Should we be more concerned about the extinction of animal species? This is what the DVHN Youth Committee thinks

This Sunday is the International Day for Biological Diversity. In a United Nations report published in 2019, scientists warned that one million species are on the verge of extinction. Doesn’t this topic deserve more attention than it gets? This is the opinion of DVHN Youth Panel.

In a United Nations report published in 2019, scientists warned that 1 million species, out of an estimated 8 million, are on the verge of extinction, many within a few decades.

Some researchers claim that we are already halfway to the sixth mass extinction in Earth’s history. Previous mass extinctions have wiped out 60 to 95 percent of all species. Doesn’t this topic deserve more attention than it gets? This is the opinion of DVHN Youth Panel.

Linda Dirink (16)

We often do everything we can to keep things from disappearing. You can mention all kinds of traditions, but also many kinds of animals and plants.

In a way, this is not strange. People love it when everything goes the way it used to. Unfortunately, this is not how nature works, everything is constantly changing. All these changes lead to new changes and in this way something always changes.

For example, we must not forget about climate change, which causes conditions to change in many places. Although habitats are changing rapidly and dramatically, many species cannot adapt at the same pace. As a result, many plants and animals do not survive which leads to extinction. We can try to counteract that, but unfortunately plant and animal species cannot be adapted to change at the same pace as conditions. The only thing we can do for these species is combat climate change as much as possible.

Some plant and animal species become extinct due to humans, for example due to hunting or due to deforestation. I think we should pay more attention to that. We can educate people who hunt wildlife, for example, about alternative ways of making money and the consequences of their actions.

In addition, it often helps to ensure that the topic is discussed, so I would like to ask you as a reader to help with that. Think about it and talk about it with others.”

Mosquito Vivian (16)

“Climate change is a big item in the news and in school today. We are learning how it affects us, humanity, but little about what it means for animals. Of course we know about polar bears and fish, but apart from those species we hear very little about them.”

I think we should pay more attention to that. After all, we all know the “butterfly effect”; If an animal species becomes extinct, it could have dire consequences for the rest of the world, no matter how small that animal is. Take the bee for example. If the bees died, there would be no more pollination for the flowers and we would immediately have fewer plants on Earth. Animals that live on this die again, they are food for other animals, so they also die, until they come to us. An animal species extinction is thus just as catastrophic as crop failure due to heat, especially if it involves more than 10 percent of animal species within a few decades.

I don’t know how we can do anything about it. All I know is that we need to know more about him. Of course news is dominated at the moment by news related to Ukraine and partly also by Corona, but this news should also draw more attention. ”

Alyssa Boss (16)

“Biodiversity is very important to life on Earth. Because of the types of animals that are now on Earth, we can live in a world as we are used to. We often don’t realize how different organisms affect us, so we consider them to be there.

But in recent years, it has become clear that this is not entirely clear; More and more animal species are on the verge of extinction, including orangutans, gorillas and polar bears. If we don’t do something about this, these species will go away and so I think we should be more concerned about this in general.

There are also many endangered plant species. If organisms disappear, ecosystems will also change and this will affect us indirectly. But if we look outside ourselves, the death of many species would still be horrific, of course. And all this is due to man, because we want to be able to live as comfortably as possible.

Personally, I think that more attention should be paid to biodiversity in schools to show how much it has an impact on our planet, because I think not many see the urgency yet. In addition, schools must also teach us what to do about it; How can we help as individuals. Because now it’s a big problem we need all the help.”

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