Taking care of yourself as a mother: how do you do it?

Being a mother is something special. Not only do you take responsibility for a mini version of yourself, but you also build a special relationship with your child. To celebrate motherhood, Cabo Lifestyle and Thanks We joined forces and invited four moms for a special shoot.

take care of yourself

To think additionally about motherhood, Cabau Lifestyle and Thanks Four mothers with their children in a private photo session, where the beautiful moments were not only captured, but also discussed. As four mothers know well, being a mother is one A full time job. And while motherhood is incredibly satisfying, it can also be… Mom It’s hard to take care of yourself. That’s why we asked them what they do to put themselves in the spotlight every day.

make time for yourself

Petra (54) Just as a mother left herself to her daughters for a long time in Mekkah (26) and Sabine (23). “I had a time when I thought: I only exist for my kids, but that’s also what I was a mother for. I think the time will come again for me. And it finally came,” she says candidly. She found this balance by going on a weekend getaway or going on vacation with her partner for a week. “Then you can relax and that’s also very nice every now and then. We live in a nice area, so when I walk a little bit on the embankment, I relax too. Every now and then, a little bit of driving makes everything go down a little bit.”

Theresa (37) Mother of three beautiful daughters: emily (9), Isabelle (6) and Louise (5). What do you do to take a moment for yourself? “I love relaxing, messing around a bit, watching soap operas and gardening, and I also enjoy cooking extensively for myself with loud music and dancing,” she says. But she also loves to take naps, hang out with friends and do things she wouldn’t normally wander off to.

although Ann Dominic (31) She enjoys every moment with her daughter fell on (2), she finds herself in need of a moment every now and then. Then, for example, you go to the hairdresser, beautician or have a nice lunch with friends. “Then I make sure Fallon goes to the babysitter, my parents or relatives, and that I take a lot of time for myself and enjoy that extra.” Plus, every night when Fallon goes to bed, she takes a moment to relax. “I’ll take a shower and clean my face. Then I’ll go downstairs for a cup of tea and then often put my own chain on. This really is my moment.”

Anne Dominique and Fallon | Photo: Al-Issa Photography

also Kelly Bookers He tries to provide a moment of rest every day. mother of twins Jackson And mosques (2) She tries to put her children to bed as soon as possible so that she can spend time with her boyfriend Rory† In addition, they try to do something together once a month. “I think if your relationship is good, your kids will be fine too,” she says. “For me, I try to meet friends and go out for days. When they’re with my sister-in-law, I also try to do something for myself. If necessary, go to the sauna or do my manicures for a day. Then I’m really outside for a while.”

self love

Not only does motherhood have a huge impact on your life, but it can also have a huge impact on your body. “I think the first moment you no longer feel self-love is the moment you no longer recognize your own body,” Kelly says frankly. “To love yourself again afterwards, you actually have to feel good about yourself again. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to lose weight, but you have to look at yourself like, OK, I’ve got two kids, but my body is still pretty. Maybe prettier. Than before. Everything is different of course, but for me I feel like I think I’m more beautiful now as a mother than I was before. When I look at myself now, I think: I radiate something more now.”

To feel good about herself, Kelly believes it’s important to get enough sleep, exercise more and eat healthy. “This way I feel better about my skin and also have more energy for the kids. For me, exercising and eating healthy is a requirement,” said Jackson and James’ mother, Anne Dominique, agreeing, although she would rather walk than exercise. “I am also outside.” Much. In terms of diet, we always eat healthily. I also sleep on time and wake up early.”

Want to learn more about quadruple moms? Read the full stories on the Cabau Lifestyle website. or keep it Thanks Stay tuned for more inspiring stories from the four mothers and their beautiful babies.

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Summer Bloom Challenge | Photo: Al-Issa Photography

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pure protein drink
Pure Protein Drink & Bloom Water Bottle | Photo: Photography by Alissa

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