“I don’t entrust Gus with washing: he’ll be mixing colors soon!” † Stories behind the news

Little children big worries

During a 6-week ultrasound, my obstetrician discovered three fruits with pulsating hearts. Gus and I were totally ripped off, after all, we were dependent on one baby! The birth also began completely unexpectedly. The three girls were born at 28 weeks and 3 days old. I was assuming I’d be pregnant for a few weeks, and still feel fine. After giving birth, we were very worried about the triplets. Premature babies are simply more likely to develop complications. Fortunately, after a few months in the hospital, the girls were strong enough to go home with us.

The postpartum period was very difficult. We changed 20 diapers a day and prepared 12 bottles. It was really hard work. We had to feed together at first, even at night. There was no point in feeding three children at the same time. Fortunately, we got into a certain phase of the routine and Joss was able to fall asleep to get a little fitter at work. Sometimes I regret that I never had fun with the girls, everything happened in triplicate. ”

full time

“I take care of the kids most of the time. Jos works full time as an electrical engineer. I’ve also worked full time, but I’ve been working two days a week since the triplets were born. That’s how it went. If I wanted to work more, Jos would have worked less day, but This solution is suitable for us.

On my days off, I’m with the kids, and then I have my hands full of them. They constantly ask me for my attention or quarrel with each other. This is fun, of course, but it also ensures that nothing is done at home. That’s why I take the girls to play in the group four times a week. For example, I have a few free mornings to do the shopping, tidy the house, or exercise. On working days, find a nanny. Gus and I are fortunate to have decent retired parents, and they usually come to the rescue.”

keep order

“I’m lucky to have a guy who helps me a lot in the family. We don’t have a fixed distribution, but we do have our preferences. I do the laundry, I don’t want to entrust that to the Gus. He quickly washes the wrong shades or mixes the colors! I’m doing the shopping, Gus Chefs. No I could absolutely do that.In the days my parents would take care of kids, cook and earn enough for us to eat another evening.

It is very important to Joss and I that we keep the house clean. When we give the girls a bath, we clean the bathroom quickly, and when we sleep we always start vacuuming and wiping. We collect the moments when our hands are not full of girls together to keep the house tidy.”

money maker

„Gus is the breadwinner, because he works more. Of course I bring money too, but less than that. We have a joint account from which we pay everything. We also have our own account, from which we buy beautiful things. At first I had to get used to the fact that Gus is the breadwinner, but due to the harsh circumstances I was able to accept her and we both feel good about her. I think it’s important that we keep talking about that regularly, so we can make sure both parties are satisfied.”

Measuring time for myself

“Next year the girls are going to primary school, and I think that’s doubly so. We close the stage where they have a nice conversation at home. But I finally get more time for family and myself. Then I can have lunch with friends or read or watch a series. I won’t get to That now. I don’t think I want to go back to work once the girls go to school, I take a minute to refuel. But maybe I’ll change my mind!

I would really like to try a “normal” pregnancy. But four kids is really too much for Joss and me. We’ve had our hands of triplets for years now. I can’t imagine having another baby with that.

Some things are impossible with triplets. For example, I wanted to swim a child. But this really should be one with mother and child. I can’t take all three of them in the water at the same time. Going to the playground with them is definitely not comfortable either. Other mothers sit on a bench and watch their children play from a distance. I have to keep an eye on three of them because they are all running in different directions. But it’s also touching to see how the three of them are having fun. I also share those moments on Instagram, dielingmoeder_sientje. “

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