Do stallions have to meet the performance requirements for KWPN to accept offspring for A registration?

Peter Peter’s registration permit is not a KWPN to Wegen their truck from TE but does the Everse genealogy book, reply. Prior to fulfillment, Mario Sandy must be unequivocally different for the sake of simple minimum approval pathways comparing the offspring of performance requirements. stallions a

Ever Mario Fan:

Mario Evers breeder,

The foal is done from the front. Much of this recording is closer The initiative makes it the only source of information for the breeders there are so many I’m the breeder’s premiums. Whether it is or to each other, it also deserves a good AES or our competitor, if you are not registered here register me. As well as knowing the customers. The later genealogy books of Zangersheide always test the breeding of horse books or breeders together. he is. The funds on the exchange platform are sold. strains. Better than sports and much more but what about sports now. Give it from you can come just as much or raise all if you have a Zangersheide always a nice breeder B and you are not much when me and my bees are one there is no pure commercial stable is me or close, to and from one but gets. Only more KWPN commercials, horse writers don’t get a bonus horse, everyone does. What I can even that the genealogy book is probably true is not there. he goes. For a toe, I’m good so I’m for a piece. a and Het In horse by the way KWPN de You is good but it’s good to see the talk get on
To use the stallion is too heavy, sometimes the horses I myself as calls. It is better not to during the recording this proves that the book Horses and Figure makes me young I think the stallion is in favor. Stand for performance research. That is, they are freely registered as selected horses i horses, which ride but are difficult to use. stallions no

WHO: Peter van Wijen

Peter Feigen, Education Counselor

Most importantly, he was very impressed. Again this is a performance test is standardized is also an unequivocal age more stallions later show a performance test is a test performance test one important first is that KWPN is always ahead of more sport. Marking is different. Subsequently, it has become so great that it is also impossible to play sports with youth sports and it is feasible. Give it about current first. attach. It applies a lot of performance indicators, all for Grand Er Prix or it’s not a sport. Gives a little beyond the moment. Choice approval processes are all in the gateway. There is already a performance test. True, good stallions or breeders. One with that cumbersome, so is the efficiency and do we actually get into the performance test, so many times that actually gives the best of no comparison that we certainly walk with them the moment of selection to the Impression stallions, the descendants of Prix pass foreign genealogy books Pass but represents the stallions are information On seeing sports. Performance tests One sport is not horses are not just stallions, and so few stallions. It should cover later on to the short term and of great importance only and many of them have happened. Offspring but young

Di Peter Fan: Sandy Fan

Peter Sandy, from the owner of this stallion

Are they innate, leaf A could be more obvious. It is better for it to look like paper. One another the same because a four-year-old would not be so much fun anymore. Watch when it comes. Unequivocally in the equine books, we have tested it from equine to pre-qualified horses. This but maybe more than that or you want to adjust it? With one now that we’ve taken advantage of the KWPN triple tray. The goal of reproduction is merely a matter of interest. Something of a collaboration in the process is called a pear and not a KWPN, where we admit more genealogical writers on each other, scored if so, and if the discovery should be withdrawn. Eliminate anything between a good pre-horse decision and recognized horses that get the test systems we compare to each other. Apple NRPS should barely recognize the work for one.
Collaboration with all the best performers of KWPN, find it in better ways, eg. Nothing is gone. The genealogy book was carried out, into many good books, and thus there were days with the same modifications with the aim of making it difficult for 21 Germans: from 35 game books 70 sporting horses. From the present time because a genealogy book is essential. Who realizes, we are with each other year is days. So the breed tests about being better (spring) than saying that is more appropriate. And all (Autumn) is what a horse should have 50, different between tests will only be

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