Poezencentrale Mol has taken care of cats for ten years: “Since the emergence of Corona, we have had to accommodate more animals” (Mol)

Karen Frolix family takes care of kittens. Children Fien and Sterre take care of kittens Romeo and Juliet. © Tommy Mays

Mall, Ballin

Poezencentrale Mall is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. As a recognized unsupported shelter, the association takes care of kittens in need with foster families. In recent years, the number of cats accommodated by the Cat Center has increased sharply. “Last year was very difficult and we fear the same thing this year,” he said.

Poezencentrale Mol is a recognized non-supported shelter for kittens in need. The association originated from the stray cat project of the municipality of Mall. “As feral cat project volunteers, we have often encountered kittens and kittens who need urgent care,” says Stefanie Loomans of Poezencentrale Mol. “We didn’t want to reintroduce those kittens that could still be socialized or that needed care, and there was already a huge shortage of shelter for these cats. This is why we decided to set up a sanatorium ourselves. In 2012, Poezencentrale Mol was set up As a recognized shelter.”

Kittens are not cared for in a central location, but in foster families at home. Poezencentrale Mol currently has about fifteen foster families who take care of care cats as volunteers. The Karen Froliks family in Palin is one of those foster families.

“I got in touch with Poezencentrale when I adopted a cat through the association,” Karen says. “When I heard that Poezencentrale was still looking for foster families to take care of the kittens, I decided to become a volunteer. The whole family was behind it. This is absolutely necessary, because it also has a huge impact on the family. You have to be totally committed to it. You take care of the very young animals. Or the sick one who needs a lot of attention and care. But you also get a lot of satisfaction from it. And when they finally find a new home through adoption, we keep in touch with their new family. For example, I often get messages about the animals’ current condition.”

Stephanie Loomans of Poezencentrale Mol and nanny Karen Frolix.

Stephanie Loomans of Poezencentrale Mol and nanny Karen Frolix. © Tommy Mays

Poezencentrale ensures that foster families have the food, medicine and materials needed to care for the kittens. Veterinary costs are also paid for through Poezencentrale. “Fortunately, we can count on the support of many veterinarians who, like us, put animal welfare first,” says Stephanie Lomans. “Among other things, we ensure that cats receive the necessary care and treatment, no matter the cost, and that they are vaccinated, microchipped and spayed or neutered. This also costs a lot of money. For example, our costs amounted to 72,000 euros in 2021, of which more than 50,000 euros in veterinary costs, because we also give the weakest opportunity.”

In addition, the number of cats received by the Cat Center every year is increasing sharply. “Last year has been very difficult and we fear the same thing this year,” Stephanie says. Since the end of the strict Corona measures, we have seen the number of kittens in need rise again. In 2020, we received about two hundred care cats and in 2021 that number increased to nearly three hundred. People need to realize that pets cannot be disposed of. If you love your cat, you need to take good care of it. Make sure your cat is microchipped and sterilized or neutered and receives the necessary vaccinations so the animal can grow up healthy.”

What to do if cats are found

Now that she has given birth to so many kittens, the Poezencentrale Mol also wants to post some guidelines on what to do when you find a group of kittens. “Anyway, never feed cats themselves,” Stephanie says.

Often people do it with good intentions, but it ends badly. We also recommend leaving cats where they are unless they are in a dangerous location or in a cold place. Call the Poezencentrale at the emergency number 0475-78 64 45 and leave a message there. We do not respond immediately, but always respond to calls regarding kittens or adult cats in distress. Then the volunteers get to the site as quickly as possible and do what is necessary for the animals. It is also legally required to seek professional help such as asylum. It is also not allowed to keep cats that have been found yourself or handed over to others. There are even strict fines.”

(Tommy Mays)


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