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We publish every week based on “Typical Spain” tips and information. Author: Frieda Klingan A trip through Spain but in a different way. The writer does this by way of popular and lesser known books and novels in order to link travel, culture and literature during his weekly “Literary Travel Guide to Spain”, which is a must for readers who want “literary tourism” to do. Books can be ordered immediately via the links in the article, so you can begin your literary journey through Spain.

You can describe literary tourism as a type of cultural tourism that developed in places related to events in narrative texts. In other words, it is a new type of cultural tourism that connects imagination with the real world.

But when is a person a literary tourist? To name a few: If after the life of the “Cathedral of the Sea” Ildefonso Falcons Eager to visit Barcelona, ​​you want to wander the old town of Oviedo to discover the shadows of “La Regenta” or get busy with the adventures of Don Quixote, you want to know the places Miguel de Cervantes He was an inspiration, you can rightfully call yourself a literary traveler. Incidentally, it is not only Spanish authors whose effects are attractive. This is how readers of “The Sun Also Rises” Ernest Hemingway In the streets of Pamplona to celebrate the San Fermin festivities and the tour Washington Irving In 1829, from Seville to Granada to write “Tales of the Alhambra” made it one of the most famous roads in Andalusia.

Because of its fictional success stories, among others, Carlos Ruiz Zafon, Eva Garcia Sainz de Ortori, Ildefonso Falcones, Dolores RedondoThis type of tourism is becoming increasingly important. Readers are looking for a real connection to the writers that got them excited. They want to discover with their own eyes the places they have imagined while reading, to smell the scent as it is described or meet nice people as they have been told.

The Basque Country, a beloved scene of crime novels

Crime novel is a common genre in Spain, especially in the autonomous community of the Basque Country-Navarra. Some of these have been translated into Dutch, such as Guardian Angel And bone legacy by Dolores Redondo, lily dance Written by Ebon Martin Avaries, The silence of the white city by Eva García Sáenz Utruri, which are located respectively in Navarra, the Basque Country, the town of Vitoria-Gasteiz and the surrounding areas. One of the main reasons for the thriller’s growing popularity in this part of Spain is that after the disappearance of the ETA terror, a space was created for it. A new generation is expected to turn the real violence of the past into a new kind of fantasy, as happened with the Civil War.

Dolores Redondo: “The Baztan Trilogy”

In 1794 it raged in Baztan Valley The Pyrenees war, in 2013, the thriller writer falls Dolores Redondo (1969) There is her trilogy: Guardian Angel The Guardian is invisiblebone legacy Legado and Los Huesos And Ofrenda a la tormenta † The last part has not been translated into Dutch. The entire trilogy is available on Netflix.

Redondo’s books are epic compelling thrillers with a winter Navarra backdrop: misty and dark with endless rain. In that entourage, Police Inspector Amia Salazar investigates the murders of a number of young girls, who are rumored to be PASSAGON, a mythical creature, has been committed. She has to go back to her hometown for this Elizondo Her hysterical mother once abused her. In the legacy of the bones, Amaya investigates the desecration of the church in the same place.

The success of the trilogy makes the place special. Acknowledging the bleak landscape, Amaya Egrasi’s aunt’s home on the often-escaped Calle Braulio Uriarte which is located diagonally opposite the Txokoto pub. This pub is actually an inn overlooking the Baztán River, next to the fictional bread bakery where her mother tried to dunk her in flour. The church opposite the town hall, where the residents of Elizondo witnessed the funerals of the murdered girls, is now on the other side of the river. If you are taking a stroll through the city, you must stop by Pasteleria Malcorra to try Urrakin egiña, the chocolate with hazelnut. And don’t forget to stop at the police station where Inspector Amaya is conducting her interrogations. Although the agency did not even exist when the trilogy was written, it is now a tourist attraction. In one office, he says, “Inspector Amea Salazar works here.”

click here To order the book The Guardian Angel and click here To request an electronic bone heritage book. click here For the Spanish version of Ofrenda de la Tormenta. Dolores Redondo: Guardian Angel (2013), publisher Cargo, translated by Jack Merman; Bone Legacy (2013), Publisher Xander, translated by Jos Kockelkoren; The 3-part Netflix series: El guardián invisible, Legado en los huesos, and Ofrenda a la tormenta.

Ebon Martin Alvarez: “The Dance of the Lily”

Learn about the Basque Country through an exciting story. This is possible with lily dance La Danza de los Tulipanesby Ebon Martin Alvarez (Donostia, 1976). The literary life of the young Basque writer began not with a crime novel, but with the publication of numerous travel guides in the Basque Country. He draws generously from this to frame his murder-thriller stories. “The Dance of the Tulips” is the Dutch debut of Ebon Martin Alvarez.

Already in the first chapter you are in the middle of a green Basque landscape. The train driver is driving Santi on one of the most beautiful roads, the comarca postorialdia, when he sees a woman on the track, strapped to a chair and with a tulip in her hand. To his horror, he sees it as his wife Natalia. He could no longer stop the train and rushed towards her. Her death is broadcast live on Facebook. The image of a dead woman holding a lavender flower in her hand appears repeatedly. Inspector Ane Cestero and her team are tasked with solving the murders. There is no feat, because the “Tulip Killer” is always one step ahead of them. Who is the culprit remains shrouded in mystery until the end.

To follow the traces of the killer, many gems of the Basque coast were visited, such as the Urdaibai ecological reserve, the viewpoint of San Pedro de Atxarre, the village of Murueta and the town of Gernika known for Picasso’s La Guernica. Mundaka, an old fishing village now popular with surfers, is also visited. And there’s a boat trip from Bermio to Isaro, the island of legends and largest off the Basque coast. The sacred place Gaztelugatxe or Rocadragón, a chapel on top of a rocky island, is also not to be missed. The northern Spanish atmosphere is emphasized by the Basque names and expressions you encounter here and there.

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‘model Spain’
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