All Westland Bikes – 6 June 2022

Westland – It will finally happen again!!! After a two-year absence, the Westland cycling tour can once again be held on White Monday.

3 bike tours are organized for the whole family. This day is organized by Westland Helpt Afrika with the aim of raising funds for projects in Africa led by Westlanders. This year, proceeds from this day will go to the Girls Empowerment Foundation.

On White Monday, June 6, 2022, the Classic Bike will cycle for the first time, and it truly is a classic that shouldn’t be missing from the cycling calendar. A great and wonderful 100 km trek for sporty cyclists. With a professional start/finish site at Wilhelminaplein in Naaldwijk. It promises to be a true sports spectacle! Along the way, of course, is a “cupcake with an apple tip” and then you can stretch your legs while enjoying a delicious beer on one of the stands at Wilhelminaplein.

In addition to this tour, the Heel Westland Fietst (formerly the Whitsun Cycle Tour) will also be ridden on White Monday. These are two lovely family bike rides through Westland and Middelland of 25 and 45 kilometers for the whole family. There are a number of stops along the way where there is plenty to do for young and old. All tours can start from Wilhelminaplein in Naaldwijk between 9:00 AM and 1:00 PM. It promises to be another beautiful day for all Westland cycling enthusiasts. Westland Cycling Mayor Karen Zwinkels will be in attendance at the start.

Then, stretch your legs on one of Wilhelminaplein’s many terraces, where you can share stories while enjoying fun music, a snack and a drink. This day is organized by Westland Helps Africa, an organization that supports small development initiatives in Africa, often set up by Westlanders. This support is specifically intended to provide financial or other support for education, medical care or shelter in Africa. Each year, Westland Helpt Afrika helps one or more organizations realize a project they have in mind. This year it is the Girls Empowerment Foundation. Today’s earnings will of course fully benefit this foundation.

Girls Empowerment Foundation is a foundation that helps girls (orphans) develop into strong women who can direct their lives. The projects consist of a home (orphanage) where 65 girls are cared for and a primary school where 275 students are currently receiving education. The primary school opened in 2016 and is funded mainly through activities in Westland. Girls Empowerment Foundation can support these projects with actions by WSKO Schools, ISW Hoogeland, annual cycling week in France with Westlanders and by Westlanders and the GEF Kenya trip in 2019. Currently we need money to build additional classrooms for the school where there are not enough classes due to the growth of School and change in the Kenyan school system. How do you register? Anyone can register by sending an email to In this email, include the following information:

• Noun
• E-mail address
• Number of participants (you can also register in a group)
• Number of participants under 12 years old
• Distance: 100 km, 45 km or 25 km A few days before 6 June, participants will receive a gpx file (100 km) or a description of the route including a map (25 and 45 km)

A classic bike (100 km) costs €20 (including coffee and cake)

Heel Westland Fietst (25 and 45 km) costs €10, including a drink and snack on the way, children under 12 years old free of charge, but they must be registered because of the stops and delicacies along the way.

Westland Foundation helps Africa
The Westland Foundation helps Africa support small development initiatives in Africa, mostly set up by Westlanders. The Foundation was established for and by Westlanders on 10 May 2004. The support is specifically intended to provide financial or other support for education, medical care or shelter in Africa. We do this by organizing various activities, raising funds and communicating with sponsors when organizing activities. Every year we try to commit ourselves to other projects. We have already prepared a lot of activities.

Girls Empowerment Foundation The Girls Empowerment Foundation (GEF) is a foundation that aims to help girls in developing countries with education. The foundation was established in 2006. In 2011 an orphanage, Henny’s Children’s Home, was built in Kwale, a community in southeastern Kenya. The first inhabitants of the village were 16 girls (orphans) who had no home, food, clothes, or education. Within a year, the available forty beds filled up with “alone in the world” girls. For this reason, we built a second building with a capacity of 40 beds in 2012 to accommodate more girls (orphans). 65 girls (orphaned) between the ages of 4 and 19 are now receiving permanent care and provided by the Girls Empowerment Foundation with shelter, bed, food, clothing, security and education! 8 albino girls also live in our house (the orphanage), which not only gives us a future but also a lot of extra security, something that the albino girls really need.

Unfortunately, in neighboring Kenya and Tanzania, albinism is still not accepted in society. People with albinism are often neglected, ignored and placed outside of society. There are also parents, fearing that their children or themselves will be harmed, take their children to an orphanage such as Henny’s Children’s Home. Among the 65 girls (orphans), 40 are in primary school and 25 are in secondary education. In addition to a home (orphanage), we were also able to build our Henny’s Academy Elementary School in 2016 with the help of several Westlanders. Henny’s Academy currently has over 275 children, allowing the school to become self-sufficient in the coming years.

Do you want more information?

Westland Helpt Africa Contact: Jacques van Geest Email: Phone: 0612788232



Westland Helpt Afrika has been recognized as an ANBI Foundation for Empowering Girls

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