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The whole world sighed under the Corona virus. The damage this virus has done is enormous. Cities full of life looked like ghost towns. Governments have had to take drastic measures to protect people. In short, the world was locked in a life-and-death struggle.

Every country breathed a sigh of relief when the Covid virus was reported to be contained. Actions taken have been undone. Normal life can be resumed.

However, this virus has also done good things.

– People make time for themselves and others again.

– Because there was less traffic, there were fewer exhaust gases, and therefore more clean air.

The people realized that they should not constantly rely on the state, and that they should take precautions to protect themselves from such a catastrophe in the future.

People have also become resourceful and creative.

People realized that all the money in the world could not guarantee your health. The rich and the poor can be infected.

We now know that no country can be a separate island. Countries need each other to keep the world going.

We had to keep our distance, but we realized that solitude doesn’t have to end in loneliness because we started looking for ways to keep in touch.

– We have personally experienced fear and panic, but we have also experienced that helping hands are ready.

The economy was hit all over the world and it seemed like the world had stopped spinning.

But the world didn’t stop spinning, it just started looking for a better way to reinvent itself and work better. †

But what moved me the most were the words of two prostitutes: “Corona set me free.” The story that young girls from poverty-stricken countries are being lured to the West under false pretense and forced into prostitution has always been far from my bed. However, the conversation with some prostitutes became an eye opening for me. In 2000, prostitution was legalized. I naively thought at the time that it would finally protect the women and girls on the street. Men who need sex can go to prostitutes. But the truth is that this law facilitates the practices of traffickers and pimps. These girls are helpless men who abuse their bodies and postures. Just look at the current war. People smuggling is in full swing. Refugees are waiting and tempted. People often think that prostitution is about women who want to earn big money fast. But for many, it is about coercion and obedience in order to survive.

These girls are not seen as human beings but as sexual objects and are exploited and humiliated. Going out just won’t do any good. Those who can escape do not easily find another job because their profession is looked down upon. They also never lose their “bitch” character again.

It never occurred to me that the Corona outbreak could be in the interest of these girls. Because they were afraid of contamination, they did not work. Many saw this as an opportunity to exit the industry.

The Covid outbreak has forced people to make choices. Will we continue to fight for power, will greed and selfishness prevail, will we continue to make money, or will we be content with what we have from now on? Will human life finally gain value and leave the pollution of the earth behind? Will the interest of the group overcome the individual? Will we choose to breathe fresh air, open the windows to our souls to truly see each other and take the time to truly listen to each other? Do we choose to renounce hatred, violence and discrimination? Will women around the world finally be treated equally and with respect, or will they continue to be seen as sexual objects and commodities? Dear people, Covid 19 has been an eye opener. How you want to live from now on is entirely up to you.

my own way

me…. So I desperately wanted dignity

I’d rather be in my grave

Than to live another day as a slave man

This is what equality means to me.

Men try to impress women

They are not equal to men

They are poorly educated

Only a man can bring them to the promised land

I tasted humiliation and pain

I got obedience beats

handed over to the men

Who treated me like a sexual thing?

I was stuck

God gave me strength

to recover myself

To turn my back on slavery

And choose a decent life.

When everyone turns their backs on me

God showed me a way to free myself

Women, pride and dignity in hand to survive

Please don’t let it slip away

Cherish this treasure and remember it

We can’t win this battle

When a comrade is divided in distress

So let’s gather the forces

To fight for a cream

Women are still fighting for their rights

in their own way

with nonviolence

smile on their faces

And a heart full of faith

Oh yeah… we’re fighting

In our own way!

Justa Vasseur.

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