Kloen allows children and youth with disabilities or chronic illness to shine in the Clowntown music scene: ‘A dream come true’ | Hooglede

ROESELLARYFifteen young people with a chronic illness or disability, such as Down syndrome, pediatric rheumatism or primary immune competence, will soon be on stage at CC De Spil in Roeselare. Roeselaarse vzw Kloen allows them, along with the Allegria youth choir, rock band De Gemene Delers and clowns Sprietje and Loesje from Het Clownshuis, to be the star of the Clowntown music scene. “Everyone will shine in their own way,” says Gert Derivee van Kloen.

Cloyne has been putting smiles on the faces of sick children since 2015. Their latest project makes 15 children and young adults with a chronic illness or disability not only smile, but glow. Because on Friday, June 17th, Clowntown will present De Spil in CC, an entirely special innovation with children and youth in the lead role. “We started this project based on the idea that everyone should be able to be themselves,” says Gert Derive, the driving force behind Kloen. “We soon found within our network about 15 children and young adults, the so-called VIPs, whose dream through Clown Town to shine with others we could fulfill, each in our own way.”

current and global

Clowntown is an all-encompassing, surprising, inspiring and often poignant music scene. It is a story in rhyme in which current and world topics are discussed and has a lot of music and dance. Peter Defleger, also active in De Gemene Delers, provided the text and all texts. “I’m used to writing new lyrics for existing songs, but this was something different,” he says. “All texts must not only form a story, but also rhyme and also be appropriate for young and old and for our target group.”

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With less than a month to go before showtime, VIPs, De Gemene Delers, Allegria, and clowns are currently busy with the exercise. VIPs are already having a great time in their lives. “It’s a lot of fun, a dream come true, although I’d rather be on stage with Nils Destadsbadr,” said Marthee Hallart, 19, from Izegem who was born with Down syndrome. During rehearsals I can pull some funny faces and anyway I already have some theater experience because next weekend I will be performing with the dance school at De Leest in Izegem. But I’m really looking forward to June 17th.”

Just their thing

Hooglede’s Natalie Vanek, in turn, enjoys what Clowntown does with her daughter Yara (12) and son Jaric (11). “We’ve known Kloen for a long time, but when we went to the vaccination center with Yarah and Yaric, Geert talked to us about Clowntown,” she says. Yara, who has Down Syndrome and a heart condition, loves to dance so the show is a perfect fit for her. Jaric just came during rehearsals, had some good ideas and ended up on stage. They both think it’s a great experience and they do what they do. For Yara This is her first time appearing on stage. June 17 will be her moment and we will be there with the whole family to see her shine.”

Clowntown will take place at CC De Spil in Roeselare on June 17th at 7.30pm. Tickets cost 18 euros. Anyone under the age of 12 pays €9. Tickets can be ordered from De Spil at 051 / 26.57.00 or at www.despil.be. There is also a second show at UZ Gent.

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