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The Kompany era in Anderlecht turned out to be shorter than expected. Three years later, Astrid Park’s chouchou actually closes the door behind them, after a disagreement with the plank. Peter Vandenbett analyzes for us Vincent Kompany’s passing in Brussels: “Vandenhout would evaluate Kompany as a coach and not as a club symbol, maybe that’s what happened.”

The prince is back. This is how it looked in the summer of 2019, when Vincent Kompany returned to his home in Anderlecht. As a player – coach and then as coach, Kompany had to steer the club to the Belgian summit once again, but today the Brussels fairy tale is already coming to an end. company paper.

On Radio 1, Peter Vandenbett discussed at length the departure of Kompany, who had been in charge at Anderlecht for three years. “First as a shadow coach, when Simon Davies was in charge as T1,” Vandenbemt looks back. “So you could say he set sports policy in Anderlecht about three years ago.”

How did the divorce happen? “Kompany and Anderlecht had a number of talks. It became clear that further cooperation would be very difficult,” Vandenbet said. “But anyone who can read between the lines well in recent weeks has already realized that there is more noise about the relationship between the Kompany and the Verbeke-Vandenhaute duo.”

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Kompany thought the season was a success, but his bosses disagreed

“This was mainly due to Kompany’s assessment of the performance of the first team,” Vandenbempt explains. “For example, he pointed out several times that the season was a success and said that if he had been asked three weeks ago, at the start of the playoffs, he would have found that as well.”

Then he indicated the numbers: third place in the league, he scored more points and scored more goals than last year, and also reached the cup final. But his superiors did not agree.

“They were seeing that with that foundation, and especially in a year where rivals like Genk, Ghent and Antwerp failed and Club Brugge was not at their strongest, there was a lot more to be achieved than third. Especially the road on which Anderlecht started a few crucial matches, it was bad “.

“Just think of the decisive match against Kortrijk in the playoff fight, the cup final which was ‘poor’, the two matches against Al Ittihad in the qualifiers…Anderlecht simply did not give up in those matches. The part is expensive for the coach.”

Kompany’s constant statements about tight budgets are also getting sharper. Well, Anderlecht is still not a wealthy club, but the budget is less tight than it would like to be.

“Referring over and over to his team’s youth didn’t go well. If you did an analysis of Anderlecht’s starting team this season, you could hardly call it a young team.”

The way Anderlecht started some crucial matches was a particularly bad experience. The coach assigned it.

Peter Vandenpet

‘There was no future in cooperation’

“Everyone agrees that the Kompany can last a lot longer than a ‘normal coach.’ But almost everyone also agreed that it is justified. He also noted that the Chiefs have the utmost confidence in Vincent Kompany. They want this project – to use that word once in a while. Other – to success with Kompany. “

“Let’s not forget that Chairman Vandenhaute had to step aside his good friend of many years, Frank Verkotterin, for Kompany. At a certain moment, the board of directors and Kompany began to grow apart, I think. And so it became increasingly difficult.”

“In the end, Vandenhaute also made it very clear that despite his standing and merit, Kompany is still valued as a coach rather than as a club icon. It may have happened in recent days. He has already earned more recognition, but at the end of the day, it had to be Consider it. Whether there is still a future in the collaboration. Perhaps it has become clear to both sides that it will be difficult for next season.”

In recent weeks, there has been more and more noise about the collaboration between Vandenhaute and Kompany.

“There was progress under Kompany, but the cup final was a huge disappointment”

Kompany personified the new winds that had been blowing in Brussels for several years. Vandenbet asserts that “everyone in Anderlecht entered that project as an inexperienced person”. “Vandenhaute is still an inexperienced chair, Verbeke is still an inexperienced sporting director and the Company is certainly an inexperienced coach.”

How can Kompany take a look at his accomplishments at RSCA? “All in all, the club has developed, sporting progress and Kompany’s development certainly as a coach. At first he still naively wanted to play offensively and according to Manchester City’s philosophy, he started every now and then to play in a more realistic way.”

“He also took turns a lot. In the beginning, the players were sometimes in the starting line for a week and in the stands the next day, without any explanation from Kompany because he ‘didn’t have to give that explanation.’ These are all things Kompany grew into.

“With few exceptions, his teams have always been well organized, with a clear plan. There was also more of a difference in the offensive game. So there is certainly a lot of good things to be said about the development Companti has gone through at Anderlecht.”

If you say you’ve made tremendous progress, then when you can harvest, like in a cup final, you have to make sure your squad is ready.

Peter Vandenpet

“But if you say, like Kompany, that you’ve made tremendous progress, then when you can start to harvest, like the Cup Final which was so important for the club, you have to make sure your team is ready to do that.” “

“That defeat in the cup final was a huge disappointment. Mark Cook, who hadn’t spoken a word in months, then made himself heard again. That was also a little bad, but he was more than right.”

“That was the moment they worked hard for: the chance of getting another award. The comparison with Club Brugge was also made often, because the first trophy that the club won after so many difficult years was also the one in 2016 and that was it. The first is a tangible award for the duo Verhaeghe and Mannaert.”

Is Kompany heading to Burnley? ‘Maybe his only option’

Company closed the door of Anderlecht behind him. Burnley has been mentioned as a potential new destination. Is Kompany going to England? “It didn’t play a role in Anderlecht’s decision. Even if Kompany doesn’t have a team to care about, he won’t be Anderlecht’s coach next season.”

“If he were now qualified for the coaching position at Burnley, I would be surprised. Then he would end up at a club under construction in the Championship, where he would have to introduce a completely new football philosophy. Because as far as I know Burnley is still an old-fashioned English club. But maybe he sees in it. A challenge and perhaps the only opportunity for him.”

“We always have the impression that there is an incredible amount of demand for Coach Kompany internationally and that people are seeing an incredible amount of potential, but I can imagine that people in other places would like to see something more real before handing the keys over to a team.”

At Burnley, the Kompany must introduce a new philosophy for second-tier football. As far as I know it’s an old school club.

Peter Vandenpet

“Philis Matsu is highly regarded by the Anderlecht Board of Directors”

Anderlecht now has to find a new coach. Who are the contenders according to Vandenbet? “One name has already been mentioned: Phyllis Matsu. I know he is very much appreciated by the Anderlecht management. But whether this becomes something concrete, we will see in the coming days.”

“But an icon was left out with Kompany. It won’t be easy weeks and months for Anderlecht. Thanks to Kompany’s credit, fans have remained fairly calm after all the many disappointments. Only because the fans didn’t want Kompany to lose weight as a coach. That barrier is gone now” .

“Vandenhaute and Verbeke are completely back on the wind. It’s not hard to guess that if things go wrong again in the future, the public will react as usual, although management will be aware of that.”

“What Anderlecht needs is a successful transition period with some reinforcements and a few players remaining, like Zirkzee. Some sudden gains at the start of the competition and a good start in Europe are also needed. Then Kompany will soon be forgotten. Mind wanders in Lotto Park for a long time to come. .

Kompany was a buffer zone for the masses. It’s gone now.

Peter Vandenpet

Federation coach Felice Matsuo has been appointed to replace Kompany at Anderlecht.

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