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What happened in Alvin last week? From a lack of understanding of photography at De Ridderhof and the installation of the new college, to sustainable housing and bird flu. You can read this and more in the weekly overview at

Photography at De Riederhof

The films were taped last Monday morning in and around De Ridderhof shopping center which caused a lot of misunderstanding between Alphenaren. The use of fake weapons was deemed disrespectful, given the April 9, 2011 drama of Ridderhof, “Which idiot thought walking around De Ridderhof with fake weapons was a good idea????”

Following the uproar surrounding the filming, the municipality responded with an apology. They also acknowledged that the reports could have been more accurate and precise. The film is a youth film and has absolutely nothing to do with the shooting drama that took place eleven years ago.

Mayor and Aldermen College

On Thursday, May 19, Kees van Velzen and Han de Jäger bid farewell to the political scene in Alvin a den Rhine. Van Velzen has been active at Alphen aan den Rijn since 2011, in De Jager since 2014. The two expert members have made way for a new Alderman.

These new city council members were appointed the Thursday before the city council meeting. Geert Jan Schutanus and Gerard van As will continue their careers at college, but Anouk Nordermeer, Geert van den Hamm and Reels Priusma are newcomers. The new board members ensure that the board is renewed and that Nordermeer is also the first woman to begin work as an alvin aan den Rhein after the merger.

New council members govern on behalf of the coalition parties Nieuw Elan, VVD, D66 and CDA. Formateur André de Jeu presented the alliance agreement at the board meeting on Thursday 19 May. GroenLinks, ChristenUnie, PvdA, SGP, and RGL subsequently joined the Alliance of the Willing, an agreement between coalition parties and parties that are not part of the coalition, but wish to join initiatives at an early stage.

Living and building

Lots of news came out this week regarding homes and new construction. For example, Woonforte has completed a large solar panel project. Over the course of four years, the Housing Association installed 27,756 panels on 3,106 family homes to help make Alvin aan den Rhine more sustainable.

The homes at Klaverhof are also becoming more sustainable. During the renovation of the rental properties, dating back to the 1970s, many sustainability measures were implemented and extensive nature renovations were undertaken. For example, apartments have moved to at least rating B and sixty permanent speculator funds have been incorporated.

Moreover, the precautions were recently struck again in the Red Village: the windows of the demolished houses were smashed again. After an inspection, the police managed to stop a group of people and the data was recorded. Following multiple instances of disturbance and destruction in the Red Village, the entire demolition site was closed Thursday.

Construction of a new food bank and community center is well underway. Unfortunately, there is also a financial setback. Like everyone else, the food bank noted that prices have risen sharply. The cost surcharge component now costs 12,000 euros.

Speaking of new construction: it is no secret that our municipality is in dire need of housing. Intelligent use of limited space will require, among other things, compact construction, which is reflected in tall buildings and densification. The municipality summarizes the plans and challenges for this in a vision of intensification. You can read more about what exactly this is and why it is necessary in this article.

Messages from emergency services

Last Sunday evening, a car crashed into a tree on the Zajerban River. The cause of the accident was an argument between passengers, and it was announced a day later. The engaged arm movements caused the car to vibrate, land on the wrong side of the road, and crash into the tree.

A valid deed was also done on Sunday, May 15th. A committed person noticed that two people were messing with a boat and called the police. When they got to the boat, the police found traces of the burglary.

Last weekend, several police reports were released about driving under the influence of drugs. In several places in Alvin, the police found drivers with too much bolus. One person’s driver’s license was also confiscated.

School tournaments

After two years, the BSC Alphians School Championship can finally be staged again this week. At least one hundred children have registered to learn about baseball and softball. The tournament was held on Wednesday with the participation of seven schools. And that was a huge success, according to the organization.

The regional final of the school football championship was also held in Millennium last Wednesday. With 300 kids and many parents, it was a nice sporty afternoon. Unfortunately, Alvin Schools were not awarded and will not be in the district final.

Other news

On Monday afternoon, chaos reigned on Alvinsi’s roads. The bulkheads of the Albert Schweitzer Bridge were no longer open, bringing freight traffic to a standstill. Surrounding roads were also disrupted as a result, and Alvin was closed in many places. Fortunately, it was resolved after a while and traffic was able to drive over the bridge again.

Last Tuesday was the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. For this reason, the mayor, among others, raised the rainbow flag at Burgemeester Visserpark. Alphen aan den Rijn wants to be a municipality where there is no discrimination and is therefore also a rainbow municipality committed to accepting the LGBTIQ community.

Bird flu was diagnosed in Buscop on a small scale poultry farm. As a result, a ban on transportation applies to companies located within a distance of 10 km. This transfer ban applies to all birds, hatching eggs and table eggs from a site with birds. The ban also applies to animal products from poultry farms.

Registration for the Eid game began last weekend. However, there are very few volunteers, so many children ended up on the waiting list. A group of girls took matters into their own hands and appealed to find their own supervisor. They hope to be there again this year.

Of course, the weather made us very busy last week. For example, a thunderstorm early Thursday morning gave a stunning picture. Alphenaar Wesley Hogervorst managed to catch a lightning strike on the Zegerplas on the photo. A few hours later, just before the rain started, Alvin photographer Josh Walt quickly managed to capture this wonderful photo of an approaching thunderstorm with his drone.

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