opinion | Where does the desire to abuse women come from?

My twelve year old daughter just got back from school camp a few days ago. She said that during the colorful evening, the night of the traditional camp party, it was whispered that the boys put cereal in the girls’ Coca-Cola. A boy is seen holding a ribbon of pink pills. My daughter described it in detail. “The girls were very busy,” she said. There were whispers about “something against ADHD.” You are unable to speak.

The school administration hastened to refute the so-called bad “gossip” and appease the parents: it was not Ritalin or anything like that, but the paracetamol that was handed out to the children. It did not reassure me. Grains are grains. Paracetamol can contain caffeine and this has an effect on a twelve year old child. Even if the most harmful form of aspirin was in childhood; You don’t want these resources to be distributed like candy at night.

What’s most disturbing about this story is not the pills, but the frightening and heartbreaking fact that 11-12 year olds realize that boys can put things in girls’ drinks without being asked to take them to a particular state. It’s sadly wise to be aware of this at parties as an adult and that I usually get my hands on tonic and gin. For my daughter to have to hold her hand on Coca-Cola at the age of twelve is abhorrent.

Again, it doesn’t matter how well my daughter’s story is proven. The question is: What foundations do we lay in childhood, and what gender patterns are formed in primary school that boys and girls will carry with them for the rest of their lives?

My drink was raised once at a New Years Eve party. Someone gave it to me, I wasn’t careful enough. It was a wonderful evening that, without my asking, turned into a stupor, a strange trip through Amsterdam I can barely remember, a utterly nauseous morning and three rotting days out of the year. Since then I order my own drink.

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spike needle

In recent months, a fairly new species has been identified in England, France, Belgium and the Netherlands:needle height† A strange phenomenon in which people are unwillingly injected into their arm or thigh with anesthetic drug while going outside. It would be fentanyl or ketamine, literally the “horse drug” that vets use to calm horses. Such a drug can be more dangerous than GHB “rape”. Pickers would have gotten away with it, and the pickers were usually female.

The problem with a phenomenon like needle height: This is also a story. A puncture can not be detected even by emergency services. Because the amounts to be injected are small, it is difficult to determine which medication was given next. Experts warn: Do it! needle height No mass hysteria. Which brings me back to my daughter’s gaudy evening. Gossip or reality?

I remember the deep feeling of the orphanage after New Year’s Eve. I felt bad, I had bruises and holes in my memory, but to this day I wonder if that really happened? I’ve never seen anyone put a pill in my drink, I just tested it. This creates a strange kind of displacement in relation to your body and your being. Such a feeling will make victims needle height Also experienced. Someone bumps into your reality, in your bodily integrity and you have no clue. It is transgressive behavior in its purest form. And yes, the hacky nature is obvious.

The question I asked myself at the time, and which I ask about my daughter’s experience, is the most pressing question: Why? It seems we live in a society where men love to stun women like horses while out. why? Where does this drive to drug women and make them weaker and helpless come from? To put you to sleep? Since GHB was still all about the possibility of having sex, ketamine offers absolutely no guarantee of a nightly orgasm, to the contrary. In case needle height It seems to be more about already himself, sting, strength.

Male to female ratios

Perhaps the twelve-year-old boys on a lively evening were also talking about salad. Early and unconscious. Even at this age, boys think it’s cool to wave pills and girls know that. As tempting and practical as pointing fingers at the school board is, they are not to be blamed. These female-male relationships are deeply rooted in our culture and form a collective pattern that we can only collectively address by opening our eyes and looking at them carefully.

Rejecting such events as “gossip” or “story” is not only sloppy, but encourages future abuse. It will prevent victims from sharing their experiences and we will never know on what scale it is happening. I must admit I did not file a report at the time. What is a policeman supposed to do with a story about a drink in which someone might have put something? It doesn’t get any more mysterious. No, I should have been more careful.

But – did you? Is the vigilance that already appears to exist among 12-year-olds the best way to deal with aggressive behavior? Or is this vigilance a sign of weakness, a free and equal bankruptcy?

One information site about spiking wrote: “Unfortunately, until recently, the environment, police or medical staff did not always believe the victims so hard. Fortunately, we missed that time. ” I hope that. I hope that people will continue to share experiences and be heard. Because I wish my daughter and all the girls a future where they can dance without worry, a world where they can go wild without a doubt and experience festive moments. Without fear of having to end their colorful evening like paralyzed horses.

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