Doete Van Dubbelzen Launches The Ultimate Mum’s Guide: ‘Mom’s Guide Was Missing’

Doete Reitsma van Dubbelzen loves all things pregnancy and childbirth. It is her great passion. We spoke to her two years ago, when her midwife was the first in the Netherlands to start a fun at-home ultrasound. Meanwhile, Doete has never been idle and is hard at work on a real mother empire. As icing on the cake, I also became a mother last year, yesterday I launched a new cycle for new moms and a new home style. So it’s time to catch up with Doete.

We find it hard to find space together, all of Doete’s projects are going smoothly. “When I became a mother, I wanted so much, but I couldn’t. I notice things are going well again and I am working hard right away!” I began excitedly on a sunny Friday afternoon.

Now she’s no longer the only one practicing pleasurable ultrasounds, but Doete pioneered pleasurable at-home ultrasounds in the Netherlands. “At the time I didn’t understand why I was the only one. So it’s totally fine that there are more and more options now. Now getting a fun ultrasound at home is very affordable, I’m not afraid of competition, and I don’t really see it that way. There is room for everyone.” .”

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birth cycle

This is not necessary, because Doete’s unbridled ambition ensures that she will continue to innovate Dubbelzen. For example, in the years when I worked as a midwife and scorned the use of ultrasound, I’ve discovered that there is a huge difference between women who are preparing for childbirth and women who are not. “I think that’s a shame, because often there is no lack of will,” she says. I also received more and more requests from pregnant women if I could guide them in preparing for childbirth. I thought: why not? “

Doete decided to do a hypnosis course. “I was curious how I could help people give birth calmly. I was immersed in all kinds of different techniques. All people are different, and in my course they can train what suits them best.” During the lockdown, the course continued online. “It was such a hit that I scaled it up in a week. It was great, apparently it was needed!”

‘People dare more online’

Throughout the course, Doete takes you through everything you need to know about childbirth. It teaches you relaxation techniques, teaches you to bond with the baby in your tummy, but also provides all kinds of practical information, so that you are well prepared and can make the right decisions. “It’s getting bigger now. I collect everything I do online in that course. All the new ideas I get are becoming new modules. I live in the academy four times a month, so people can ask questions. It’s amazing that the students dare to Asking more online than a physical question.”

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become a mother

Last year, Doete herself became the mother of her daughter Lotte. She started her podcast during that time, taking you through each week of your pregnancy. “I think there’s a lot of support for people whose midwife also has insecurities, so I’m honest about that on the podcast.”

It was great that Doete finally experienced what it’s like to be pregnant. “I’ve always wanted this a lot and was also curious about how pregnancy and childbirth myself felt. Due to the lockdown that was in place at the time, I experienced the whole process very consciously, even though my pregnancy is different due to corona than I expected. Luckily, I had the podcast and Instagram and was able to share a lot!”

I also found out she was pregnant. “I’ve always said, ‘You can prepare, but you can’t be 100 percent sure beforehand how it’s going to go and how you’re going to feel. That’s why it’s good to know all the tools so that you can switch during the delivery. People always think that the midwife knows it all’. for you, but everyone does it differently.”

The Ultimate Mom’s Guide

Now that Doete is a mother, there is also room for new things in her company. “Some things no longer suit me. So the style of the house has completely changed.” Most importantly for Doete is the new course I developed. “I’ve had a wonderful pregnancy and delivery, but of course it doesn’t stop there. You think if you gave birth, you have the worst. But then it starts! Sure I knew something about becoming a mother, but I still felt a leap of faith when Lotte was there. truly “.

She lacked a clear overview of what she could practically do now. “I get stuck in something when I want to know something, but you quickly lose yourself in an excess of information. There was only evidence missing for my mom. So I had to go and do it!”

In The Ultimate Mom Guide, Doete takes you on a journey into motherhood. “It’s a motherhood guide. Of course I’m sharing my own experience with this and I’ve come back to it in the last year. I like that if something is difficult, like colic or a baby crying that doesn’t stop, you can just research what to do. A community will also be created around it where you can Texting your child at 2 a.m. with another mom: “Do you have this too?”

The best work in the world

As an extension of the new cycle, there will also be a new season of Doete’s podcast. “This mainly relates to my personal experiences. Being a mother really felt transformed. My daughter is a huge mirror,” Dwight laughs. “And that’s why the design had to be different. It’s great to start with new things again, I noticed, I was really ready for it.”

As far as you’re concerned, Doete still has the most beautiful work in the world. “I can express my passion for pregnancy and childbirth and now being a mother. Now also my own experience. It’s a mixture of my work, which I’ve always been passionate about, and a mixture of the stage I’m in. It’s a beautiful feeling that I can share. I hope to inspire people with it!”

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