Is Boyer seeking to establish a relationship between the 2022 participants? Which couples are there?

Did the participants in the Boer zkt Vrouw 2022 from Belgium have anything to do with the programme? Are the couple still together seven months after the shooting? We’ll see him tonight – Sunday, May 22 – on the final episode of Boer zkt Vrouw 2022 on VTM. Dina Tersago brings the five farmers together for the first time at Damme during the Boer zkt Vrouw reunion episode at 7:55 PM on VTM.

A farmer is looking for a wife’s reunion ring

The participants not only gather at the Boer zkt Vrouw 2022 in Belgium; Their five partners are also looking at this particular adventure. They give their side of the story. Together they discover how the originally blind love affair developed. Because something has definitely happened to the cultivators in recent weeks… but who are the pairs who actually survived?

Kim and Amy a couple?

During the romantic trips, there was actually kissing and hugging, and even one farmer changed his wife: Potato farmer Kim followed his wits and left for a romantic weekend with Jenny, but he didn’t forget about the fired Amy he chose again when he was back. Now of course the question is: Are Kim and Amy a couple? Are they in a relationship after this particular start of their love affair?

If you were disappointed that this was the last episode of Farmer Wants a Wife, play the game!

Looking back, the farmer is looking for a woman 2022

It also takes a look at some other amazing events: Things go wrong with Barbara at my neighbor’s goat farmer. From the first day he frankly expressed his feelings for her, but soon Els appeared in the photo. Barbara felt that Gary was no longer choosing her and left. For Elaine, Lorenz’s choice wasn’t obvious because her parents were thinking of someone else. In West Flanders, it was very difficult for Els to understand the introverted farmer Cyriel and he chose cowboy William Amber out of conviction.

Farmer Husbands Looking For Woman 2022

Who are the pairs of Boer zkt Vrouw 2022? Anyway, this was the booth for the reunion episode… As we know more, we’ll update:

  • Kim Biets & Emi
  • Cyril Capwin and Els
  • Elien Ceustermans & Lorenz
  • William Jr. Duggan and Amber
  • Gary Strix and Els

Find out more about the participants in the Boer zkt Vrouw 2022 in the article about the contact episode, which was broadcast on TV in May last year.

Kim & Amy

Kim Biets said the following about his recent Emmy choice: “It was really hard and it’s a pity that I didn’t realize until then that I was in love with Emi,” Kim admits. “But I really didn’t realize it and unfortunately I can’t get it back. But Amy is the woman of my life…Now anyway!” he adds with a laugh.

Cyril and Elsa

After many hesitations, Cyriel Capoen finally opens his heart during a city trip and seals Els’ love with a kiss. There is now finally clarity and they can fully enjoy their last evening at Ghent. “I am very happy and pleased with the result. It is an ending that I did not dare dream about,” Cyril Beams.

Elaine and Lorenzo

During the city trip in Bruges, the first kiss between the spontaneous Ilian Swestermans and the ruthless Lorenz also followed. “I am so happy that we are together now. I hope we can keep up and make something beautiful out of it,” said Elaine.

William and Amber

William Jr. Duggan and Amber also approached in Limburg. After three full days, they concluded the final day with a romantic boat trip. Amber had feelings for William very quickly and it turned out that they were mutual. “I feel very excited now, for sure. I am curious about how this will develop in the future,” William says.

Gary and Elsa

Earlier, Garry Sterckx and Els also sealed their love with a first kiss in the goat barn. They both went through many difficult moments in the past, but they finally dared to admit their emotions again and fell madly in love again for a long time. After a romantic stay in Cadzand, the future is now smiling at them.

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