to the police, it was used at 8.36 pm local time, and according to his own account, the ten-year-old American did not get in with her.

According to Strickland and Wilson’s family, both are no longer romantically linked to each other. Strickland stated that he still had a platonic and professional relationship with Wilson. After Strickland and Armstrong have been back together since early 2022, the latter called Wilson several times. According to a friend of the victim, Armstrong once stated that Wilson should “stay away” from Strickland.

Colin Strickland is a RedBull athlete – Photo: RedBull Content Pool

Details of the murder
Security cameras would have confirmed the Strickland story. According to police reports, this shows that Strickland is actually getting off Wilson and then driving away. One minute after Wilson enters a friend’s house, a car appears on security cameras that match the type of car Caitlin Armstrong owns. The car stops at the house where Wilson is currently staying. Wilson’s friend himself came home late and found her shot in the house. He alerted the emergency services immediately, but to no avail. Wilson died instantly.

Soon Armstrong – a real estate agent and yoga teacher by profession – appeared and was arrested. However, this was done on an illegal basis and so Armstrong was free to go. I did it the moment the police confronted me with the security cameras. After Strickland’s voice was also heard, Armstrong – who also lived with him again – was identified as the prime suspect. However, she has been on the run since her release. The last contact between Strickland and Armstrong was on May 13. Since then, there has been no trace of her and the police are calling witnesses to inform them of her whereabouts.

Strickland told police that he bought a handgun for Armstrong between December and January. With a search warrant, the police managed to confiscate the gun. The murder weapon used to kill Wilson shows “great potential” after ballistic checks with the firearm seized after Strickland’s statement. Casings were found next to Wilson’s body that closely resembled the bullets emitted by an Armstrong firearm.

Strickland Statement
Strickland was a favorite of Gravel Locos and also Unbound Gravel next month. in statement He commented on this bizarre murder case: “There is no way to adequately express the regret and torture I feel for being so close to this horrific crime. I’m sorry, I just can’t fathom the unfathomable tragedy. Although it would be little comfort to both cares about him mo I want to understand that I have cooperated fully with the investigators since I learned the terrible news, and will continue to do so until some form of justice is served.

To illustrate the previously reported facts, Moriah Wilson and I had a brief romantic relationship from late October to early November 2021, which lasted about a week while Wilson was visiting Austin. At that time, the relations between me and her had recently come to an end. She returned home in California and about a month later, Caitlin Armstrong and I reconciled and resumed our relationship. Since then I’ve been watching Moe at cycling events, always in public. We have both competed in competitions in Bentonville, Arkansas, Stillwater and Monterey California. We also met on a four hour training trip in Santa Cruz after the Sea Otter Classic in Monterey.

After our brief relationship in October 2021, we didn’t have a romantic relationship, only a platonic and professional relationship. It was not my intention to continue an extra emotional affair that would mislead anyone. Moriah and I have been pioneers in this secluded sport of cycling, and I really liked her and considered her a good friend. I am deeply saddened by her loss.”

The Wilson family also responded to her death in a statement. VeloNews She published another interview with.. on the morning of her death mo Wilson. It can be read here.

Strickland after the Rio Grande Gravel in Marfa, Texas, four days before the murder – Photo: RedBull Content Pool

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