Bos, Van Nek, Lock and Dicker win the KNHS-Anemone Horse Trucks Lunteren Cup

The fifth KNHS-Anemone Horse Trucks Cup competition match was held in Lunteran on Wednesday. The best young contestant was Brandi Boss with Florett W (by Jazz). In the juniors, Lara van Nick and Varska (by Vivaldi) won. Bridget Locke won with Nespresso (by FS Numero Uno) in Ponies and in Children the victory went to Robin Decker with Helena (by Don Tango B).

The juniors were judged by Bart Pax, Elaine Van Gastel and Daniel Justin. “Varska is a beautiful horse and under Lara his test drive was absolutely fantastic. It really went like a well-oiled machine,” said Eileen van Gastel. “I love riding out of reach and Lara has shown that. It was very elegant with a wonderful harmonious image. The neck was nice in length with an open palm. Part of this group should be more aware of this.”

Is there a lot of music in I Am Special?

The jury member is also excited about Mirth van Dormaelen and I’m Featured (by Sharmour). “Merth really led her and she gently slipped off her hand. Her horse was still a little nervous, but Merthe managed to let that flow really well. I Am Special has three good gaits with a lot of technique, a horse that has a lot of potential. That Charmeur and there I fascinated me. Lots of music in it for the future.”

In addition to her win with Fariska, Lara van Nek also took home 3rd prize with Jamsession Taonga (by Jazz). “This horse was a bit stooped at times and had some balance issues while stopping. It’s a nice ride too, but her fox really stands out.”

“Brandy drove a very consistent test”

Adrian Hamoen, Esther Schulte Albers and Anneliese Terra judged the young riders. “Brandy rode a very consistent stage with the right tracks and little turns. For the higher grades her horse might be a little off. The horse Robin was really intrigued. Very nice silhouette and Gifando has a nice walk, trot and super canter. The canter workouts are not fully confirmed yet. , but this is really a horse for the future,” says Adrian Hamoen.

“The kids were a great group”

The same pair of jury as with the young knights also judged the children. “This was a great group and I was very fascinated by it,” Hamwin continues. “Robin rode a great test with Helena, very consistent and good on hand. Sophie also rides a great horse on the Tour and Brett also helped the Dark Knight Texel really well. It looked very easy and these combos matched evenly.”

Bridget Locke on the right track

Bridget Locke was in great shape at the ponies. She came first with Nespresso and second with Don Davino Horsepoint. Esmee Boers followed with Beauty W in third place. “Obviously the top three stood out to us as jurors. Brigitte rode both ponies roughly through the stages. Her Palomino could stay a little more with her nose perpendicular to the trot, and her coffee fox could be a little more direct on the aid in forward transitions, like Batting in small changes. But she rode both colts well on her back leg in a portable, assembled and well-equipped test run,” says Joyce van Roygen Heuijtenk, who judged this division with Williamian Blanken and Mathieu Bomars. “The same also goes for Esmee, who gave a lovely lively photo with Beauty. A beautiful and very well presented self-cart. Both ladies show they know what they’re doing and it was a pleasure watching these harmonious rides.”

KNHS-Anemone Horse Trucks Cup Results, Lunteren
Young Knight:

1 Brandy Boss (Narden), Fluorite W (by Jazz) 68.627%
2 Robin Hayden (Alvin and de Mas), Givando S (by Desperado) 67.892%
3 Sharina Mandemakers (Giessen), Guns N’ Roses (Acoustic) 66.127%
1 Lara van Nick (Widewormer), Fariska (by Vivaldi) 69.192%
2 Mirthe van Doremalen (Dreumel), I Am Special (by Charmeur) 67.273%
3 Lara Van Nick (Wijdewormer), Jamsession Taonga (by Jazz) 66.919%
1 Bridget Lock (Appeltern), Nespresso (by FS Numero Uno) 71.952%
2 Bridget Lock (Appeltern), Don Davino Horsepoint (by Don Carino Du Bois) 71.667%
3 Esmee Boers (Nieuw-Vennep), Beauty W (by Orchard Boginov) 70.857%
1 Robin Decker (Harskamp), Helena (by Don Tango Bee) 81.150%
2 Sophie Van Norell (Epi), Etrina (by Dreamboy) 79.975%
3 Brett Kickert – Van der Linde (De Coxdorp), Dark Knight Texel (by Winton) 76.800%

Source: KNHS

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