“I want to mean something to girls and women like me”

At first, Giovanca Ostiana (45 years old) had a lot of difficulty as a talk show host in 1 She was thinking of quitting smoking. Now she is happy because she insisted, “I really enjoy doing it. I feel like I’ve reinvented myself.”

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Homepage, From Diana Ross! “Giovanka Ostiana doesn’t have to think twice about the first song you want to sing if you participate in it Amazing blessing† On the new EO Gospel Show, famous singers like Lucas Hamming, Lisa Loeb and Dries Roelvink embark on a gospel path, starting with a song that means a lot to them. “I’ve always wanted to bring the gospel to the Netherlands,” says Giovanka in an Amsterdam café. “It’s there, but you don’t hear it enough. Now is the time, we’ve been through a time of crisis and the gospel is music that makes you happy. Besides, major players in music history like Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, Beyoncé and even Elvis Presley have gospel backgrounds. Gospel It really is closer than you think.”

As an introduction, she doesn’t have to pick a personal number herself, but if she can, then it will be residence has become. why?

“Firstly, because Diana Ross is my absolute favorite in everything: her voice, her looks, the way she dared to evolve. It is not for nothing that I staged a show about her. In residence She sings heartbreakingly about “home”, I could only go there for a short time. Whenever I hear or sing the song, I always think of my childhood. When everything was still … not perfect, but sound. My father was still alive and we were all together. I also think of the island we came from, where there are so many memories of my parents that have surely given me a place in my life. My parents came to Holland from Curaçao to study here. My sister and I had a real upbringing in the Antilles.”

how are you?

“Respect for your parents and for all your elders, that’s self-evident. Independence, knowing the value of money, studying, and expressing an opinion were also important. We were not allowed to speak Papiamento among ourselves. We had to master that language, because it was our culture. But my father wanted us to talk with each other by ABN as children and we also had to be able to speak Dutch fluently at school. At home we were from the Antilles, outdoors we behaved very integratively.”

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How was it for you?

My parents were not well off. I was aware of this from an early age. They worked, but both had an industrial accident that made them work less at first and eventually had to give up their careers altogether. They still receive seventy percent of their last wages. This wasn’t much, because they were already starting to work less. Then there were also relatives who temporarily lived with us and had to be looked after. The lesson my parents taught me about being open and caring for others was very valuable. I tried to show that I don’t care that I can’t have everything the other kids have. If I needed certain things for school, I wouldn’t bother my parents with them. I just didn’t say it at home, because it seemed hard enough to them already.”

Music played an important role for you, right?

“Yes, it was the most natural thing in the world for us to have the music playing and not in the background. We always sing and play. As soon as I got on the podium, I was there. To dance, sing and present. I was very strict with myself. I remember very well that I was once allowed to present School weekend. Everyone was doing something, me too, so I had to announce myself. The next one right after my work. Since my cards weren’t in the right order, I had to improvise. I walked off the stage crying because it didn’t go well. In my school report Professor Burt wrote: “This way you are radiant and the next moment you are so critical of yourself that you have to cry, then quickly pick yourself up again and portray the brilliant role again.” So cute that someone has already seen my perfection and can quickly change it It was all there then.”

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How do you deal with that now?

“I’m still a perfectionist, but life, my age, and my daughter in particular have really changed me. Motherhood is no match for wanting to be perfect. My baby doesn’t grow at all with such a mother. Of course Jessamy benefits from having me, packing, and preparing her for everything in the playground with her, but Most of all she wants to play.”

Was it difficult to accept?

“Amazing! But it went faster than I thought, for I saw that she rests when I feel comfortable. The less I try to be organized, the more pleasant it is for her. We take him as often now as he comes, Go with the wind.”

Do you also benefit from the lessons that motherhood teaches you in your work?

“Believe. In my work, I quickly tend to make choices that fit that high, or set it even higher. My daughter taught me that I am good the way I am. Subconsciously I was always engaged in some kind of overcompensation. I wanted to excel in everything I do, Because imagine if anyone thought I didn’t deserve it. I wanted to get ahead of that.”

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Why do you want it?

“If you grow up in an environment where you can be yourself at home, but not outside, that will do something for you. Outdoors, I’ve always had to find a shape to rely on. I developed strategies for that very early on that were deep inside of me and I couldn’t Getting rid of them is easy. It’s small and big things. Speak more politely when you walk into a store, so people immediately hear that you are “good people. The desire for your hair to look like a white woman is because you may be more accepting.”

You mentioned earlier that you were rejected as a model because you were too dark, and now you hear that you achieved what you achieved because of your color.

“Isn’t that weird? The color that previously kept me from combing through is now being used. So yeah, that’s probably where part of my perfection comes from. It always has to be an increase of ten, because they can’t blame something else.” Hard work is good, but it has to be realistic. I can see that since I became a mother.”

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However, it seems difficult to let go of this perfection if you often watch TV. Especially when you get criticized, like when you started out as one of the usual duos in in 1.

“Honestly, if I had gone on that adventure before I became a mother, I would probably have dropped out. At first judged by critics for not being a journalist. I was totally into it. Oh my God, what a bad journalist I was! Disgusting! Until I realized: I’m not a journalist at all. If they expect me to, they won’t pick me and I won’t sit there. I’m an artist, singer, and I’m a mother. My life doesn’t really depend on hosting a talk show. They initially chose me as an add-on to co-host Tijs van den Brink. He can carry on any political topic. Or economics on its own, but the talk show contains more than just current affairs. I can add something in those other areas. No one would have imagined then that we would almost immediately end up in a global crisis. Ruel van Velzen wasn’t on the table one week, but the next. He was someone with a great book. On the contrary, virologists and other experts only came for months. It was hard. But my mission remained the same: Be yourself.”

Try it in the eye of the storm.

“Of course I would sometimes think of giving up, but with in 1 The Ethics Office continued to believe in me. I realized that I was hindering my growth by keeping up with public opinion and that I could better listen to people who wanted the best for me. They said persevere, it will be fine. I am so glad they did. As a result, I now hope to mean something to girls like me who are watching TV right now. I am a role model for my niece who studies journalism. For my daughter, the most natural thing in the world is that she has a mother who sings and performs. It has brought me a lot myself.”

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What brought you?

“My world has grown. Now I feel more connected to what is happening outside my own bubble. Before I in 1 Provided, I was more selective in following the news. Of course I read the newspaper, but now I also read opinion pieces and articles on topics I never thought would interest me. I’ve discovered that my interests go beyond just talking about art and culture. People feel comfortable with me. I really enjoy doing it now. I feel like I’ve reinvented myself.”

Are you late wrong?

“Yes! I’m late for everything: going on my own as a singer, presenting, becoming a mother. But I’ll get there.” Amazing blessing I’ve also gotten really bold, and I’m really proud of the show. By the way: in Homepage, My favorite song, I don’t just think of the past, but of my home now as well. When I sing that song on stage, I feel so grateful to be there. For a long time, the theater was the only place where I could truly be myself, but the place where I feel happy now is home.”

Singer and presenter Giovanca Ostiana (45 years old) is one of the introduction duo on the daily talk show along with Tijs van den Brink. in 1† It also introduces the new program Amazing blessing From EO, where eight famous Dutch artists, led by coaches Birgit Lewis and Sherma Ross, dive into the world of gospel music. Giovanca lives in Amsterdam with her 6-year-old daughter Gisame.

Amazing Grace can be seen on TV starting May 22.

at When was the last time … On Libelle TV, Giovanca answers burning questions:

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