V Rising: Tips and tricks to help you survive

V . height From developer Stunlock Studios is a brand new survival and crafting game where you are a vampire. As you know from other games like this, there are countless different systems in V Rising that you have to master eventually.

To help you on your way, we have some Helpful tips and tricks for you in this guide. New players in particular will take advantage of this page to help them find their way to V Rising. There are many things to explore, fight enemies, craft weapons and equipment, discover technology, kill bosses and much more.

Choose the right type of server for you

When you start with V Rising, the first thing you need to do is choose the server type. The servers are divided into PvE and PvP. On PvE servers, it is not possible to attack other players and break or steal their property.

When playing on a PvP server, you can attack other players and also attack their castles at certain times of the day.

Besides these two possibilities, there are other types of servers. Instead, this changes the balance of the game, such as how much gear you lose when you die, when you can attack castles, how many resources you find, etc.

If you just want to learn how to play, we recommend playing exclusively on PvE servers first. If you are more experienced and looking for bigger challenges, you can switch to PvP servers later. Simply search the server list to find the right type for you. If you don’t find one, you can also start your own server and modify the rules to your liking.

At first, limit your best to PvE.

Watch out for sunlight

A form of death that can be avoided in V Rising is sunlight. Sunlight kills vampires, this is a well-known fact. When the day comes, you should be in the shade as much as possible. But V Rising is amazingly detailed in this area. As in real life, the sun moves during the day, and so do the shadows. So you should think carefully about when and how to take a break.

If you are exposed to the sun, you will have very little time for your character to suffer serious damage. There are some warning signs that let you know how close you are to harm:

  1. You will see an orange effect with sparks on your character.
  2. A beam of sunlight appears and points from the sky at your character.
  3. The screen gets brighter with time.
  4. The sound effects are triggered and rise with time.

If you see any of these warning signs, move to the shade ASAP.

Stay out of sunlight.

Find a suitable place for your castle

In V Rising, you can build your own castle to store your belongings and craft items. However, a fortress could not be built anywhere. You must first place the heart of the castle and claim a territory with it.

Depending on the server rules, you will have Castle Hearts at your disposal. That is why it is important to find a suitable niche for your construction site. You have to invest the necessary time and take a close look at the surroundings to find the perfect location.

Many players prefer higher pitches because they are easier to defend. But this is not the only important factor. It is equally important to have resources nearby. Also consider placing your castle near the Vampire Waypoint so you can easily travel to other places.

You have to find a suitable place for your castle.

Choose the right gear for your task

Equipment is important in V Rising and determines which attacks you can use against enemies. On the other hand, better gear increases your gear score, which determines how difficult or easy it is to get it against different NPC enemies.

You can also collect resources in V Rising using your weapons. An ax is, of course, the ideal choice for cutting trees, while you can use a sword to remove weeds and shrubs. If you want to break the rocks, it is better to use the morning star again.

Each weapon has different advantages and disadvantages. If you upgrade them later, you will notice that they have different attacks and abilities. So you have to decide which weapons you will use to fight and which ones you will collect.

The right equipment will help you greatly.

Use your blood type to your advantage

When you suck blood from an enemy, your blood type changes and you gain some traits of your victim. For example, if you suck the blood of a worker, you will get better at collecting resources. The blood of a creature improves your speed of movement and your resistance to sunlight. And blood from Rogue increases your damage and gives you a higher chance of critical strikes.

In other words, different blood types are suitable for different situations. So don’t keep using the same blood type all the time.

Blood types have different properties and effects.

Get ready for tough battles

The world of V Rising is a dangerous place and you must be prepared for tough battles. This preparation comes down to your choice of blood type and wearing the appropriate equipment. One of the items you get early in the game is the Vermin Salve. This element heals 2.5 percent of your health every 1.5 seconds for 15 seconds. In other words, after a short time, 25 percent of your life bar is refilled. This way you won’t have to use your Blood Pool and you won’t have to stand still like with the Blood Mend.

Additionally, we recommend keeping the main battles at night. The reason for this is very simple: you don’t have to worry about sunlight. So it definitely pays to think ahead about V Rising and keep an eye on the in-game clock.

Prepare enough to fight.

Try different forms of travel

There are several ways to travel in V Rising. The easiest and most obvious is to walk naturally across the world on your feet. Very easy, but a little slow.

The fastest way to travel is Vampire Waygates, which instantly takes you to another location on the map. However, many of these Vampire Waygates do not exist, which is why the horse is so useful. However, you must take good care of your horse because your horse can die.

Also the option is to turn into a wolf. As a wolf, you are a lot faster, but you have to be careful not to take any damage. Other animals will also not attack you while you are in Wolf Form. It’s also cool that you can transform into a bat with the Bat model. The advantage of this is that you can fly over the map quickly without having to worry about the terrain. You cannot take resources with you as a bat.

There are many ways to move around in the game and you have to take advantage of them all.

Use quests and bloodsheds

When you play V Rising for the first time, you have several missions at the top left. These missions will guide you through the early hours of the game, so following them is the best way to start playing. The missions are very simple and cover the basics of the game. Subsequently, the tasks become more complex and involve several steps.

If you’re not sure what to do on your next mission, be sure to check out the Blood Altar too. This can seat you in your castle and allow you to track down several bosses in V Rising. Each boss gives you new abilities, crafting recipes and buildings. So if you’re stuck on a mission on a mission, check to see if you need anything from a particular boss.

Look at the raw material map

The map in V Rising is also an important resource. Unlike other survival games, there are no randomly generated terrains here. The map always remains the same, so you can memorize the different areas, just like in an MMO.

There are countless points of interest in the game world, and if you hover your mouse over them, you can take a closer look at them and see what resources to find. So if you’re looking for specific resources or items, check out the map.

The map tells you where to find the resources.

General things to know in V Rising

Finally, here are some general V Rising tips and tricks:

  • You can hold down the left mouse button to attack. The same is true for cutting trees, chopping stones, etc. Save yourself from cramping in your hand!
  • Trees cast shades that protect you from the sun’s rays. If you cut it, the shadow disappears. Don’t put yourself in danger by cutting down the tree you are standing in.
  • You can hold down the interact button and move your mouse pointer over the loot on the ground to pick them up all at once instead of having to select them one by one.
  • Move the mouse pointer over the enemy to see the blood type and quality.
  • There is a sorting function in the inventory, which helps you to organize everything well.
  • When you open a chest in your castle, you can change the name of the chest by clicking on the icon next to its name.
  • You can fight from a horse, but this is very risky. Attacks from the left mouse button do more damage, but if you get hit you fall off the horse and are more vulnerable.
  • After defeating Rufus The Foreman (the second boss), you can make a fishing rod. Whenever you see small bubbles in the water, you can fish there. You will not only find fish, but also random equipment and folders for research.
  • Every now and then there is a blood moon at night. During these nights you are faster and the effects of your blood type are better than usual.
  • Pay attention to your opponent’s health bar. If it is red or orange, then it is above you. If there is a small skull next to it, the level is much higher and we recommend returning later (much later).
  • You can use the Morning Star secondary attack as an additional way to dodge attacks while your primary dribble is still idle. You need a Bronze Morning Star or better to use this secondary attack.
  • Click the plus and minus icons next to the mini map to zoom in or out. Click on the little lock to set whether the mini-map will rotate with you or be held north facing up.
  • Silver items such as coins deteriorate slowly when carried. It also prevents you from using abilities such as transforming into a wolf.
  • Don’t cut down every tree near your castle. It is advantageous to have shades nearby.
  • Denley Farms and other major areas are much more dangerous than Farbane Woods. It is best to leave Farbane Woods after reaching level 30.
  • If you see yellow, orange, or red icons above your hot bar, this indicates that your gear won’t last long and will crash soon. So they lose their effect until you fix them. You can repair your equipment in your inventory as long as you have the necessary materials in your pocket.
  • If you have V Blood extract (from the bosses), you are completely immune. This also applies to sunlight. When you finish extracting V Blood, an explosion follows that deals heavy damage to all enemies and resource resources (like trees, rocks…) in the area. If you suck blood from common enemies, you are not immune!
  • Extracting V Blood does not replenish your blood pool. If your Blood Pool is empty, you cannot refill it with Bosses.
  • In the select abilities screen, you can arrange your abilities on the hotkey (what you see when you press the left control key) however you like.
  • Abilities like Blood Rage increase your attack speed and also help you collect resources from trees or rocks more quickly.

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