Amanda from Rising Mom Helps Moms ‘Stand Still’ After Childbirth

“It’s crazy that most moms just go for a follow-up check-up after giving birth. During pregnancy, they go for an average of thirteen checkups,” said Amanda Rutgers (29) of Rising Mom. “Having a baby has a huge impact! So there can be more support.”

To provide this support, Amanda and her company, Rising Mom, offer postpartum treatments that promote the recovery of new mothers.

Big differences between mothers

“How mothers experience the postpartum period varies greatly from person to person.” Amanda says. “A caesarean section, for example, requires a lot of the body. It is a serious operation in which the wound must recover well. But some ideas can also be difficult. For example, mothers sometimes feel empty in the literal and figurative sense, because their baby is no longer growing in their stomachs. Or they went through a difficult process of accepting their bodies that were no longer what they were before birth.”

sensitive period

So the period of motherhood can be physically and mentally demanding. “It is a delicate period, no matter how the delivery has gone. Mothers have to get used to the new dynamics in the family, they are constantly working and the brain is full of adrenaline. Changing diapers, feeding and responding to each baby’s voice; standing still after often misses the point It’s almost normal to stick with the recovery process for a while and then ‘normal’ again. This can hinder their recovery.”

This is part of it

According to Amanda, it is not customary in the Netherlands to stand still after giving birth. “Sometimes six weeks of maternity leave is not enough, but then the mothers are expected to return to work. They do not take extra time to rest, because they often think that everyone who has given birth has diseases and that they are “just part of the equation.” There is a kind of Hard mentality: The baby is here, and everyone seems to be doing well, so we carry on. But sometimes extra time is needed.”

in recovery mode

According to Amanda, there will come a moment when you have to stop. And only when you do that do you realize that you are in recovery mode. Fatigue, pelvic pain, emotions being released and the body changing again. You don’t notice it if you always stay put. This is why it is important to stop for a moment. So that you take the time and space to learn about the signals from the body and thus discover what is really needed for a healthy postpartum recovery.”

Uni Steam & Herbal Seal Massage

Amanda offers different treatments with her company, Rising Mom, that promote postpartum recovery. “I always set up a room in the house as a kind of little spa, with music and smells. There I take the mother first in meditation. One body examination To see what kind of feelings are coming.”

After that, Amanda offers various treatments that make mothers feel more rejuvenated. Like Yoni Steam or herbal massage. “Uni-Stim is a vaginal steaming; it gives great comfort and reduces swelling. Massage is for relaxation and contributes, among other things, to the blood circulation in the body.”

Amanda and the herbal stamps you use for massage. Photo: near Arnhem

What if it doesn’t work?

To moms who think they don’t have the time or energy to stand still after giving birth, Amanda says the following: “Do it anyway. It’s precisely when you say this that you have to take that space. Listen to your body, take some time for yourself and take care of the people who can.” Your support. For example, ask on the birth announcement if the people who come with you would like to bring something healthy to eat. Even if it’s banana bread!”

Tips for others

As an unborn person, you can also do everything to support you. According to Amanda, good help is in the little things. “Bring a healthy, warm meal when you visit. Take the dog for a walk. Take care of a brother or sister so the parents can spend time with their new baby. Do it! We should be able to help the moms a little more after birth.”

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