RSM: Warm Pole Vault Day on Vlist

Publication date: 05-24-2022
Updated on: 24-05-2022 21:05

Fun Stick Day in Vlist

Fun Stick Day in Vlist

On Saturday May 21, all the Polsstokbond Holland footballers made three attempts to put in a good performance in the ABZ Co-Op Cup battle.

The Seniors Cup was won by Ryan Bass (Gouda), who had a superb display of 20.86 metres. Jaco de Groot (Cameric) came closest with 19.65 m ahead of Pollstock Club “De Velest”, Lukas van Eyck (Hastrecht) 19.58 m and Chris Anker (Felest) 18.55 m.

Hidde van Dam (Montfoort) was in the lead for a long time with 18.98m after a good streak of jumps, but Reinier Overbeek (Benschop) captured the ABZ Collaboration Cup in the final jump of the competition with 19.89m.

In the women’s, small differences Julia van Eyck (Hastrecht) had just missed the final by 13.13 metres. Ranking leader Demi Grothhead (Yarsfeld) jumped 13.50 metres, but was surpassed by Gurian Bass (Audiwater) with 13.68 metres, and champion Fabien Overbeek (Penschop) by 14.20 metres.

Boys winner Wiesel Schenk (Schoenhoven) jumped the most with a new personal best of 17.12 meters and proudly stood on the podium alongside the other champions. Also among the girls is new champion Thalina van der Wind (Snelrewaard) with 13.49 m.

In the second division competition, Kimberly Slotjes-Engelhard (Hastrecht) 13.55m and Kevin de Jong (Stolfik) 16.16m (character best) stood out, both of whom showed that they wanted to jump in the first division. Adriaan Lokhorst (IJsselsteijn) won the Boys A in the second division and has a vision for promotion.

In the Youth in the morning competition Julia van der Kleij (Bodegraven) was really the best with 9.41m and was ready to train on the C slope where she and the group of girls led the day Gemma van Ostrom (Woerdense Verlaat) can jump. Gemma won the competition with 12.13 m.

There are two new leaders in the ABZ de Collaboration classification; Ryan Bass with the adults, Thalina van der Wind with the girls. Demi Grothhead (women), Reiner Overbeek (Juniors) and Jonathan Timerands (boys) retained their positions.

Lots of fun hopping into Vlist, especially because of the plethora of volunteers throughout the day who provided a great atmosphere and a skilled course for competitions. Spectators could enjoy beautiful jumps and wet jumps were often seen with great acclaim.

Wednesday May 25 19.00 Welcome to the Vlist, where a first-class competition for Hofman DME Techniek Bokaal will be jumped on.

Saturday 28th May we will be jumping in Siegfeld. Check for start times, results and standings.

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