live blog | approximately 64,000 Ukrainians in the Netherlands; Russia focuses on relations with China

This is the live blog on Tuesday 24 May about the war in Ukraine and all its consequences. Follow this live blog to stay informed.

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Zelensky’s wife announces a mental health tool

05:15 | Olena Zelenska, wife of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, announced the launch of a national program to provide psychological assistance to Ukrainians. Zelenska gives the reason for the start of the country’s “mental health and trauma crisis”, as a result of the war. According to a statement, the Ukrainian government will develop the program “soon” in cooperation with the World Health Organization (WHO).

In a video message on social media, Zelenska said: “No Ukrainian, be it an adult or a child, can be sure that he will wake up tomorrow. Because of all that they have been through under occupation, at the front, in shelters and abroad, they need rehabilitation like people The physically injured’.

According to Zelenska, Ukraine wants to increase support for the psychological well-being of people suffering from war. The state wants to set an example for other countries.

Approximately 64,000 Ukrainians are registered in the Netherlands

04:45 | Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, more than 63,800 Ukrainians have been registered in a municipality in the Netherlands. The peak of recordings was in late March and early April. Then municipalities registered more than 21,500 Ukrainian refugees within two weeks, according to figures from the Netherlands Statistics Office.

Since then, the number of Ukrainians reporting to the municipality has fallen sharply. In the first half of this month, there were about 3,600 registrations per week, and last week there were less than 2,500, although CBS warns that the numbers for recent weeks may not be complete yet. It is not known how many Ukrainians came to the Netherlands but did not register.

Two thirds of registered Ukrainians are women and one third are men. The third is also 18 years old or younger.

Zelensky and Putin on the list of the most influential people

03:30 | Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and Russian President Vladimir Putin are on Time magazine’s list of the 100 most influential people. The American magazine published the 2022 list on its website on Monday.

Zelensky’s name is attached to a comment written by US President Joe Biden. “In President Zelensky, the Ukrainian people have a leader who deserves their courage and resistance at a time when citizens across the country are fighting for their homes and their freedom,” Biden wrote, referring to the war in Ukraine.

“Every time we speak, I hear in President Zelensky’s voice the unyielding insistence of a man who deeply believes in his duty to his people and takes responsibility every day to get through this dark and difficult time,” the US president said. , which is also on the list.

Dutch organizations want to reverse the blockade of Russian sites

01:15 | A Dutch coalition supporting press and internet freedom wants the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg to consider blocking Russian state media outlets such as RT and Sputnik. The group, which includes the Dutch Association of Journalists (NVJ) and civil rights organization Bit of Freedom, will file a petition on Tuesday.

According to the coalition, which calls itself the “Freedom of Information Alliance”, the European decision to impose censorship on these channels was taken “hastily”. It was a few days after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. FOIC notes that there was no independent and rigorous review. “This raises questions about our rule of law and what we stand for as a society,” she said in a statement.

“This is a political decision, without judicial review,” said Rego Zenger of Bit of Freedom. “The decision to block access to information should not be made by our heads of government, but by independent judges.”

The organizations assert that the Russian channels are not objective and do not support the content they distribute. But, as NVJ’s Thomas Browning says, “Disinformation in a constitutional state should not be combated with censorship.” According to Inko Schulte ter Horst of Freedom Internet, this measure also “contradicts the principle of net neutrality”. It is the legal obligation of service providers to treat all data traffic equally.

In addition to Freedom Internet, Internet providers A2B Internet and BIT are also members of the alliance. They are the plaintiffs in the case.

“Russian focus on developing relations with China”

00:30 | Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Monday that Moscow is ready to consider any attempts by the West to restore relations with Russia, but Russia’s focus is currently on further developing its relationship with China. According to the foreign minister, Russia only wants to restore relations with the West if necessary.

“If they want to offer something to continue the relationship, we will seriously consider whether or not we find it necessary,” he said during a speech. But for now, Moscow prefers to focus on China.

“Now that the West has taken the position of dictator, our economic relations with China will grow even faster,” Lavrov said.

China is an ally of Russia. The country previously voted against a UN Human Rights Council resolution to investigate alleged crimes committed by the Russian military in Ukraine.

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