‘Young people really don’t care about that’

He had gotten away with it for a long time, but now Lil Klein seemed to have exaggerated his hand. A new conviction and assault case in a few days leads to major rifts in his existence with the rapper.

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It was a disturbing message that Lil Klein (real name Jorek Schulten) on Instagram under a news story about his conviction. A bully, but also appears to be a digital middle finger of society. The rapper had just been sentenced last Friday to 120 hours of community service for assault and wrote under a message from news channel NOS: “Album for second week on 1 BTW” (By the way, ed.

Inadvertently, Lil Klein, 27, got to the heart of the matter: his (partly alleged) misconduct has no bearing on his success. He grew up as a street fighter, was expelled from several schools and since 2015 (Amsterdam nightlife battle) has been in the publicity several times with violent incidents. He was arrested last year in Ibiza for assaulting his girlfriend Jimmy Weiss (32), which is amicably, technically, and figuratively settled. Friday’s conviction was for assault on nightlife in 2019.

However, the fourteen songs of Kleines’ latest album Ibiza stories Together, they have been listened to nearly 25 million times on Spotify and have been in the top 100 albums (based on sales, downloads and streams) for two weeks. Compare that with colleagues Ali B, Marco Borsato or Bilal Waheeb, who have been at least temporarily neutralized in all of their actions for sexual offending behaviour.

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According to experts, the fact that Lil Klein has escaped this fate so far is because the abuse occurred in a private place and therefore had no direct relationship to the work. But there is something else. “It’s about aggression and society is currently much less sensitive to it than aggressive behavior of a sexual nature,” says the clinical psychology professor. Jan Dirkson from Radboud University. Sexuality and aggression are both a basic human drive. But for now, aggression isn’t the focus, in part because we’re all getting a little angrier with the coronavirus and the narrowing of our freedoms.

Despite this, Lil Klein appears to have overplayed his hand this past weekend. The ink on Friday’s ruling had yet to dry when security photos surfaced showing the rapper a woman, almost certainly his girlfriend and the mother of their son. Leo (2) She pulls her hair from the car and then clips her head between the door and the car. The rapper has been arrested again. This time does not stop at the purely criminal consequences.


Youth-oriented radio station FunX has removed it from its playlist and streaming service Spotify has removed it from its “editorial” playlists, intended to bring attention to music. This means that his music will remain on Spotify, but no promotion. Sony Music, the record company that would help Lil Kleine release his future music, is still considering releasing a statement.

All bad news for the rapper, who also received a bit of support on social media. Presented by the Dutch comedian Peter Pancic The given nickname Pauperkabouter became very popular and was reprimanded by many famous Dutchmen, something Dutch celebrities are usually very reserved amongst themselves.

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teenage expert Marina van der Waal Don’t think that what happens to Lil Klein matters; The young man continues in his heart. “Aggression is not an important topic for young people, they deal with it on a daily basis in movies, games, online videos or rap lyrics. Adults are too busy understanding this type of misbehavior, while a teenager just wants to satisfy their need. And if this was a Lil Klein song, they would Play it. Young people don’t really care what Lil Klein intends to do, I hope the parents will. Because young people are vulnerable. Rappers’ texts about drugs and violence settle in their heads and they are spoon-fed.”

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The fact that Lil Kleine lost his credibility again soon after his conviction indicates, apart from the short fuse, a sense of impunity. “I think he collected a lot of pumps around,” he says. Jory HomemakersExpert in the field of (self) thinking. “What goes for all leaders, including the leader of schemes, is that you gain power and prestige. This is a magnet for pumps. People are simply drawn to power and success. The higher a person’s status, the less contradiction he gets. Who tells him the obvious truth? Kings used to They have a court clown for that.”

However, whether or not he believes he is untouchable, given the feedback from Spotify and FunX, even Lil Kleine can no longer get away with these kinds of abuse with impunity. reputation expert Wesley Decker Van Heet Reputatiborough expects last weekend’s incident to have a “big impact” on Lil Klein’s image. “Last summer – after the Ibiza incident – there was some reputational damage, but not on a professional level. He was already known as the bad boy and got away with relationship problems. Now I’m seeing a lot more voices than before to boycott him. This is casting a shadow over the Lil Klein brand.”


From the Lil Klein camp it was calm so far. The rapper now says it with his music. in the album Ibiza stories He glorifies his expensive gold watches, talks about cocaine abuse and talks several times about “women”. In the title track he addresses in veiled terms what happened in Ibiza. The phrase “I miss my wife” is interspersed with the phrase “You were the woman of my dreams, and now a whore who complains.” He also seems to refer directly to his aggression: “My anger is jealousy, but don’t mean it’s wrong” and “It turns black every time I lose myself.”

Lil Klein reacts to community service news.  Instagram photo

Lil Klein reacts to community service news.Instagram photo

Lil Klein basically puts herself in the role of the victim and doesn’t worry about negative attention. According to (self-reflection) expert Hoedemakers, this fits in with the picture of his brutal reaction under the message regarding community service, in which he points to his success. “He wants to show that there is also something positive to say. But he misses the whole picture. So a king like him actually needs a court jester holding his mirror.”


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