Els feels comfortable at home with farmer Cyriel after three weeks: ‘Great content, even though I miss my mom’

In a reckless mood, 22-year-old Els Balloy recorded in “Boer looking woman.” An adventure that led her to a beautiful love story. I got to know her humble farmer Cyril Capwin (27) from Velettarine mainly from behind the scenes and there was an instant flick. Meanwhile, the couple have been living together at Cyriel’s farm in Vleteren for about 3 weeks.

‘Does it bother me to make rice with milk during the interview,’ asks Els. So it has its own rules. The 22-year-old moved 3 weeks ago from Haasdonk (East Flanders) to Vleteren (West Flanders) to move to Cyriel.

Their love story officially began in October 2021, which is the last day of Farmer Seeks Wife. “Cyril and I actually met at a party my cousin had. I grew up in Antwerp in Stade. About 8 years ago we went with the family to Hasdonk, a real farming village. You can compare it a little to Westvleteren, but it’s a little more lively there.”

“My dad is from Westhoek, so a lot of my family lives here. My niece and husband are acquaintances of Cyril. During that short conversation I felt a click, but our connection didn’t go further. “

“I didn’t think Cyriel would have been open about the daughter of an unorthodox farmer in West Flemish. I also lived in Hasdunk. Distance alone wouldn’t have been possible,” says Els, who has studied communications management.

rash decision

Her niece sent Cyriel’s participation video of “Farmer looking wife” and that’s how the ball started to roll. “I thought it was strange that he was involved, but I thought his announcement of the movie was very successful. Then his parents also appeared in the picture and it was clear to me that he came from a warm nest. †

“For me, good contact with your family is very important, because I also have it. I also knew who Cyriel was and that’s why I thought of a post. I submitted my registration at “Boer zkt Vrouw” on the last day. It was actually a hasty decision, but what Should I lose him?”

The click between Cyriel and Els was instant, but was it love at first sight? “Not quite, but I was curious as to who Cyriel was. Having a 24-hour date at the start of our adventure might have given me a head start.”

“This way I was able to find out for myself if Cyril was something to me, but I basically got to know him behind the scenes. In the end, two other women always stay in the picture and then it’s not easy to get to know someone,” says Els.

countryside life

Cyriel eventually chose Els and obviously all is well. Three weeks ago, Els moved in with Cyril on the dairy farm. “I’m glad we’re moving in together soon, because you can’t stay wander around We also noticed that there were sometimes misunderstandings because we saw each other so little. I knew he couldn’t move his farm, so I had to move.”

It clicks fine between Els and Cyriel. © VTM

“It’s a big step for me. It’s my first time living with someone, changing my job and it’s also very far from my mum. I’m the daughter of a mum, and the youngest of 5 kids. My mum is also one of my best friends. Because of Corona we are very close From each other. We often went for a walk together and also worked in the same bakery.”

“Now we live 130 kilometers away. About a 1.15 hour drive. It adapts. Lots of big steps at once, but I haven’t regretted it yet,” says Els.

“I’ve really taken care of the house a bit. It was obvious a guy lived here alone. Some picture frames, candles, and flowers were added. I gave it my own touch and that’s how I feel at home.”

New love, new home, new job. “I used to work in a bakery and on my day off I was helping out at the farm on my street. Now I work at Warlop bakery in Poperinge, which is my cousin’s bakery. Clients come to me regularly or recognize me from somewhere. I’m really that lady from Boyer looking for a woman, But I’m basically Els.”

“In addition to my job in the bakery, I help Cyril regularly on the farm. I’ll soon take my farming course B during the evening classes. Farm life is a separate life. As a partner you have to go along with that, I guess. Immediately, but I want to learn and help.”

I wish for children

A normal life, out of sight of the cameras, is currently being planned for Cyriel and Els. “We’d probably always be the ‘Boer looking woman’ couple, but I don’t mind that either. We wouldn’t be a couple without the programme.”

Above all, we now want to build a normal, normal life together and stay healthy. Later, children are also preferred,” says Els.

“I am very happy with Cyriel. I have a wide vision of life and Cyril is sometimes calmer. I try to broaden his view. He takes me on a journey and teaches me many new things. I leave everything at home, but Cyril takes good care of me. “

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