Guerlot from Paris: “You can now watch the tennis stars of tomorrow in Charleroi” | Roland Garros

Don’t say we didn’t warn you. The rising stars who will serve at Roland Garros in the coming years can be seen in action in their country until Saturday, more specifically at the Astrid Bowl in Charleroi.

Aside from the European Open in Antwerp, Belgium no longer has an absolute pro tournament, among the youngsters, a large part of the rising world summit has been coming to Charleroi for more than 50 years, to “Le Astrid TC”, the Center de Délassement the Marcinelle .

The first Astrid Bowl was hosted there in 1967. Now we’re ready for version 57. To give you an impression: In recent years, 5 subsequent world records 1 for men and 7 numbers of 1 for women have been on the list of participants in the Astrid Bowl.

their names? Federer, Hewitt, Kuerten, Muster and Reus. Among the women: Navratilova, Capriati, Henin, Clijsters, Azarenka, Kerber and Barty. But who else has passed? All the Belgians are of course led by Goffin, Males, Clijsters and Henin. But also Krajicek, Wawrinka, Simon, Forget, Tsonga, Ostapenko, Stosur, Zverev, Fish, …

In 2019, Laila Fernandez lost the US Open final last year, losing the title match.

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Leila Fernandez (left) in 2019.

Due to being put on the calendar, some toppers have leaked

In total, more than 10,000 talented tennis players from over 100 countries have already participated in the Astrid Bowl. why? Because the Astrid Bowl is an international standard. Anyone who does a good job there has something to offer and can dream of being a top tennis player.

It is very useful to briefly define the international youth competition system. The juniors also have their major tournaments. These will be completed during the second week of the pro tournament. In the past, there have been quite a few Belgian victories. Nancy Weber won Wimbledon, Kirsten Flickins won Wimbledon and the US Open, Anne-Sofie Mistach won Melbourne, Justin Henin and Kemer Kobejn’s Roland Garros won.

At the beginning of this year, Sofia Costolas lost the final at the Australian Open.

Below you have the Youth Olympiad, Junior Masters, Grade One, and
Championships from first to fifth grade. Charleroi is first class and that means there are a lot of points to be gained in the junior world rankings. And so many people come.

Year after year, Charleroi places a wonderful organization in a wonderful environment. The tournament has a good reputation all over the world.

Tom Davies

Charleroi’s first row is a blessing these days, but it’s also a curse. Tom Davies, Technical Director at Tennis Vlaanderen explains. “Year after year, Charleroi puts a great organization in a great environment. The tournament has an excellent reputation all over the world. So we would like to be involved there with our Belgian talents and we’ve done that a lot.”

“The Fifa also asked Charleroi to be promoted to Grade A. But then the tournament has to move and the organization doesn’t want that. And that is exactly the problem, for us too. Charleroi is crammed between Grade A Milan and Roland Garros.”

“If you go in for the trophies, and we have a number of players now, you will have the final on Saturday and Roland Garros already starts on Sunday. That is why so many players who performed well in Milan last week were canceled.
Charleroi also because they want to train in Paris on Friday.”

La Costolas in Charleroi this year as it targets Paris

For example, this year the Belgian contenders for a good result in Paris will not participate in Charleroi. There are quite a few. Among the girls, outstanding talents Sofia Costolas (second in the junior rankings in the world), Hane Vandewinkel (23rd) and Amelie van Imbe (42nd) did not participate.

And for the boys, Gilles Arnaud Bailey (20) and Alexandre Blox (32) come out to Paris.

Tom Davies: “It’s a pity that we’re not in Charleroi with our seniors, but we have a good group of juniors, just like about ten years ago, who have the potential to grow up to be professionals with the goal of getting into the top 100 that’s why we’re aiming for Roland Garros.”

“Our results in the major leagues, in the first division and first class leagues are really a measure of what you could be in 5 or 6 years.”

“But for another group of young Belgians with potential, I am thinking for example of Alessio Basille and Amelia Waligora, the Charleroi is a real benchmark because of the great competition. Today, the Astrid Bowl is a great start for our best 14 and 15-year-old girls and boys at the age of 15 And 16 years old.”

Dirk Gerloo

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