Marlis van Balen: ‘Sports, especially equestrian sports, are unpredictable’

This time Marlies Van Balen has the word on the ‘Countdown to the CHIO’ series. The rider actually bundled tournaments together at a young age and won many titles. Last year she was with Go Legend (Totilas x Ferro) in the Dutch national team at the Olympic Games in Tokyo and the European Championship in Hagen. She is also successful as a coach, having mentored several students in Dutch youth teams. And this year she will go with her disciples again.

“I’ve enjoyed coming to CHIO for many years. It’s close by, so there’s always a lot of fans and family coming to watch. Last year of course has been very busy, my dad just passed away. Rotterdam was the last note before Tokyo and I tested it very intensely, in part because of the Everyone’s sympathy.Go Legend ran great, it was a competition with a smile and tears.So beautiful that in such difficult times horses can do so much good.The result was that I was allowed to ride both Tokyo and Hagen,It was a very nice summer of sports. Tokyo was my second Olympics, a dream for me,” says Marlis Van Palen.

Watching the coffee

“It’s still a matter of time to see how we with TeamNL do the taming this year. It’s still early in the season and the features of the team haven’t come out yet. If you look realistically, it would be exciting to have already made it into the top three, but I definitely see the prospects for the future. “Several new, good kits are on the way. However, we still have some catching up to do. It’s not yet clear if I can play a role in this. The Dutch Championship and Indoor Brabant have gone well and Go Legend is decent. But I don’t know where it ends.” Sports and especially equestrian sports are unpredictable, and often things don’t go the way you expect. However, I enjoy my horse and what I experience is the most important thing.”

family matter

“The latter partly because equestrianism is really a family affair to me. My mother always goes with me and for some time my niece Mariggy has been the usual groom, both at home and at competitions. My daughter Phylene also enjoys going with me and I am happy with that, it is nice for me When you are there. You will also be coming to Rotterdam for the first time this year and will definitely have a great time.”

Not a horse from home

“It’s of course great that I’m currently having all this with Go Legend. Go was bred by my in-laws and still half of them, the other half to us. It’s from the first year he covered Totilas. My father-in-law is not a horse by birth, but he taught her well. When Go was Legend is three years old, he came to our stable. Lisan der Nederlanden and Gus Hoogendoorn drove him for the first time and when he was six I took him.”

From fun to wow factor

“When he was little he was a nice horse, but he wasn’t a great horse. At the age of six he suddenly started getting stronger and softer and he really got the wow factor. He’s very smart and never had a hard time learning the exercises, it was very easy. And my mum also rode him Sometimes and you get to know many of Ferro’s traits in him, her former top horse. I personally think he has traits of both Totilas and Ferro. For example, he got the front leg of Totilas, both of whom had a talent for piaffe, pass, spin and anvil looks more like Vero for me.”

Team members in the European Championships

“I am looking forward to summer again, because in addition to my career, I am also busy with my students. Things are looking good again this year, and it looks like the Dressage Stable Van Baalen can send team members to the European Championships for Colts, Kids, Rookies, and Young Riders.”

DVB . Foundation

“We talk about sports all the time now and of course this is my life, my passion, my source of income and our work. However, a few weeks ago, there was a meeting of our foundation with all friends and friends Deborah Biggers told a story about Eric Honego, whom we support through the DVB Foundation. Eric has disabilities. manifold and has made a lot of progress through equestrian sports.Now he can brush his teeth by himself and he is less depressed.We ride every day without thinking about it but when you hear such a story you realize how special horses are.I often think of this story It makes me happy. It also makes me more aware of why my mother and I created the DVB Foundation. That’s why, with so many volunteers, we put so much time and energy into this.”

Source: CHIO

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