Marek van der Putten: I really wanted to be an international showjumping contestant

This time Marieke van der Putten has the word in the series “Countdown to CHIO”. The rider, who won a bronze medal in the Dutch Dressage Championships earlier this month with the Titanium RS2 (Totilas x Stinginger), is training hard to get even better. “While I really wanted to become an international showjumping racer.”

“Before I started on RS2, I spent seven years at the Glock Horse Performance Center and before that I worked for Rien van de Schaft for eleven years. When I was a year and a half old I got my first horse and since then equestrian has become my passion. I also love Spending a lot of time in my social life. I have no other hobbies, horses are my life.”

I did not expect

“I recently won a bronze medal at the Dutch Dressage Championships in Ermelo, which I never expected. I didn’t expect it to be possible. Of course there were a few top hats missing, but it was all right. I was able to ride really well. The titanium was in great shape, and we were ready at just the right time. So it worked. It couldn’t have been better then, but there is a lot more in this horse for the future.”

still a man

Ten-year-old Torveslettens Titanium RS2, a descendant of Totilas and bred by the Schockemöle/Helgstrand group. When he was five years old, he was sold to Germany and when he was eight he was bought by the RS2 Dressage. I immediately went to drive it. He’s very cute, but he’s neutered too late and he’s still a male in his hand. However, when I’m driving it it’s all over and he’s totally focused on me. He’s also very willing to work, which sometimes worked against me at first. But at this level, that’s an advantage.”

So willing and amazing

“I’ve also installed a number of Totilas offspring in the Glock and they are all quite ready to work amazingly. The proportions are not the most important to me, a lot of quality and willingness to work, that’s it. With a good character you can even improve the quality.”

CHIO . debut

“I’ve been coming to CHIO for a long time. Actually since I worked at Rien van de Schaft, I was 18 at the time. In 2017 I was allowed to ride for the first time, it was on a 3* Tour with Zingaro Apple (by Painted Black) I loved being able to drive in Rotterdam. Riding in Kralingse Bos, with the best riders in Europe at the start, the Nations Cup, and the atmosphere, I think Rotterdam is a very special competition. The weather is often nice too, and that also plays a role of course.”

Aachen no punishment

“I really hope I can start again this year, but it depends on Exloo and the national coach. Of course, driving Aachen is not a punishment, but in our country with the Nations Cup, that is of course the most beautiful thing ever. Titanium had a little vacation after the Dutch championships and now I am I’m taking it back. He’s been too busy to gain experience and that’s why he deserves some rest. After Exloo, I hope to be able to train towards CHIO.”

in the race

“At Ermelo, the groups with the highest scores usually didn’t exist this year, but I still thought there was enough quality. I hope the judges appreciate it. Anyway, the audience did, and I received a lot of enthusiastic feedback. If We’ve all done our best in the coming months, you never know what could happen. We’ll do our best to put together the best team possible with the right horse material for it. All credit to my male teammates, but of course it would be great to send an all-women team…” Van apologizes Der Putin: “I’m sorry, but I never thought about these kinds of questions at all. I wasn’t expecting all this, I just wanted to drive well this year and now I’m suddenly in the race for the team.”

From jumping to dressage

“While I really wanted to become an international showjumping rider. I loved both jumping and dressage, but first worked in the vaulting and trading stable. My parents wanted me to continue improving myself in dressage. When my electronic pony was injured at that time and I didn’t I can jump longer, I continued dressage. Via Frans Poel, with whom I was taking lessons at the time, I ended up with Rien van der Schaft and was definitely a dressage rider. Although I still like jumping more. When I see show jumpers jumping In major competitions, I still feel anxious.”

braid yourself

“Where I am a true dressage rider, I always want to braid my horses myself. This is where the competition begins for me. If sometimes it doesn’t work because of busyness, it just isn’t right for me, I’m missing something in my routine.”

Don’t shave with the same brush

Finally, I would say that it is important for everyone to think for themselves what is best for your horse and yourself. Take care of yourself and do not interfere with anyone else. Everyone does what they think is best. A lot is happening in the world and there are certainly things that we should be concerned about, for example the situation in Ukraine, but there is a huge difference between the world of horses and a country at war. Of course we are all against cruelty to animals and something should definitely be done about it. Of course there are things that are not right. For example, look at the gymnastics and training intensity of these young girls, I don’t think this is healthy either. But beautiful things also happen in all sports, and we shouldn’t bring everyone together.”

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