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In her youth she was a quiet girl, who did not like to be in front. She tells us that herself. During her education at CIOS in Sittard, she learned to stand in front of a group. In her daily life, she now works as a physiotherapist oncologist and edema therapist in Maastricht. He spoke to her calling her fellow man and pleaded with her. At SV Abdissenbosch they are very happy with Nikki Römkens. She works as an assistant referee, every now and then she works as a physicist for the women’s team, and if requested, she also wants to help men with the physical discomfort of football. The third inning is important to her, but more importantly, Nikki and partner Guus Schulteis are hoping to welcome their first offspring in September.

We started talking.

Education and work

We have already described what the profession of Nikki Rumkins is. We let her tell herself how it all happened, what and what motivated her to choose a profession. She explains: , I am a physiotherapist and edema therapist and work in Maastricht in a private practice. I recently completed my MSc Physical Therapy oncology at Avans+ training in Breda. The drive to become a physical therapist was already in high school. My grandmother and I went to the physiotherapist and asked a lot of questions. I really liked the human body and the connection with our fellow human beings a lot. So after high school, it had to become a career choice in which the musculoskeletal system and people are central, so I chose to do CIOS at Sittard. I’ve always been a quiet girl and didn’t like to be on top. In CIOS I learned to stand in front of a group, to show myself and make the most of it from a mathematical point of view. Sports became an important part of my life and I envisioned doing something with it for the rest of my life. During my training at CIOS, I began working part-time as a lifeguard at In de Bende in Landgraaf, after which I worked full-time for a year, before beginning training as a physiotherapist at the Zuyd Hogeschool in Heerlen. I graduated in 2015 and started working as a physiotherapist in Venlo, where I now live. Several workplaces followed this around Limburg, and I ended up in Maastricht, because there was a vacancy for my edema treatment here. To this day, it works very well! “

football career

Then we ask about Nikki Rumkins’ football career. Three clubs will appear in her answer, as it turns out, clubs that play at different levels. Her story: I’ve been playing soccer myself since around the age of five. I started with Abdussanboush, my mother was a coach at that time. When I started swimming lessons I had to stop. At the age of fourteen or fifteen I started playing football again, now with the B girls from Abd Sanboush. She moved from girls to ladies, as we had to learn to play on a big court. Since there weren’t many women’s teams in the area at that time, we played practice matches against the boys. When I was 21, I started playing for Langberg, starting with the second team, and eventually also in the main team, until I turned 25. This was followed by an adventure with Venlosche Boys 2. Every now and then I was allowed to take part in the first at Venlo. The first team of this club played in the second division at that time and after promotion in the first division.”

light and deception

Each person experiences beautiful moments and disappointments in his life, both socially and athletically. Nikki Rumkins is no different. It lists the ups and downs: I think the highlights for me as a player have been the games in the Finloch Boys’ starting line-up. This level was so high that I got a different understanding of football. Nobody can take away from me the experience I gained there. Another notable thing was that I was named Player of the Tournament in a football tournament and that I’ve been named Player of the Year for the past two years, and that was at Langberg. It was very satisfying.”

Yes, and there was deception too. Less fun was my knee injury, which I had when I played football again at Abdessenbosch Stadium, in May 2019. Due to insufficient calf muscle training and poor preparation, I ruptured my ACL, which ended my football adventure. At least that’s what I thought. In September 2020 I slowly started training again and in September 2021 I started participating in a competition again (in case of emergency). However, I was kicked so hard in the back that I bruised my kidneys. Then it was no longer worth continuing to play matches. After all, work was more important at that time.

In general, I can say that I have fond memories of the various associations in which I played football. I learned a lot about football, how to play, got to know a lot of people and still enjoy the world of football.”

From player to mentor

Nikki Rumkins has already told us that she has (temporarily) suspended her football activities as a player. But she, despite being an athlete, wants to keep in touch with football. I have cut other things inside Abdul Sanboush now on their way. Tell us about the developments: During my training as a physiotherapist at Zuid University of Applied Sciences, you had to earn credits by doing an internship or taking a volunteer position related to physiotherapy. For example, I was asked to fill the position of Acting First Team Abedsenbosch. Because I wanted to play football again and no longer live in the area, I handed over the stick and stopped. Now I’m a female assistant assistant, mainly because I’ve had serious injuries to my knees and back. It is a good thing, I can also contribute in this way and I am there when they need me. I was a nurse in the first of Abdul Sanboush, that was before Kirsten. For men, it’s a fact that you’ve been “tried”, but I think I can handle that very well. Let’s massage the calves for a while, just add the lower back. These are “luxury” treatments. Something you don’t want to do as a physiotherapist, because there are serious injuries. For some you are the “masseur,” but if you have a diploma in your pocket, you won’t appreciate the word masseuse.

Abdussanboush is my team, my home club. This is where I started and I am still willing to contribute. If not as a member who plays with the ladies, then as an assistant or guard for the ladies. If the gentlemen need me, of course I will not forsake them. You can always ask.


Three clubs have been able to enjoy the qualities of football such as Nikki Rumkins, Abdul Senbosch, Langburg and the Finloch Boys. She has several coaches in Landgraaf, Brunssum and Venlo. When we ask about her best experiences, she gives names like Johan and Jos bij Langeberg. and Mark Retra and Mark Nobbs at Fenloch Boys. “I learned the most from the last two. Especially on a technical level and about the tasks you already have for each position. No one has ever explained it to me before, and after 20 years this has been very helpful,” she tells us, before continuing with her warm memories: “This is from Uncle Gus and Dad “They were both my coaches. I would probably say this also because it strengthens the family bond. In terms of teams, it was very fun in Langeberg and in Venlo. Going out together and doing fun things. The team at Abdissenbosch now has that too and the third half is especially fun. I don’t want to miss it.” “.

So Nikki Rumkins is no longer active as a full-time caregiver, but is available if asked if the Abdussenbosch women need her. She says she feels good about giving advice when someone has had an injury and how they can best deal with it. “It’s different from my job where you examine a person completely and then apply your treatment. Here at the club you usually ask a question and you try to give the best advice about it and maybe deal with it if there is a room.”

By the way, I don’t think I will continue to work as a caregiver. It is more than just a hobby and it is the social part that attracts me to this association now. I belong to the ladies and that’s what I can contribute at the moment. I preferred to play football by myself, but this is currently due to the injury and pregnancy described. So I have no ambition to look higher as a caregiver, because my job requires more than enough effort and I want to enjoy the weekend as much as possible. What could be possible? I will get football again and then start the training sessions. Who knows… there will be a sequel to the occasional match or tournament.”


People and therefore football players suffer from mood swings. If things are going well, there is a lot of laughter, and if things are less, it can turn into murmurs and murmurs. “Himmelhoch jauchzend oder zum Tode betrübt” is what they call the two extremes in Germany. How about our lines assistant, we wonder. Nikki again: “It’s a shame when the girls don’t feel comfortable in the game and you see that things can and should be done differently. Ideally, you want to share or say something. However, I respect the coaches present and only give my opinion when asked. So it has an effect, especially a bit of a weakness, because I’m literally standing outside the lines figuratively.”

a musician

Another hobby of Nikki Rumkins, she tells us at the end, is music, and she seems to have the talent to perform musical sounds herself, because; I am a busy bee and at the moment I find my relaxation in music. I play flugelhorn, trumpet, and trumpet and do it in three associations. I play flugelhorn with Harmonie Laura at Lauradorp in Landgraaf, horn at Royal Harmony Ster in Maastricht and with Dorfdudler here in Landgraaf. I can’t sit still and that’s why I like to be busy.”

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