Club Groningen expands the school tour with a sustainable program and facilitates brochures

During the FC Groningen School Tour, professional and enthusiastic football club coaches provide inspirational physical education lessons in primary schools. In a fun and easy way, children are introduced to FC Groningen exercises and games and above all are motivated to do better sports. In addition, the club wants to leave behind a sustainable program through which schools can get children more and better on the move based on the inspiring value of FC Groningen. The club facilitates brochures that can be downloaded for free at the bottom of this article.

The sports lesson is an important part of the school tour. Yannick Post, instructor at the Institute for Sports Studies and Research and Innovation Consultant at FC Groningen, tells us more on this topic. “During the school tour, the football club coaches visit the primary schools to give a gym class in FC Groningen style at a location provided by the school. They not only bring their own materials but also provide a fun and stimulating atmosphere by means of decoration and music.”

After the introductory lecture of the current coach(s), various exercises and games are performed for an hour. At the end of the lesson, the children receive an official Certificate of Participation signed by Artistic Director Marc-Jean Flederos. A ball and books are also left with fun games. Post: “During this lesson, children can learn about FC Groningen and try different forms of exercises under the supervision of professional coaches. We also want to be inspired. A professional sports lesson from a real coach wearing a FC Groningen suit, but also official certification and brochures, play an important role in this command.”

Lack of movement
The focus during school tour lessons is not just on football. Yannick Post explains why. “Football does not include all motor skills, while it is essential that children master as many forms of movement as possible. Children’s extensive motor skills have deteriorated dramatically in recent years, particularly in the North of Holland. In fact, there is a lack of movement. One suffers from All eight children are currently overweight and only eighteen per cent meet the exercise guidelines. Under the policy pillar More and Better Movement, the Groningen Club wants to combat this major problem.”

In addition, it is a good idea to introduce children to as many forms of exercise as possible, so that they can discover which one matches their impulses. After all, not every kid loves or is good at soccer.

That is why it is so important to inspire all children and use them in different forms of exercise. “Schollentor is a program for everyone, including children who do not like football. For true football fans we have other programmes, such as FC Groningen On Tour and Football School. Moreover, the chance of a child playing sports at a later time is very small, if not His extensive motor skills are well developed.”

The Groningen Club therefore uses the Mathematical Skills Model, in which ten basic forms of exercise are discussed. So it’s not just about kicking, throwing and shooting, but also balancing, falling, jumping, throwing and catching.”

exercise program
One visit is not enough to counteract the lack of exercise in northern Holland. As much as Groningen would like, the club cannot always be present in every primary school. So it is important to leave something behind. “If we want to combat the lack of exercise, we have to find a way to get children to exercise structurally and systematically. This is why FC offers a motor exercise program,” says Post.

Within this programme, groups 3 to 8 will work for six weeks with different fun themes, designed for the children’s physical development stage. In the gym, for example, students can go walking and jogging like Arjen Robben or jumping and landing like Strand Larsen. Once back in the classroom, health is of paramount importance. Breakfast, fruits and vegetables, exercise, drink water, sleep and be happy are all indispensable puzzle pieces for a healthy lifestyle.

Teachers can use three brochures specially designed by FC Groningen to shape lessons. Yannick Post stresses that the club mainly wants to inform and inspire. “The collective educator is indispensable. He or she is close to the children and ultimately has to convey the ideas. So we are not pointing fingers, but trying to draw inspiration from our strength as a major sports organization and support based on books and topics.”

The inspiring gym class mentioned above can be given all at once, but it is also part of an exercise program. This can be a stimulating start or an exciting conclusion. In addition, children not only receive a certificate as with a regular gym class, but also a real gift bag with merchandise, a coloring page and the opportunity to get a free competition ticket. FC Groningen hopes that as many children in North Holland as possible will have the opportunity to participate each year from Group 3, so that major steps can be taken.

If it were up to Yannick Post, it wouldn’t stop at the school tour. The software, including the brochures, is developed with third parties. People are busy with a lot in the background. Meanwhile, the possibilities of the so-called skill box are also being investigated. “The skills box contains all kinds of materials to help children move around in more and more variety. The accompanying motion cards ensure that students know what they can do with the materials. The goal is to have all the children in the schoolyard, during the entire break, move around with as much variety as possible. If It worked, three-quarters of the weekly exercise standard has already been met.”

In addition to the School Tour Program and Skills Fund, there is another ambitious plan for the future: the Skills Application. “With a skills app, we want to use gamification and focus on self-regulation to encourage children to do better exercise at home or outside of school. This can be done, for example, through ‘movement challenges’ in which points and prizes can be earned.”

“With the School Tour, we get kids to exercise for six weeks and the Skills Fund encourages them to do so every school day. But an app can also be used after school, on weekends or during holidays. All these components together can ultimately mean A big step towards solving the problem of movement poverty. This is very important.”

The brochures developed by the Groningen Club for the Scholentour program can be downloaded free of charge via this link.
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