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I was away for a while, that meant I drove to Schiphol on Monday afternoon, and parked, because it’s my priority, the security wait was much shorter than the big crowd, also solo through customs then relax before my flight to get on time to get to London . On time, because I was scheduled to speak via Zoom at 7:30 p.m. GB to discuss religious law versus land law. My flight was canceled shortly before departure. A later trip means that I will not be able to participate in the debate in which the parliamentarians will participate. And so I decided to postpone my flight until early Tuesday until insane, then first pass through customs and then go home. In short: the whole afternoon is wasted! I don’t know what that was helpful. But yes, in essence, we understand very little of our earthly existence, but sometimes you can put something down. So who knows, I thought. The zoom meeting was a success. What do I do if Dutch law conflicts with religion, in my case with halaga, Jewish law. Tuesday and Wednesday, until today, the conference in London. It was the Dianem Conference. Dayan is a rabbi, to explain the difference with an ordinary rabbi as very popular in the language of Jeep and Janick, comparable to the professor who is a chamber scholar and theorist, and thus is consulted by field workers on some complex matters. . issues. Well, I don’t consider myself a Dayan, but an ordinary (field) rabbi. And so, you ask, what was Jacobs doing among those seventy-plus European dynamites? And the answer was: 1 / Additional training, 2 / Introduction 3 / I am one of the directors of RCE, the Rabbinical Center for Europe, the organizer of the conference. Topics such as rabbinic secrecy, determining whether or not someone is Jewish and also complex issues such as surrogacy. The latter topic is not discussed in connection with the question of whether or not Jewish law permits this, but on the question of what the Halagic consequences are in relation, for example, to inheritance or in relation to whether the child was brought up in the womb of a non-Jewish woman, whether she was a Jew or no. This in turn is related to the question of whether surrogacy should be seen as a kind of second mother from whom the child also receives a lot, or do we see surrogacy as a kind of custodian?

Incidentally, the issue of the law of the land in conflict with the halaja was raised, emphasizing how careful we should be from the halaja in order to respect the law of the country. Four rabbis from Israel, members of the Israeli rabbinate, arrived several hours late because they had been extensively vetted at London Heathrow. The reason: A few hours before they left Israel, two Jewish girls were arrested in Ben Gurion with drugs. The girls were on their way to London and took some parcels for a fee… So the travelers from Israel were further checked! So it is clear that listening to the law of the country goes beyond just criminals.

Today I’m going to The Hague where I can contribute to Lerndag and tomorrow, Friday, to a Veenendaal Church Day lecture at CVK.

On the return trip, a young man approached me and indicated that for the trip abroad we were together on the plane, and then the question arose whether I had taken part in the program “Considering the Soul of the Clergy”. Therefore, he acknowledged me and indicated that he greatly values ​​my contribution. Even though the broadcast had already taken place over four years ago, the Six Broadcasts still remained on his mind. I was somewhat pleased that I was recognized and surprised at how much impact such a broadcast had. It was true that he had a special reason to watch the broadcast at the time, so I was less proud. The priest who also participated in the broadcast was the Reverend. And so the question arose about my opinion of the pastor’s contribution. the answer? brilliant! He was open and honest, and he didn’t succumb to secularization, being yourself (but of course keep in mind the laws of the state, unless…because it’s not completely black and white).

This is a personal diary of the Chief Rabbi and is not the responsibility of the editors.

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