The Race of the Rings with Beau van Ervin Dorens: Hope for Relational Unhappiness…

“at Race for the rings Six engaged couples compete against each other in a very difficult race across the Jordan,” says presenter Bo van Ervin Dorens. “Through missions and strategic thinking, lovers must prove to each other that they are ready for the crucial next step in their lives. Namely: Marriage.” Will this new TV show be what?

Race for the rings New to RTL 4 starting tomorrow night. Side roads Looking forward to the first episode of the section Look at the tube† Reporter Eric Yunk watches (and rates) new or great programming from mainstream TV channels and streaming services.

Is Racing the Rings original?

At first glance, you will say: No. Race for the rings It is a relationship test that we are of course familiar with. whether it works Temptation Island, with exes at the beach or wherever. But still: Compete for your relationship in the desert country of Jordan and especially for a dowry of 25,000 euros and also a paid honeymoon of your dreams… We don’t know that yet. So just sit for a while.

Side roads He previously introduced you to the six couples who will all marry relatively soon. We’ll do it again in a few sentences after watching Episode 1. Leading couple Joeri and Renate from Ede: “We’re luxury horses,” they concluded. Best direct quote: “Downtown, that means capital, right?” Susan and Thomas from Deventer: A “strong relationship” couple. He said, “I enjoy it every day.” “Well, I don’t hear,” she said. Sani and Bilal from Zierikzee: They can’t handle their loss very well. Bilal has the advantage that he speaks Arabic: “It is a pity that they cannot understand me well.”

Leonie Wrick from Amsterdam: It gets “pink” when you point to the right-hand side of Amman on a road map and ends with “west.” Lauren and Bart from Pijnacker: In October he introduced her in a hot air balloon. Bart always wants to win, Lauren doesn’t understand that. and finally Patricia and Bjorn of Schönhoven: “Dear” or treasure is strictly forbidden with her. “Awful, that makes me crawl.”

There is already a curse in the foreground

Even before Beau van Erven Dorens the leading man He said his first words, there is already a big curse in front. And: “This is fodder for divorce.” Look, that’s how you want her to sit in front of the tube, of course. What follows, however, is a rather leisurely six-car race from the airport in Amman towards Bu at a fort outside the Jordanian capital. It can be found by a guy in a jewelry store who has to look for it through a photo. a little (a lot) Who is a mole? So. Whoever arrives last plays a so-called ring game against one or more other pairs. You win nothing to worry about. Won’t you win that match? hand in the ring. Did you miss two episodes? Dowry 25,000 euros went out Race for the rings† Something like this.

Race for the rings
Poe and the participants in the Race of the Rings. Photo: Shotbysud

Beau van Erven Dorens and its makers promise us exhaustion and the test of a serious relationship. This is not present in the first episode, but it could come. However we see desperate driving around a big city and a couple who are especially good at getting lost. You see irritation. A collision in which the police must be involved. And six husbands make a special vow to each other (a few tears, of course, but above all a lot of fainting). And yes, those fancy horses: they think enduring a grueling race with extremely heavy chariots is very beneficial.

After the race, the rings are suitable for marriage

“You’ll have to make the most of yourself,” says Beau van Erven Dorens after the first task. “You will get to know your partner in a different way. Whoever reaches the end is definitely suitable for marriage.” Good news for the other five couples…

It’s quite a “good show” Race for the rings† Perhaps we should get to know the couples a little better (read: Hope for the bees). This is also every season A farmer is looking for a wife the case. We didn’t know Maud well after the start, did we? At the end of tomorrow evening, the word “bondje” is already mentioned, which we already know from many other programmes. Whether it makes us happy… With a mountain of misery in relationships, this program can become a wonderful thing. Or even very nice. But of course we don’t really hope for such misery. no. Really really not!

Number of cans: 2.5 out of 5. It can be 3.5 (see above).

can tube illustration

Race om de Ringen can be watched every Thursday evening at 8.32pm on RTL 4. You can of course also watch it again on RTLXL.

Jony fishermen and millionaires at the last gates of the Duars de Laje Landen: “Every kilometer has been a success!”

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The Race of the Rings with Beau van Ervin Dorens: Hope for Relational Unhappiness…

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