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Leopold van Asten is a busy owner these days at Karpendonkse Plas. As a member of the CSI Eindhoven Board of Directors, he has a lot of trouble on his mind. Every now and then, he should also jump every now and then.

For me, it is different from the rest of the competitions. There is a lot that needs to be done from an organizational point of view. When I have to ride, I can lock myself in well enough for it,” says Van Astein, 45, right after he missed a Henders & Hazel prix jump with the VDL Groep Nino Du Roton. The combination from Duizel was killer in the first part of the Triple jump.”Unfortunately, that’s one bar. I turned inside the three forks because of the allotted time. On takeoff he choked on the first jump. This is also a lack of experience. He only jumped the 1.50m course here for the second time.”


In my opinion, this is really a horse for the future

Leopold de Astin (45)

In thirteenth place, he just took the last cash prize, 150 euros. The grand prize of 6,375 euros is the prey for Italian Giampiero Garofalo after a thrilling jump with five participants. The only Dutchman in that group, Jens van Grunsven of Erb, came third behind American Michael Hughes.

party, party

CSI Eindhoven is back at Karpendonkse Plas after two years of being lost. The 50th edition at this location is also a party for board member Leopold van Astein, patronized by Wim van der Ligte, who is also the owner of the horses that van Astein rides and the main sponsor of the event. At your own party, you have to give something to someone else. “I actually participated in order to get a spot in the jump, but overall I’m satisfied,” says Van Astein. ,, This level is hard for a 9-year-old, but he really does it very easily. In my opinion, this is really a horse for the future.”

Jens van Grunsven keeps the Dutch honor high in the Henders & Hazel Prix vault. © Case Martins / DCI Media

This Elegant Hero home game you’ll have to do this for him. Earlier on ascent day, the group improved in the next level sprint (up to 1.40m, immediately on time) with a clear run. Big action will follow on Sunday at the VDL Groep Grand Prix. The full Dutch vaulting summit did not settle in Eindhoven. Five members of TeamNL must pass a aptitude test in Rome for Jos Lansink, who will make his debut as the national coach of Team Orange in the Italian capital. Harry Smulders preferred the five-star competition in Hamburg.

Not fit from NK

Van Astein was also on Roma’s provisional list. ,, But it coincided with PSV, so that wouldn’t be it.” Plan B was Sankt Gallen next week, but because Elegant Hero wasn’t fit from the Dutch championship, Van Asten had to adjust the programme. ,, Takes things easy with the champ. Last week he rode Bilbergen, finishing second in the Grand Prix. Now here in Eindhoven. From here we will make a follow-up plan. It’s not in the tempo enough for Sankt Gallen.”


Everything must be perfect, because we are a country with a very broad top

Leopold of Astin

Van Astein was an Olympic participant in Athens 2004, where he finished fourth with the national team. “Yes, that was a long time ago.” Eighteen years later, he’s still waiting for an Olympic rematch. He became a Dutch champion three times, a different miser. “It was something every time. You’re dealing with a living being. With Zidane, you’ve been involved very well, but sometimes when it comes to that, sometimes it’s not. He’s a cent on his side. Everything must be perfect, Because we are a country with a very broad top. You have to be from a good family if you want to be among those four in Holland. Then not much can go wrong along the way.”

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