Here’s the good news for this week: There’s music on an old trawler at Zoutkamp and on the new ferry service to Norway

It is said that good news is not news. Well, we think so! Read here the weekly overview of the sweetest, cutest, hopeful and funny news from Groningen and Drenthe.

There is music in the ST5 fishing vessel from Zoutkamp

The S10 went to the Eurovision Song Contest and took 11th place in Turin. From Zoutkamp, ​​the ST5 will be taking to the water this summer and that’s not half the S10. The ST5 is a 1935 fishing vessel that was rescued from destruction by Jeroen and Hanneke Hinteman.

The ship is used for day trips over a valley. In the Musical Intercession by Daniel Lohos, the ship will be used as a sailing stage for the second year. This is great for artists from Groningen, because they can perform their songs on board. Edwin Jongedijk (June 11), Alex Vissering (June 18), Harry Niehof (July 2,), Ylvalie Dik and Chiron Schut (July 8) will sail aboard the Lauwersmeer.

Bertolf Lintink, Rick Trivers and Tangeren signed the contract later this summer. This is great for musicians and music lovers. And how cool it would be – if only the sticker – if the S10 (half speed forward) also appeared on the surface of the ST5.

And for the few who hate music, it’s beautiful, too. He thinks, “Just let them get out into the water with that noise.” Well, noise… And besides, the sound above the water is transmitted far

The dried flowers are back again and APCO and the students in Bovensmilled are reaping the benefits

As an agricultural entrepreneur, you must have confidence and belief in your products. And you just have to rely on the elements. Spring that is too dry or too cold is not good. A very humid spring, not a very dry summer, not a humid summer either. He listens closely in gardening and farming. And then you just have to wait and see if there is a market for your products.

For example, grower Abko Bruggenkamp of Bovensmilde was saddened to discover that the client had had little appetite for dried flowers for several years. And let this farmer specialize in just that. He never moved the beacons. Keep believing in his product.

with reason. Satisfied, he concluded that the dried flowers were back on the hip again. This is good news for students. Because of the demand, they can start working a part-time or vacation job in the near future. And what kind of work. You can perform it lying down. the outside. In a weed bed. with a D and not a T! Dried flowers, dream job

Judo champion Kim Bolling of Zevenhuizen defeats motherhood

Four-time European judo champion Kim Bowling of Zevenhuizen has won a new title. And she didn’t even have to go on judo for that. She became Aurora’s mother. Mother and daughter are doing well, old clichés say. And Father Andrea Regis, too.

Motherhood is not the end of Bowling’s judo career. This year, the qualification process for the 2024 Olympic Games will begin in Paris. Don’t leave Aurora to its own devices. Father Andrea is there for her. Behind every strong woman… Indeed, standing strong man

Eemshaven – Norway Ferry Service Books 100,000 Passengers

You sometimes hear the skeptics of the North gloating: It was nothing, it was nothing and it would never work. Pessimists mainly talk about economic developments in a beautiful region that some call “disadvantaged” or worse. Pessimists are not always right. At the beginning of April, shipping company Holland Norway Lines opened a ferry service between Eemshaven and Kristiansand in Norway. A 14-hour return ticket including the car costs €250. Too expensive, the bad part of the nation grumbled at once.

Barely two months later, the shipping company proudly announces that the 100,000th booking has been received. It must be said, the first cruises can already be booked in November. Thus, the number of reservations is already good for a turnover of 25 million euros. Who said all beginnings are hard? But leaving well is only half the battle. Staying on the right track is all it is in the end. Nothing becomes nothing? Error. It is already a lot and it will be more

Photographer Dennis of Sappemeer prevents a disaster in Berlin

Dennis Venema of Sappemeer is a photojournalist. Specializes in recording accidents, fires and similar disasters. But this photographer also goes on vacation every now and then. But until then he remains a photojournalist with a nose for news and… for fire.

Monday evening, he wanted to enjoy the view from his hotel room and the look outside. There he saw a kind of orange glow that did not match the sunset sky. Vinma recognized this glow acutely. A house on the tenth floor of an adjacent tower caught fire.

The flames developed quickly, but Veenma’s reaction was just as fast. He called 112, after which the fire brigade came with all its might to fight the flames. According to the Berliner Zeitung newspaper, 75 firefighters battled the blaze.

The occupant of the building was able to reach safety in time. The apartment was saved from disaster. And the gun? He was taking pictures of the fire all evening and all night. A day later, he continued his vacation with wide eyes

Eemshaven gives Amsterdam a choice with cable factory

And who said again that the North is nothing and cannot become nothing? Eemshaven overtook the capital city of Amsterdam this week by acquiring a cable factory belonging to TKH Group. The plant manufactures electrical cables that connect offshore windmills. The activity will eventually create 150 jobs.

The plant manufactures electrical cables that connect offshore windmills. So if you turn on the light at home or charge your mobile phone in the future, remember that this is possible thanks to cables from Eemshaven. Sportively: Emshavn 1 – Amsterdam 0

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