Patrick Keiken: Will Jill Beilin almost revive 3FM?

[BLOG] It’s Bijltjesdag on the largest and unabashedly costly government project in the Netherlands called ‘NPO Radio 3FM’. Last month, the morning show with Sander really got the bag, yesterday the afternoon show with Eva and Frank. At the last midnight, all broadcasters “recorded” for 3 new programs, which were said to be announced next week, ended. I’m writing the registry in parentheses on purpose, because insiders know this is of course fake. New channel coordinator Menno de Boer (formerly 538) is given carte blanche, as long as he allows himself to be whispered by two other influential species.

3FM’s other two authority voices are of course Jurre Bosman, but also a more surprising name: Florent Luyckx (now owned radio director). He was the last person who was allowed to experience that people listened to 3FM, as a channel coordinator, so he is asked for advice from time to time. Now the story goes that broadcasters are really fooled when selecting new 3FM programming. Biggest broadcaster, except for BNNVARA, because they have such a big finger in the pie with the pop station leaving the rest behind. It will also allow them to fill in the most important periods (morning and afternoon) again. But with whom in the name of God?

Several (big) names were asked if they would come and save the Titanic from Dutch radio. But many said no out loud, because they also recognize that a brand that has been so damaged that few people have shown interest in could better turn into an online production and podcast platform, where they record. Take V&D, for example, which also went on without physical stores because no one came anymore. Same for Office Center. Sometimes the form is just gone and you have to dare to keep up with the times. Not at the NPO of course, where the word innovation at 3FM consists of: We turn studio furniture 180 degrees (I’m not kidding). also Nils Hoagland (formerly 538 and now president of FunX, who is not without merit) has thanked you for driving the 3FM ship safely to port. He has an advisory role alongside Mino de Boer.

The one who still has a bone to choose with 3FM is Giltje Belin† At some point, of course, he had to get out of there in the morning, until the end of the week, to the exit. At Radio Veronica he could not record in the morning, and now he works on NPO Radio 2 late at night for a rather low salary. Jill’s lifestyle can be described as hyperactive, just like anything else in his life. He has ADHD and loves to throw money. Sleep is for bisexuals, so it doesn’t matter. So his name was also ringing on the morning block, to which Frank Dane kindly said no. So it will be, Giltje in the morning and Rodji in the afternoon. A program that looks very nice on paper, but an infected animal called 3FM won’t make it. This isn’t because of Rod’s generation, it’s because of the zeitgeist. 3FM has expired and is shutting down.

So we have Nick van der Bruggen† This does not seem to be very comfortable with Captain Minbo, who must come to the rescue of the other anxious child 538 from QMusic, for 4 tons per year. So Niek’s days seem a bit numbered on the Talpa radio group, where he considered himself a simple music director. And his good friend/direct colleague Chris Hartgers has already crossed. if Rod de Wilde If it doesn’t happen on 3FM in the afternoon, they can always opt for protege Rod Nick, the guy who’s been working as a companion at De Wild for years and can therefore emulate him perfectly. I also see a role for that Felicia’s immersion, which had to go to 538. Because it has to be universal! or Bram Kricki To free himself from the terrible wake up shield he has to manage in QMusic, the perfect match would be with 3FM.

But I forgot to tell the best story. To all those big names that the NPO has been pulling in in recent months, it was simply said: “Okay, tell me if you want, we’ll find you an anchor.” Isn’t it wonderful those beneficial marriages that have been concluded! A “3FM spokesperson” chanted in AD: It’s all the broadcasters’ decision. What a hoax and what a lie from the NPO. Just admit frankly that you check with all broadcasters, except for BNNVARA, and that the decision-making power lies with the all-new 3FM broadcaster Menno de Boer with NPO Radio Head Jurre Bosman. As has been the case in recent years.

Patrick Cake

PS: More about 3FM patient and what needs to happen now in this great article on

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